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10 Best Types of Vent Hood System for Food Trucks

Do you run a food truck and need a way to eliminate smoke, grease & debris? If YES, here are 10 best types of vent hood system for food truck.

When you are first setting up your food truck in the United States, you will more or less see the need to install a vent hood system in your truck. These systems are designed to pull smoke and debris from the interior of the truck. They also help in collecting oil and grease that accumulates when cooking.

Notably, there are two by-products of most food truck kitchen activities, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and both are very harmful to respiratory systems in large doses, leading to a higher risk of dyspnea, wheezing, and asthma attacks in children and the elderly.

Have it in mind that without proper ventilation, the smoke and fumes produced by cooking will remain stuck inside your truck’s kitchen.

The risk is greater in food trucks than in homes because trucks are tightly insulated. However, one workaround is to open windows or run exhaust fans. Another option is to buy an electric or induction stove, which will cut back on fume emission but still produce smoke and consume much electricity.

But the best and ideal option is to install a ventilation hood over the range. These hoods work similarly to exhaust fans but are focused on the cooking area. Their job is to help capture smoke and grease while ventilating the air around the cook top. There are three main types of range hoods:

Types of Range Hoods

  1. Ducted Range Hood
  2. Non – ducted Range Hood
  3. Convertible Hood

They are also categorized by their mounting methods:

  • Under – cabinet
  • Wall – mount
  • Island – mount.

To comply with local regulations, you need to install a vent hood over your grease – producing cooking equipment. Most food truck vent hoods are specifically designed for the compact spaces in food trucks or concession trailers so you can prevent hazardous grease build-up.

Most of the hoods you will find help to collect grease – laden vapours and funnel the grease into a trough where it can be disposed of safely and quickly.

To keep your food truck or concession trailer in line with your local fire codes, you will have to install a good working truck vent hood. A hood system for food trucks features a sloped canopy design that works well for kitchens with low ceilings, like those you’d find in compact workspaces.

Note that these systems also allow for maximum clearance so your cooks can work comfortably beneath the hood. If you’re looking to outfit your new food truck with simple and working vent hood systems, here are choices to consider.

Best Vent Hood System for Food Truck

1. Zuhne iChorus 36 – Inch Range Hood

This is a 36 – inch, stainless steel, island – mount range hood. This vent hood can operate at three different speeds and yield 600 CFM at maximum capacity— meaning the hood can handle four 15,000 BTU burners simultaneously. Also note that this hood features physical press buttons that control the speeds, lights, and an auto – shutoff feature that programs the hood to shut down after 5 minutes.

There’s no power button; instead, you turn it on and off with the speed buttons. The iChorus comes with a duct cover and back – draft damper for your ducted setup. You can go ductless if you want with the charcoal filters that are also included.

2. Z Line KB Wall Mount Range Hood

This model features physical press buttons, a digital display, and LED lights. The power button can also be used to activate the 3 – minute delayed power – off function by simply pressing and holding the button until the display flashes three times.

In addition, the series offers models ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches wide, which makes it suitable for both trucks and commercial kitchens. The models are all made of stainless steel, from the hood to the chimney extension. Have it in mind that the blower’s suction is adjustable, with speeds of 280, 400, 580, and 760 CFM.

At the max setting of 760 CFM, the hood can handle up to 75,000 BTUs. That should be able to take care of five burners with 15,000 BTU each. ZLINE recommends using speeds 1 and 2 for light frying or boiling, 3 for heavy frying or boiling, and 4 for grilling or intensive frying.

All models in the KB series come with aluminium baffle filters that said to be dishwasher – safe but the general rule is not to put aluminium wares in the dishwasher.

3. FOTILE JQG7501 30 – Inch Range Hood

The JQG7501 is a ducted, 30 – inch under – cabinet range hood (also available in 36 inches) that’ll bring a certain futuristic feel to any food related kitchen setting. It comes with a peculiar design and a 45 – degree slanted surface that guides smoke and steam to the inlet opening.

The surface is made of tempered glass, which looks great and is easy to clean but doesn’t do well with physical impact. Also note that this hood can operate at three different speeds: 220, 400, and 510 CFM. If the capacity of a burner is lower than 18,000 BTU, then the hood should be able to take care of two or three of them at once.

In addition, the JQG7501 features a touch screen that controls lights, a delay shut – off function, and a screen – lock function. The screen lock also allows you to clean the surface glass and the control panel screen without accidentally activating the settings.

Also note that its baffle filters are hidden behind a cover that prevents insects and the likes from entering. The cover is fully automatic, which unfolds by itself and reveals the opening once you turn on the exhaust hood.

4. Broan – Nutone 512M Through – the – Wall Ventilation Fan

This model is available in both 3.5 Sones and 6.5 Sones; this exhaust fan is versatile and can even be used in various places and even in homes. The 3.5 Sone fan operates on 70 CFM and the 6.5 operates on 180 CFM. This fan can be adjusted to your truck and is made with a specially designed polymeric fan blade.

Just like most Broan products, this version also has paintable polymeric grilles (so you can match it to the inner décor of your truck) and a built – in damper. The Nutone 512M can be accessorized with a wall switch and/or a variable speed wall control for easier use.

5. Cosmo – 30″ Under Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo’s 30″ Under Cabinet Range Hood is a wonderful entry – level range hood that is made to be sleek and slim, taking up minimal space in your truck. Note that this is a suitable range hood to put on the top or back venting and can also be installed against a wall.

The 200CFM 3 – speed motor is incredibly powerful while still being quiet. Also note that when you buy this product you get Cosmo’s 5 – year limited warranty, and a customer service team based in the United States that responds professionally and rapidly.

The 20 – gauge brushed stainless steel is durable and high quality, so you can cook without worrying. In addition, the five – button controls and energy – efficient LED lighting give you a nice range of light and power settings that are easy to change based on what and how you are cooking.

6. STL75 – LED Wall – Mounted Range Hood

This 30 – inch wall – mounted kitchen range hood from Kitchen Bath Collection comes with high – end features at a very affordable price. It offers sleek curved edges, an adjustable two – piece chimney, and no visible weld seams on any of the chimney’s three faces.

The exhaust system is also equipped with three different speed settings and a touch screen control panel that is super easy to use. It boasts two high lumen LED lights, each with high – end bulbs to give you adequate illumination while you work in your truck.

Note that it also includes all the accessories you need for installation, as well as a flexible aluminium duct that can be easily attached to the roof or wall of your truck. You also get an aluminium microcell grease filter that is dishwasher friendly and a UL – certified motor.

Also note that this particular model comes with charcoal carbon filters in case you want to install it as a ductless hood. This means you don’t have to buy any additional equipment. Made from rust – resistant 304 stainless steel; this is the best exhaust fan that is built to give great performance and last a very long time.

7. Chef – 30″ Under Cabinet Range Hood

Chef’s 30″ Under Cabinet Range Hood comes with a sleek and modern design made for modern kitchens and classic ones alike. This completely stainless steel body is complemented by easy to read and clean digital screens that should be a must – have for any modern kitchen remodelling job.

Also, the LED lamps are a wonderful addition to this product because they help with your overall energy management and cost savings, which can quickly add up for people who cook a lot. The vertical 6 inch round adapter and 10 x 3.25 inch rectangular adapter, in addition to the 10 x 3.25 inch rectangular rear vent adapter offers you wonderful ventilation and smoke reduction.

This range hood is built to be fitted onto cabinetry overhanging your stovetop and you get professional – quality looks and functionality out of something that is really affordably priced. The fan motor and blades are really heavy duty and designed to create as smokeless an environment as possible.

8. Broan 509 Through – Wall Fan

Have it in mind that this fan is made out of plastic and comes in several sizes, allowing you to personalize the product for your individual needs. Its primary purpose is to ventilate and remove any odours in your truck that you may not want – especially cooking odours and tobacco smells.

The bigger version of this exhaust fan has a Sone rating of 7.5 (which means it is powerful enough to ventilate bathrooms and regular rooms) and is powered on 180 CFM. This version is very simple and convenient to install and has paintable polymeric grilles to ensure that the fan can fit into the décor that already exists in your truck.

It is especially unique as it comes with a built – in damper that helps to reduce back drafts – which is beneficial for energy efficiency. This motor in the Broan 509 exhaust fan is lubricated, thermally protected, and offers an easy – to – use and fast ‘twist and lock’ installation.

9. iLiving Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan

iLiving exhaust fan boast of a number of advanced features with a simplistic construction that’s easy to use. The 10 inches exhaust fan is ideal for Truck use, and comes with variable speed shutter that is automatic and easy to operate.

The UL listed exhaust fan is speed controllable and comes with a permanently lubricated motor. Note that this prevents overheating and problems due to friction and overuse, and keeps it running at a smooth and consistent speed while offering the best performance for years to come.

The wire guards of the exhaust fan are corrosion resistant and OSHA compliant. This version is also resistant to wear and tear and is quite sturdy and durable. The speed controller offers variable speed functionality but is sold separately and doesn’t come with the product.

The high quality shutter fan offers superior airflow transfer with single speed as well a variable speed mode. It keeps the room cool and fresh and prevents the build – up of mould and allergens that can cost a fortune to fix.

10. Z Line GL1i 36 – Inch Island Mount Range Hood

This hood is better known as a 36 – inch stainless steel ducted hood and it’s best for stovetops that are 30 inches or smaller. The extra coverage will help capture everything without the help of a back wall. For larger cooking ranges, ZLINE also has the GL2i, which comes in 42 inches and 48 inches.

According to reports, this hood can deliver 760 CFM at its maximum suction, sufficient to take care of 76,000 BTU— that’s about 5 regular gas burners and plenty of suction for most uses. You can also choose from 4 speeds in total, with the other three yielding 280, 400, and 580 CFM of suction.

Additional features of this model include aluminium baffle filters, a digital display, a chimney cover, a back draft damper, and physical press buttons that control speeds and lights. Also note that you can use the 3 – minute delayed auto shut-off by holding the power button for a few seconds until the display flashes.

There are quite a number of range hood brands because the market is quite competitive. While that doesn’t ease the process of picking one, it is the competition that works in your favour.

However, also note that inadequate or an unclean hood system is not only unsanitary, but can also lead to fire inside of your food truck. In the United States, it is highly recommended that you regularly have your hood system professionally cleaned and inspected to ensure proper functionality.