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6 Best Fire Suppression System for Food Truck

Do you run a food truck and need a cost effective way to keep it safe from fire? If YES, here are 6 best fire suppression system for food trucks.

Within the past few years, the mobile food truck industry has grown expediently across the United States, with cities and towns holding weekly food truck meet ups where mobile restaurant owners can exhibit their menu to the public. Food trucks are growing so rapidly that local governments are striving almost at the same pace to play catch up in order to create and regulate safety protocols for these mobile restaurants.

When it comes to food trucks and the safety of chefs and meals, there are several aspects that need to be regulated – food handling and safety guidelines, cleaning guidelines, ventilations guidelines, etc. Note that with all of the equipment required to operate a food truck, chefs and food truckers run an extremely high risk of fire disasters, and it is very critical that every food truck owner take measures to prevent these fires from occurring.

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In the United States, most mobile Food Trucks are equipped with a kitchen or a stove for food preparation. Such spaces with an open fire provide a hazard of spontaneous fire ignition which can put employees’ lives and even properties in danger.

Food Truck Fire Systems tend to be quite similar to regular kitchen fire suppression systems, they also consist of a set of tubes and nozzles, detection sensors, fuel shut – off, extinguishing agent reservoir, and controlling panels.

Modern fire systems tend to detect increase in temperature. Once the dangerous condition is noticed, the system cuts off the fuel and starts spreading extinguishing agent over the kitchen work areas. The design of the food truck fire suppression system always tends to depend on the brand, although, there are some shared features.

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Every state in the United States mandates food trucks and trailers to be equipped with mobile food truck fire suppression systems. A proper fire suppression system will help you ensure safe and proper work environment for your staff and make sure that in case of an unfortunate event the property damage will be minimal.

Fire suppression systems are as essential to your food truck as an oven, a cash dispenser or your delicious recipes. In order to ease your struggle of finding a perfect system for your business, here are top fire suppression systems to pick from.

Best Fire Suppression System for Food Truck

1. Ansul Fire Suppression

Ansul is a popular fire suppression brand. Founded and based in Marinette, Wisconsin, Ansul is renowned for producing fire extinguishers, pre – engineered restaurant fire suppression equipment, and many others. The systems leverage dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents, depending on your needs.

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The company has two new systems that have proven to serve both commercial kitchen establishment and food trucks effectively. The systems are called the Ansul Piranha and the Ansul R – 102 Liquid Agent System. The Piranha is known to deploy two extinguishing agents.

The first is a wet chemical agent that off the flame down instantly. While next agent to be deployed is a cool – down agent that stops the fire from spreading. By leveraging these two agents, businesses that use the system can count on drastically decreased fire risk.

Also note that the Piranha system boast of twice the coverage of conventional single – agent systems and succeeds in cooling down cooking oils fifteen times faster than wet chemical systems alone. Meanwhile, the Ansul R – 102 Liquid Agent System uses specialized nozzles that aim at the source of the flames to put them out fast. The liquid agent deploys at that specific spot, minimizing the risk of collateral damage.

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2. Pyro Chem Fire Suppression

Pyrochem is renowned for making Fire suppression systems for restaurants and other food related establishments. Note that these systems use clean agent fire suppression that are recommended for commercial kitchens, as deploying the agent will not taint the food.

The equipment is designed to suppress fires rapidly while minimizing the chances of the flames spreading. The system is eco – friendly and proven to work.

3. Kidde Fire Suppression System

According to reports, Kidde fire suppression systems have been in existence since 1917. When you choose a Kidde system, you can have it installed over your cooking appliances or you can buy portable fire extinguishers, or you could choose both for extra protection.

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Also have it in mind that this system can be used to protect char-broilers, commercial fryers, ranges, and other common kitchen appliances required in a Food Truck.

You most often see Kidde fire suppression used in commercial kitchens of casual and family dining restaurants, diners, fast food chains, hotels, Concession trucks and many others. Note that with a Kidde alarm control panel and a clean agent system that won’t leave a mess behind, this system has proven to be ideal for a Commercial food truck setting.

4. Buckeye Fire Suppression

Right from 1968, Buckeye has been producing fire suppression equipment for a wide range of industries. This company offers handheld fire extinguishers, a variety of extinguishing agents, and pre – engineered fire suppression systems.

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The company also offers the Kitchen Mister Fire suppression system, gas detection systems, and kitchen portable fire extinguishers. All company products are independently tested, so you can trust that they will work when required, and the company manufactures every component right in the U.S.A.

Buckeye is also known to blend its own dry chemical agents and assemble all parts in – house. The Kitchen Mister for instance leverages state of the art misting technology, which not only puts out fire quickly, but also saves your truck on water costs.

Also note that the system is considered to be the most effective fixed kitchen fire suppression system ever developed. When you combine the system with gas detection and portable fire extinguishers, you have the perfect recipe for keeping your truck safe from the risk of fire.

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5. Range Guard Fire Suppression

Range Guard is a type of fire suppression built by Badger. According to reports, this system provides 24/7 detection of smoke and heat. Once deployed, the wet chemical agent instantly suppresses the fire and prevents it from re – flashing.

Note that this system was the first UL – listed wet chemical system and has been in use by commercial establishments around the world for at least four decades. Also note that a Range Guard system can keep you fire code compliant and help you minimize the risk of fire in your truck extensively. In addition, the system uses specialized nozzles that have swivel adaptors for superior coverage.

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The system constantly monitors the area and is designed to activate instantly when flames are detected.  The system automatically turns off gas and appliances when a fire is detected, further protecting your interests. The best part about this type of fire suppression is that the wet chemical agent converts the burning fat and grease to soap, making cleanup a breeze.

6. Amerex Fire Suppression

Amerex builds fire suppression equipment for a wide variety of applications. When it comes to protecting restaurants or related food establishments, Amerex definitely has you covered. The company also provides handheld fire extinguishers and pre – engineered fire suppression equipment.

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The Amerex KP restaurant system is created to extensively protect the exhaust hood, ductwork, and the appliance it is fitted over.

Also note that the system deploys a wet chemical agent using a fixed nozzle. The system detects fire and deploys automatically, quickly suppressing the fire while simultaneously shutting off gas or electrical power to the appliance. It also puts out fire and cools the fuel while keeping the vapours contained with a smothering foam reaction.

However, it is advisable that you use a combination of the Amerex KP system and the Amerex Model B260 or B262 wet chemical fire extinguisher.

Note that having both components in your truck will provide a one – two attack against the threat of business loss due to kitchen fires. In addition, range guards can be customizable for nearly any application and would be an excellent addition to your truck.

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If you own a restaurant or have a commercial kitchen like a food truck, you will be happy to know that there are several types of fire suppression systems you can choose from. However, note that maintaining the fire suppression system is very necessary in order to ensure proper functionality, and it is highly recommended that you get the system professionally installed semi – annually.