Are you wondering what food truck design software and app is good to use? If YES, here are 10 best food truck design software and app in 2023. As a food truck owner in this technological age, having the right software and app can take the stress out of managing and running your food truck business.

Note that today’s savvy food truck owners understand that managing a food truck is much more than good food in a good location – it requires the proper tools to help you manage inventory, take payment, track your spending and collaborate with staff.

A growing body of research suggests there is a science to menu design, and if you leverage those principles you can sway your customers’ buying decisions and enhance their dining experience. To some, the psychology of menu design shouldn’t be ignored—unless profit margins and repeat business are things you feel lukewarm about.

An effective food truck concept and menu design should communicate the brand, the vision, and the appropriate experience your food truck offers. Nonetheless, here are some food truck design software and apps that promise to do just that.

What are the Best Food Truck Design Software and App?

  1. Design Bold

Design Bold gives food business operators menu-design tools to create something beautiful. Note that the pre-made templates are user-friendly and offer a free subscription offers access to free stock images, editing tools, automatic resizing, and PNG, JPG, and PDF download outputs.

An extra $19 per month unlocks Design Bold’s Pro package, which includes premium stock photos and additional storage to handle future customizations right in your online portfolio as your needs change.

  1. Lavu

This is a cloud-based POS for restaurants with standard features like menu customization, easy order taking, and employee management. What sets Lavu apart are the ToGo, Delivery, and Routing integrations. Note that all these features coordinate online orders, pickup orders, and delivery within the same POS platform.

  1. Adobe Spark

Adobe software is a well known choice among graphic designers, illustrators, and artists, so why not benefit from its premier design features? With the help of Adobe Spark, you won’t need any design or programming skills to make a pleasing menu that resonates with customers.

Stunning typography and imagery set this free menu design software apart from its competition. Note that your customers will notice the difference.

You will need just a small fee if you wish to replace Adobe’s watermark with your own logo. But it may be worth it, considering Adobe Spark will integrate your logo on everything you create, from web pages to menu designs to original graphics.

  1. Eat Fresh Tech

Trusted by good businesses all across the US since 2016, this software is dedicated to providing the best, most flexible eCommerce solution for meal prep services. It helps you free up time by removing manual or repetitive tasks.

Take orders, issue discounts, manage customers, and sell recurring subscriptions, prep with auto-totaled meals & ingredients, print labels, track deliveries, and more: all from a convenient, custom dashboard. Personalized onboarding with initial data import included with every signup.

  1. Poster My Wall

Although Poster My Wall has a perfectly adequate free service for menu design, some food truck operators may want its premium subscription to create something a little more striking. Note that its food truck menu maker is intuitive and the templates are clean and original.

For around $100 a year, operators with zero design experience gain discounted pricing every time they require a large number of downloads, say, for a hefty stack of seasonal menus. They also gain access to premium stock photos at no additional cost.

  1. PeachWorks

PeachWorks, previously WhenToManage, is a frontrunner in solutions for managing back-of-house restaurant operations and quick food service businesses. This next-generation food vendor operating system with a host of apps (applications) and tools simplifies everything from reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling, and POS Intelligence to recipe management.

  1. iMenuPro

Food truck owners without a large budget for menu design will love iMenuPro. As one of the OG menu design software options out there, the time-tested program was built mainly for menus. Just begin with ready-made templates, then customize them to the dimensions of your brand.

Also note that a drag and drop feature allows you to quickly choose fonts, logos, and graphics. Have daily specials? A list of food items can be stored in your iMenuPro database, which is accessible across all PCs, MACs, and tablets. This makes designing a menu around rotating specials and last-minute substitutions a breeze.

  1. ChefTec

This cloud-based food service management solution helps businesses of all sizes track inventory, manage recipe and menu costing, generate invoices, monitor sales, create reports, and compare bids, and more. It is ideal for foodservice operations; it is a cloud-based tool that helps businesses manage costs, track inventory, monitor sales & more. ChefTec pricing starts at $1, 090.00 per year, per user

  1. Must Have Menus

If time is not on your side (it rarely is for busy food truck operators), enlisting the help of a menu design pro from Must Have Menus is something to consider. Note that these experts will transform your item descriptions and requests into a unique food truck menu in a matter of days.

Ideally, these packages start at $199 per page and go up to $1,199 for three complete menus (dine-in, takeout, and table tents).

Of course, DIY design is another more cost-efficient option you can complete in just five steps. With all services, Must Have Menus allows you to highlight important dishes in boxes for added emphasis, another food truck industry sales tactic.

  1. Canva

If you can boil water, you can create a perfectly branded food truck menu with Canva. Note that it is an extensive library of beautiful menu design layouts that make pairing spicy sentences with stock food images a simple task.

Canva’s features are convenient too, thanks to free iPhone, iPad, and Android apps accessible online and via mobile devices. Most importantly, it is free to use, but Canva’s best feature is its ability to create related marketing materials (flyers, social media posts, and coupons) with the same theme as your menu.

In conclusion, there is no shortage of mobile food apps available to make running your food truck easier. However, these apps listed above have proven to be priceless to food truckers in the United States. But you can also research and get even more out of these apps so you can focus on what’s most important to you – sharing your food with the masses.