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How Much Space Does a Food Truck Need?

Food Truck Design and Kitchen Layout

The exact space a food truck needs will vary based on certain critical factors such as the size of the truck, its layout, as well as the services or meals it intends to offer its patrons.

However, one thing is very certain, food trucks need adequate space to ensure that operators and their employees can have enough room to prepare food and serve customers.

Note that a food truck is a combination of a motor vehicle and a kitchen and it is widely regarded as the most popular mobile food vehicle in the world. These trucks are used for many purposes but mainly to vend culinary varieties to pedestrians.

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You have to opt for a big truck if your intentions are to offer a wide array of meals because a small truck won’t provide you with the room or space you need to conduct your business activities.

Ensure to evaluate the services you will offer, your appliances, the size, and layout of your truck, along with the regulations of your city when making this decision. Nevertheless, a good percentage of food trucks in the United States today span around 16 feet long and 7 feet wide.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Space a Food Truck Needs

When it comes to the dimensions of your truck, the size and the space you have for your equipment and employees is everything that matters. Owing to that, when making this ever-important decision, there are factors you will most definitely have to consider. These factors include;

  1. Food truck appliances or equipment

This is indeed a very important factor to consider to ensure you make the right choice. You need to understand that the appliances and equipment of a food truck are the backbones that ensure great efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Although it will depend on the culinary services you intend to offer, a well-fitted food truck will contain things like fryers, grills, lights, and even microwaves.

Note that these items will take up a good percentage of your space, and you have to take them into account when making this decision. Ensure to also take into consideration the space required for ventilation, exhaust systems, and fire suppression equipment.

  1. What you intend to serve

You will have to consider your menu options when making this decision. For instance, if your plan is to serve hotdogs, you can choose to work with a cart that offers little space.

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Meanwhile, if your intentions are to utilize your food to cater for large events, then you will have to go for a bigger truck that will accord you the necessary space to store items. In addition to storing the fresh ingredients, you’ll also require space to make your menu.

  1. Employees

This is also an important consideration especially if you intend to work with employees. The size of your food truck should enable your employees to move freely. Food trucks tend to be limited to three employees, in some cases four; nevertheless, have it in mind that the more you have, the more difficult it is for them to move around.

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Don’t forget to factor in the space you need for a cash register, coupled with areas for staff to take breaks or safely keep personal items.

  1. Storage space

Food trucks are used for different purposes but mainly to vend culinary varieties to pedestrians. You need to take into consideration the space you need to store dry goods, refrigerated merchandise, or even cleaning supplies.

Don’t forget to consider the possible size and quantity of the supplies as well as how frequently you will make the purchase. Afterward, leverage the information to ensure you have adequate space to keep everything arranged and easily accessible.

  1. Local regulations

Since cities and counties have guidelines that regulate the right size of trucks in their jurisdiction, it is important you conform to their dimensions and weight regulations.

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Depending on where you intend to carry out your business activities, you might have to contend with guidelines that stipulate the size of the truck, the sort of appliances you are allowed to use, along with the distance between your truck and other food enterprises.

Don’t forget to invest time in researching all necessary laws and rules in your location and acquire the stipulated authorizations prior to opening your window for business.


The exact space a food truck needs will vary based on certain critical factors such as the size of the truck, its layout, as well as the services or meals it intends to offer to patrons.

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Ensure you pick a truck size that would be adequate enough for your kitchen appliances, and storage needs, as well as ensure that your employees can move freely without hindrance.