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How Much Does It Cost to Design a Food Truck?

Food Truck Design and Kitchen Layout

Although this will vary based on certain factors, but the cost to design a food truck is around $30,000 to $120,000. A successful food truck business will need an internal design that accommodates current and future growth capabilities, and an exterior design that will attract one’s target buyers.

Have it in mind that from a design perspective, the food truck trend has been a whole lot of fun. When you’re competing against a massive fleet of other trucks, your sole intention would be to ensure that your truck stands out. This more or less entails having a flashy and well-designed logo, menu, and of course, truck wrap.

Unless you’re a graphic designer or an expert in this field, this isn’t something you should do on your own. It is imperative for your truck design, logo, branding, color scheme, website, social media, and more to align, and this is where the experts come in.

Endeavor to seek a professional and although this will cost you more than an amateur, the results will be well worth it. Ensure to extensively interview graphic designers, and aside from creating your logo and design, ask if they can create a coordinated branding package for you.

Also consider asking the designer if they have experience with custom car/truck wraps and if they presently work with a skilled printer. The way your truck looks tells your customers about the taste and quality of your food.

When putting together your food truck design, extensively consider the message you intend to convey. Have it in mind that this message goes past your food to the design of your food truck. You will want your food truck, logo, and colors to stand out to your customers.

You will want your presentation to be remarkable, and something your customers won’t forget in a hurry. Always remember that your intentions are to design a food truck that resonates with the customer long after they have left. Also, ensure that your food truck design gives your truck a peculiar personality.

It starts with the food truck and extends to your menu. Note that in a food truck park, it most times doesn’t matter which truck has the best food since they all have great food. However, to stand out from the competition, your truck will have to grab attention, be clean and design-rich.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Designing a Food Truck

Build and Paint a Food Truck

Have it in mind that no food truck business is the same, and that is why the cost of designing a food truck will always vary across board. Note that the dimensions of your food truck will vary depending on your menu, equipment, and staff.

And while you can choose to design your food truck yourself, you can also choose to hire a professional to design and customize your food truck. Nonetheless, here are key factors that will influence the cost of designing your truck.

  1. Truck Branding

Branding is a critical aspect of the business, and when put together with the layout of your food truck, it lets you personalize the customer experience.

Have it in mind that branding your truck can scale it from something as simple as its name to something as breathtaking as how it is painted, and all these will dictate the cost of designing your truck. Other examples of customization may include:

  • Unique graphics or wraps
  • Bright paint colors
  • A television
  • LED restaurant signs
  • Undercarriage lights for nighttimes
  • Back-lit menu signs
  • Handwritten menu signs
  • 3D name signs
  • Awnings
  • Speaker systems
  • Enlarged logo
  1. Truck Dimensions

You also have to realize that the length and width of your truck have a large impact on how you will design it and this will more or less influence the general cost of designing the truck. However, regardless of the size of your truck, you’ll be faced with the challenge of fitting all the equipment you need into the available space.

If you’re having trouble deciding where your equipment should go, consider seeking the experience and expertise of a food truck designer.

  1. Designer Experience and Portfolio

Also note that the designer you choose to design your truck will influence the cost or amount of capital you invest in the process. The designer’s experience, concepts, timeline, and portfolio will all dictate the price they charge. Ensure to go for a food truck designer who has supported entrepreneurs setting out in the food truck business for the first time.

Have it in mind that if a food truck designer has successfully worked with a significant number of these clients, they may charge more than an amateur designer but you can be sure to get your money’s worth.

  1. Materials Used

Have it in mind that materials are everything. You can choose to opt for cheaper materials that are porous, hard to clean, stain easily, and that can even rub off on the food, or you can choose to go for more expensive materials that ensure that your truck stands out.

However, regardless of your choices, note that this will affect the cost of designing your truck. Nonetheless, always source for high-quality stainless steel interior. This entails that the floor, walls, counters, storage–everything should be stainless steel. It is by far the most sanitary interior material to have, easy to clean, and offers a nice modern look.

  1. Technology

In this modern age, there are numerous types of food truck technology and the ones you choose will influence the amount you spend on designing your truck.

From exterior touch screens that allow people to place their orders, to fun lighting for nighttime aesthetics and even technology for entertainment when you are faced with those long lines at food truck festivals or when you park outside a concert or sports event, your needs could vary.

Nonetheless, always remember that the technology you choose needs to provide a solution for your customers or attract people to your truck.


When designing your food truck, it pays to give attention to the details. Ensure that your food truck design flashes your logo and social media channels, and has an overall design that speaks to your local customers, geographic location, and menu items altogether.

Always remember that people love familiarity, and a familiar design of food they know and love that exhibits their hometown and attracts them on a personal level will amass massive traffic, and with that more sales.