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11 Biggest Food Truck Events and Festivals

Do you run a food truck and you are looking for events where you can promote your business? If YES, here are 11 biggest food truck festivals.

A food truck festival which can also be referred to as a food truck rally, food truck rodeo, food truck gathering, et al is an event where a group of food trucks gather in one location. The events typically feature “modern” food trucks emphasizing food quality and variety, a trend which has grown significantly in the United States since approximately 2008.

Formal gatherings of food trucks as an event in the United States began in 2010. The first LA Food Fest, held in February 2010, appears to have been one of the earliest of such events.

Tampa, Florida, which has been a popular area for food trucks and hosted its first food truck event in September 2011. It also hosted a rally with 121 food trucks in March 2014, said to be a new world record, breaking the prior record of 99 set in Tampa in September 2013. Prior to that, an April 2013 “food truck parade” in Miami, with 62 trucks, was declared the largest.

In 2018, Chicago Food Truck Festival had over 50 food trucks. Also, in 2018 more than 50 food trucks rallied in Meridian Township. Also, in 2018, in Muskeon Michigan a food truck rally of 23 food trucks occurred. In June 2018, over 30 food trucks rallied in Daytona. Furthermore, there are more food truck rallies occurring throughout the US.

If you run a food truck business, one of the ways to gain good publicity at a cheaper rate is to participate in food truck festivals and interestingly, several food truck festivals are organized in different cities in the United States of America and at different periods of the year.

Having said that, here are some of the Biggest Food Truck Events or Festivals in Each State of United States of America;

Biggest Food Truck Festivals and Events

1. L.A. Street Food Festival

L.A. Street Food Festival is no doubt one of the biggest food truck festivals in the United States and this event usually takes place in Pasadena, California’s Rose Bowl with over 100 vendors including food trucks, carts and stands attending.

With its offering of both local favorites and international cuisines, the L.A. Street Food Festival gets a big turnout every year. They even offer VIP amenities including early admission, private parking and even a tasting lounge. If you are on the West Coast, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

2. Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest

Sea Isle City Food Truck Festival is yet another big food truck festival in the United States of America and the festival is hosted at Kix McNutley’s at 63rd and Landis Avenue, this year’s festivities will be held in June and in September.

During the summer and early fall, the New Jersey shore is a mecca for visitors who want to enjoy the sunshine and the beach and ocean. That is why the Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest is always such a big hit.  Some years, this three-day event is held twice.

The best food trucks from the tristate area are invited to participate so it is an event you won’t want to miss out on. One unique thing about this food truck festival is that the organizers try as much as possible to offer a little bit of everything from waffles to seafood to ethnic specialties.

3. Chicago Food Truck Festival

Chicago Food Truck Festival is usually hosted in June in Chicago, Illinois, and trust me, it is a foodie’s dream because they always look forward to it.

Their vendors’ list is always a veritable who is who in the food truck world. Interestingly, they offer a variety of culinary creations from Indian cuisine to cheese steaks and fries. If you operate in the Chicago or surrounding area, this is a food truck festival you don’t want to miss.

4. Columbus Food Truck Festival

The Columbus Food Truck Festival is usually organized in August at the Columbus Commons in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years, this event has become a very popular three-day event and one that can boast of having over 70 food trucks in attendance.

This is a family-friendly affair that include kid-friendly activities like a carousel and a jumping castle. Arts and crafts vendors will also be selling their wares. Loads of people are always attracted to this event because Columbus favs like Indonesian and Mediterranean-American cuisine are usually on the menu.

5. Atlanta Street Food Festival

Atlanta Street Food Festival is usually hosted at the historic Piedmont Park and one good thing about the Atlanta Street Food Festival is that it is an internationally-recognized food festival that includes everything from sushi to tapas. For this food festival, the setting is almost as important as the food. The park dates back to 1822 when a farm was carved out of forest. Enjoy both beautiful scenery and delicious food.

6. Seattle Street Food Festival

The Seattle Street Food Festival is no doubt the largest food truck festival in Washington State. Held in the South Lake Union neighborhood in Seattle, this three-day food truck festival takes you around the world with Greek, Japanese and Vietnamese favorite recipes.

Year in year out food trucks that participate in Seattle Street Food Festival are usually satisfied with the organizers and they always look forward to the next event.

7. Main Street Food Truck Festival

Main Street Food Truck Festival is one of the food truck festivals that ensures that smoked salmon and Mexican tamales are on the menu. It started as a way to revitalize Main Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. Food trucks will be lining Main Street from 4th to 8th Street. This year it will be held in October and there will be food and entertainment on every block.

8. Street Eats Food Truck Festival

The Street Eats Food Truck Festival is considered the biggest food truck festival in the Southwest and the whole of Scottsdale Arizona.

Aside from the food trucks, attendees enjoy live music, eating contests and even cooking demos. Unlike many food truck festivals which are in the spring or summer months, this one is typically held in late January or early February at the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale. A few professional chefs also offer cooking classes.

9. Eat the Street

Eat the Street is a food truck festival that is a regular event that is hosted in Oahu, Hawaii and it is usually organized on the last Friday of every month at Kaka’ ako Gateway Park, foodies can enjoy local Hawaiian street food including fan favorites like the Aloha Plate, Girls Who Bake and the Kau Kau Grill.

10. Taste of Three Cities – Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia

No doubt, one of the biggest food truck festivals in the United States of America is Taste of Three Cities – Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia and this event is more of a battle of food trucks from these three cities, than just a festival.

If you win an award or even better the Triple Crown Cup, it would be an important feather in your cup and help you gain more loyal followers. The judges of the competition include some local celebrities and food experts. The Taste of Three Cities visits each city for a competition. There are family activities that the kids will enjoy too.

11. The Cape Cod Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival

The Cape Cod Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival is organized at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in East Falmouth, Massachusetts, and the event is held in August.

People who love assorted craft beers usually do all that is within their power to attend the Cape Cod Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival because aside from the fun, they are always spoilt for choice as it relates to craft beer and other drinks and food.