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5 Best Types of Air Conditioner for Food Truck

Food Truck Air Conditioner Fan

Are you remodeling your food truck and you are considering what type of A/C unit to use? If YES, here are 5 best air conditioner for food trucks.

If you run a food truck, particularly in a warmer region of the country, you will have to face the struggle of extreme temperatures in your kitchen. However, one of the growing trends is to retrofit a mini split air conditioner to your food truck kitchen.

If you have a sufficient power supply on your food truck, a mini split AC is an easy and affordable option to keep the kitchen temperature under control.

Best Air Conditioner for Food Truck

Having a great AC unit in your food truck is vital when battling the heat in summer and cold in winter. However, before starting your search, here are top choices in the market to consider.

1. The Honeywell MN10CESWW

This is the type of portable AC that doesn’t need much fuss or experience to install. As with all portable types, it is easy to set up.

All you have to do is put it in a corner or under a shelf and turn it on. Note that with 10,000 BTU power, it cools large areas and has a power consumption that is reasonable for portable models. In addition, Durability is another unique feature of the Honeywell.

Since it is purring safely inside the truck, as opposed to being exposed to the elements and UV rays on top of the vehicle, it will give you years of good service. Also note that the model’s portability is its best asset; you can move it around with you inside the truck. Another attractive feature this AC has is the convenient remote control.

However, one downside to this portable AC is in the time it takes to cool down the area. Like all portable units, it needs a hose to avoid leakage; the hose that comes with this model is short and bulky. You also need to be careful of placing the unit close to the wall since the exit hose comes out of the rear side.

2. Arctic Air Portable Airplane Air Conditioner

This is a portable air conditioner powered by 12v DC. It is designed for cooling airplane baggage but it works incredibly well on Trucks.

Note that this portable AC looks like a normal cooler but it has a large compartment for ice or water. Its exterior is made with ballistic nylon which is not an ordinary material. Also, it can withstand wear and tear, or even in harsh conditions. If you want a louver vent, you need to buy it separately.

The built – in pump out feature lets you empty the cooler from water. This AC has an extensive power cord measuring 84 inches. Its compartment has a capacity of 38 – quart. There is also a 52 – quart available.

3. Dometic’s Brisk B59516.XX1J0

This AC sets itself apart from the competition with a variety of features that make it a top choice for Food Trucks. This truck air conditioner packs a powerful punch with a whopping 15,000 BTU power to cool Trucks of all sizes. Coupled with the sleek design that combines with excellent cooling powers, you don’t need to worry about power consumption, as this model is eco – friendly and doesn’t use much electricity.

Also note that this model was redesigned from the bottom up for power and performance. As a result, the Brisk II is now compatible with standard air vents. With this you get better cooling capacity since the distribution box uses central air delivery.

In addition, the unit is made from quality materials for better durability, absorbing shocks and vibrations with its stable and strong frame. However, one thing to watch out for with this model is the base pan. It is less durable than the rest of the unit.

The packaging is another issue that needs to be addressed since the box doesn’t protect the unit from major damage during shipping.

4. 12 – Volt MightyKool K2

Note that this is not an ordinary cooling unit. It works very well and not just some sugar coating claims. Have it in mind that this 12 – Volt MightyKool K2 is an evaporative cooler designed for outdoor use. Just add ice or water and you are good to go.

It has a 12 – inch 12v power cord that lets you connect to your 12v cigarette socket. It has 2 vents, both adjustable for best personal cooling experience. Also note that the water level meter is a useful feature. It tells you how much water is filled or left in the cooler. At the back of the cooler is an exhaust.

This unit works incredibly well on cars, trucks boats or even great for camping. However, note that adding too much water will submerge the cooling pad resulting to less cooling performance. This unit has a 2 – year warranty which is great attraction for first time buyers.

5. Dometic Polar White

With a unique aerodynamic design, the Dometic Polar White is the ideal rooftop air conditioner for Food trucks. With this AC you barely get any wind drag as you operate thanks to its low profile. It is both compact and lightweight, making it easier to handle and install.

Under its shroud, the Polar White comes with 13,500 BTU power to cool trucks from medium to large sizes. Also note that this AC pumps 15 percent more airflow than other models.

Powerful doesn’t mean noisier, however, as the dampening brackets take care of the vibration and operation noise. Additionally, compatibility with both ducted and non – ducted systems makes the Polar a good choice for all types of recreational vehicles.

However one major drawback of this model is its high power consumption. You’d need a big and reliable generator to get all its cooling performance. In some units, the wheel fan arrives defective and needs to be replaced. Finally, the unit doesn’t come with a thermostat or a control unit, so you’ll have to buy them separately.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an A/C Unit

The unit is made up of an outdoor unit and indoor unit. The outdoor unit can often be mounted to the outside of the truck, with the indoor unit inside the kitchen, to provide the additional cooling needed.

Nonetheless, before buying your air-conditioning unit, it is imperative to consider the size of your truck, the bigger the truck the more power output you need. Food trucks tend to range from 150-400 sq.ft, so it is crucial to consider this before installing an AC unit.

Also decide how much you can afford to spend before you start looking for the ideal AC for your food truck. If you’re looking for a cheap option then you’d be looking for a portable or window AC as they tend to be the cheapest of all.

Howbeit, if you have the extra cash, then a 15000 BTU RV air conditioner which is ducted, will set you back a little more but it will do a better job. The amount of BTUs will also affect the price of all styles of AC, the higher the number the more cash you will have to spend. Most people opt for these types as they provide sustained and reliable cooling.

In addition, with so many online tutorials and detailed manufacture instructions, it makes it a simple task, especially if the wiring is done already.

But this does take time and a reasonable about of DIY skill. But on the flip side, you may find yourself completely helpless when it comes to DIY; in that case, you might want to pay someone to do it. This will cost you though, the work doesn’t come cheap.

Air conditioning units consume a lot of energy. That can be a problem for a food truck that uses a portable generator. Choosing a unit that consumes less power saves you money in the long run. These units are also environmentally friendly.

If you travel across the state lines on your food Truck, make sure the unit is compatible with various power sources in different counties.