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5 Best Types of Water Pump for Food Truck

Are you remodeling your food truck and you are considering what type of water pump to use? If YES, here are 5 best water pump for food trucks.

A functional water system is a very crucial part of a standard food truck. In fact, the built-in holding tank in any truck is expected to be FDA approved before it can pass inspection. Thankfully, water tanks in most food trucks today offer the same quality as those found in a restaurant sink.

Also, to deliver water to faucets, sinks, taps and into the food truck, a Food Truck needs the best truck water pump. It is one of the essentials for every truck’s plumbing system.

It is an on-demand system that only kicks on when you turn it on. The pumping process is simplified and easy. It works by pressurizing the pipes to a default or set pounds per square inch (PSI). Indeed, choosing a good pump for your food truck is not easy even as there are many choices on the market now. Nonetheless, here are top water pumps to consider when looking to outfit your food truck.

Best Water Pump for Food Truck

​1. SEAFLO Self Priming PUMP

This SEAFLO New Demand is a compact water pump that delivers big support. It is known to provide a steady flow of 1.2 Gallons per minute with a surprisingly strong pressure of 35 PSI. Note that the New Demand 12 Volt pump pulls 1.7 Amps during normal operation, with only a maximum pull of only 2.7 Amps.

The low current draw on the truck battery does not tax it all, but still provides a strong level of flow and pressure for the kitchen and bathroom. It also protects it from thermal overload. Note that the water pump is self – priming, and runs very quietly and smoothly. If the water source is interrupted for any reason, the pump can run dry without damage until it is switched off.

Also note that it comes with soft rubber mounts which reduce vibration and also contribute to its quiet operation, night or day. In addition to being used in food trucks, this compact pump is also a great option for use on small marine vessels and even some agricultural devices for irrigation.

2. Eteyo Caravan water pump

Have it in mind that the key features on this model involve adjustability. Good Truck owners can adjust the maximum flow rate from 0.8 gallons per minute to 5.5 gallons per minute. Also note that they can adjust the water pressure from 10 PSI for Class A trailers to 60 PSI for Class C caravans.

Other features of this Eteyo water pump include sealed switches and an Electro coating to resist corrosion from the results of road travel. However, since it operates at 12 Volts, operation of the pump for extended times do not overtax the RV battery.

The patented diaphragm design not only provides a smooth, consistent water flow, but a very quiet operation, even when the flow rate and water pressure are set to their maximums. Also note that the balanced motor design of the Eteyo uses precision ball bearings, which support a longer life. Each one also comes with an internal thermal breaker to protect it from overheating.

3. SHURflo 2088 – 554 – 144

A Three Chamber Diaphragm design, so it works more efficiently to produce a 3.5 gallon per minute flow than other, comparable pumps. It also houses a One – Way Operation Check Valve which prevents the reverse flow of water to protect the freshwater tank.

Note that this pump is powered by a Permanent Magnet, ball bearing motor (P/N 11 – 173 – 01), and is thermally protected. The 554 – 144 has a flow rate of 45 PSI and runs on 12 Volts, so the RV battery efficiently powers it without being overtaxed.

​​This stainless steel, SHURflo water delivery pump is an ideal choice for smaller trucks, and trailers, and comes with a one – year warranty. It is 8.6”x5”x4.45”, which makes it an ideal size for easy installation and maintenance. Purchasing an intake filter is recommended to further protect the Three – Chamber Diaphragm from particulates.

4. GS LOOK Self – Priming pump

The GS LOOK runs off AC 110V, so it is an excellent choice for a truck’s battery. However, the only disadvantage is that long – term operation (more than 60 – 90 minutes) can eventually lead to leaks, a reduction of flow, and eventually damage the pressure switch controlling the PSI.

This pump also maintains a strong draw, allowing it to self – prime up to 9.8 feet! It can easily be stored over the water tank, making it easier to install and access for maintenance. This pump can run dry when the water tank is exhausted or if a hose is kinked, but it needs to be turned off quickly to prevent damage. Note that this pump has built – in thermal protection and an automatic pressure switch.

If it starts to overheat, a sensor shuts down the pump for 15 – 20 minutes and then automatically re-starts. The pressure switch turns the pump off as pressure builds from turning off the truck faucets and engages immediately when the water starts to flow again.

​5. Flojet 03526 – 144A water pump

This is a self – priming with an impressive suction lift of up to nine feet. It has three chambers and can run dry with no damage. Note that every 144A pump comes with soft – noise absorbing mounts so it runs more quietly than other, comparable models.

The 144A also comes with snap – in port fittings to quickly and securely attach hoses. It has an automatic pressure switch that engages when the pressure drops below 20 PSI and turns off at 30 PSI.

The pump size is 9”x 6”x 4.75” which makes it an ideal size for easy installation and access for maintenance. Also note that each genuine Flojet water pump is constructed from corrosion resistant materials, meets the US Coast Guard Electrical Standards, and the ignition protection requirements determined by ISO 8846, so do not settle for anything else.

Water pumps vary markedly in terms of size, technical specifications, capacity, and operational technology. However, every truck manufacturer has a recommendation for each device in your vehicle, if you do not have the manual, go to their website and look for it.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Water Pump on your Food Truck

Normally, most food truck pumps are set at about 30 PSI, but many truck water pumps also have an adjustable PSI setting. You might want to use it if you’re looking for a flexible and easy to adjust water pump that have a wide range of PSI setting.

But note that by turning the machine on, it will start working and pumping water. It will keep working if there are open faucets. This unit will keep supplying needed water flow. But once you turn it off, it will keep running just until it reaches the preset or desired water pressure on the lines and pipes.

However, so many good models will stop working automatically when it reaches desired water pressure, though. Until you open a faucet, the pressure on the pipes or lines will be maintained. If it detects a drop in pressure once you open the faucet, it will start pumping water again.

Note there are some older pumps that do not work the same as newer models do. These models need manual operation, so you have to turn it on when you need water. So it goes like you open the faucet, turn the unit on and then water will flow.

At this point, you will have to switch it off if you want to turn off the water, and then close the faucet. You should follow this order precisely because older truck pumps won’t turn off even it already reaches the preset water pressure in the lines or pipes.

Once it is left on, it will keep running and might lead to its overheating. Not turning it off might also burst a plumbing line.