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8 Best Types of Water Tank for Food Truck

Are you remodeling your food truck and you are wondering what type of water tank to use? If YES, here are 8 best water tank for food trucks.

For food truckers, especially first timers, one factor that tends to be overlooked is the size and type of water tanks required inside the truck. Aside from needing adequate fresh and gray water tanks to operate efficiently, a food truck is expected to meet certain permitting requirements of their city and state.

Even though it is not advisable to go too small with a water tank, you just have to ensure you don’t go too big either. Note that for every gallon of water, you are also adding an extra 8.34 pounds of weight to your truck.

Also note that water weight can add up fast as 5 gallons of water would be approximately 41.7 pounds. To keep a moving and fit truck, there are a lot of weight sloshing and management to do. Nonetheless, here are few tanks to consider when you need to buy water tanks for your truck.

Best Water Tank for Food Truck

1. Rainmood Portable Water Storage

This simple but functional water tank built by Rainmood carries a modest 2 gallons, but has an easy carry handle, large opening for easy filling and a sturdy tap. The transparent casing means you can easily see how much water is left and is made from food – grade plastics for safety.

2. Direct Water Tanks 125 Litre Flat Portable Water Tank

This is an ideal choice for bigger trucks and vendors with cuisines and menus that require excessive water. This offering from Direct Water Tanks has a 33 gallon capacity yet is still only 290mm high. Note that its translucent construction means you can easily see the water level, and there is a ¾ – inch outlet for easy connection to a pump system.

3. Fiamma Fresh Water Tank 70 litre

This tank built by Fiamma comes with a huge 18 gallon capacity, which should serve a huge truck for several days. It is constructed from strong, non – toxic plastic and measures only 24cm in height, so it should fit a range of trucks easily. It also comes with fittings, and you can bundle it in with a tank accumulator and water pump.

4. Caravan Supermarket 15 Litre Water Carrier

Note that this unique tank from Caravan Supermarket is constructed from food – safe plastic, offers a generous opening for easy filling and a sturdy tap. It can hold 4 gallons, and with a height of just 260mm it should easily stow within most food trucks.

5. Hitchman Aqua Roll

The Hitchman Aqua Roll tank is a wonderful piece of design that works so well for Food Trucks. It’s important to state that this barrel design holds a sizeable 11 gallons but makes short work of moving it around. Included are a filler hose and connector for outdoor taps, and you can also hook it up to a mains adaptor!

6. Fiamma Fresh Water Roll Tank

For most food trucks, this tank makes it a lot easier because you don’t have to relocate to fill up. It can carry 6 gallons with big wheels making it stable and easy to pull, yet it is slim enough to fit through standard vehicle doors. It also comes with an extra cap to allow fitment of an immersion pump.

7. Caravan Stuff 4U Water Tank

Note that this tank can be used as a waste or fresh water tank, but better still it comes in seven different sizes ranging from 8 gallons all the way up to 24 gallons. The package does not include fittings but is designed to be installed with brackets, and is made from a sturdy, non – toxic plastic.

8. Colpaz 2 – in – 1 Collapsible Water Container

If saving space is very crucial then this water carrier from Colapz will be ideal for your food truck. This container can hold 2 gallons and includes a level indicator and sturdy handle, but when collapsed it shrinks down to just a few centimetres tall. You can add a stand, a compact cup and a carry bag too.

City and Country Requirements for Food Truck Water Tank

To know the best water tank for your food truck, you will have to first find out the basic requirements of operating a Food Truck in your area.

In the United States, the minimum size requirements for food trucks are regulated by the city or county and they can vary accordingly. So before you start making decisions concerning personal water system needs, research and find out what is the requirement in your local area?

For instance, Los Angeles County stipulates a Minimum of 5 – gallons of water for hand washing, a Minimum of 15 – gallons of water for warewashing, Stainless steel and aluminium potable water tanks are not allowed in Los Angeles County, and Water tank cannot be installed inside of the enclosure (inside the mobile kitchen), above cooking equipment, or under plumbing lines.

Have it in mind there are numerous considerations that go down when selecting a water tank for a food truck. Also remember that some cities have much more detailed requirements than others, and they all vary.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Tank

However, during your research, you might constantly notice the phrase ‘potable water system’ or simply potable water tank, especially inside these documents. Note that they both refer to the tank that supplies the clean or fresh water for cooking needs in a Food Truck.

After making your research and finding the requirements in your local area, remember to acquire a standard plastic tank to ensure approval from your health department. If you’re considering searching online, you can look up RV water tanks or recreational vehicle water tanks.

Water tanks used in food trucks are usually made from polyethylene plaster resin which has non – corrosive characteristics. This same material is employed in the manufacture of plastic kitchen utensils. If you are looking to prevent leakages, water tanks made from one piece of plastic should top your shopping list.

You should also look out for UV protection so you don’t have to worry about premature aging or cracking when the tank is exposed to sunlight. Since most plastic water tanks look similar in terms of quality and texture, the UV option will help you prevent unforeseen damage and equally increase the life span of your water system.

Note that water tanks used in food trucks are the same as those installed in RVs, campers, and tiny houses. Howbeit, specific size requirement may vary based on your operational needs, permitting requirements, and vehicle requirements.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Water Tank for Food Truck?

Cost of these water tanks will primarily be determined by their size and shape. For a 20 – 40 gallon tank, expect to pay about $200 – $500. If your idea is to start and manage a small menu like a hot dog stand or push cart, a small 7 – gallon tank that you can get for under $100 can met your operational needs.


It can take you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the event you discover you don’t have the right water tank to pass a local health inspection.

While there are always exceptions in custom manufacturing, it is advisable you don’t install more than 34 gallon water tanks on mobile food units. Many food trucks operate just fine with nothing more than a 10 – 30 gallon fresh water tank installed.