Wastewater tanks, also known as grey water tanks, are where all used and contaminated water will go once they are generated.

This will always be on board your truck until you get an approval to create a disposal station. Food truck grey water is waste water generated from your truck’s hand and three compartment sinks, which must be disposed of in a health department approved grease interceptor at your commissary or commercial kitchen.

Note that grey water differs from water from the toilets (very few food trucks have toilet facilities unless you have a full sized trailer you use as a mobile food platform) which is designated sewage or black water to indicate it contains human waste.

And since wastewater contains perishable items such as food particles and grease, the grey tank must always be handled carefully.

Grey water tanks are expected to be bigger than your fresh water tank because they will be storing more than just used water. In most situations, food particles and other beverages make their way into the grey water tank through the sink in the food truck.

So if you have adequate space, you can place the grey water tank under your truck. This will allow your truck to accommodate more kitchen equipment. In a case where the grey tank can’t be placed under the truck, you can mount it under the sink inside your food truck.

Grey and fresh water tanks that are excessively big will be a problem in the long run and may even add to the weight of your vehicle.

In case you are not sure of the specific size to go for, a typical food truck should have a freshwater tank with a 30 – 35 gallon capacity and a grey water tank with a 50 – 55 gallon capacity. Bear in mind that 1 gallon will weigh up to 8 pounds.

However, do not forget that your local health department may also have recommended tank sizes for your vehicle. Whatever your decision is, make sure you settle for tanks with the right capacity so you don’t run into problems while running your business.

If you are searching for these tanks online in specific sizes, you can look up RV water tanks or recreational vehicle water tanks.

The water tanks used in food trucks are the same as those installed in RVs, campers, and tiny houses. The only difference is you may have a specific size requirement based on your operational needs, permitting requirements, and vehicle requirements.

Finally, while you may not want to go too small with a water tank, make sure you don’t go too big either. For every gallon of water, you will be adding an extra 8.34 pounds of weight to your vehicle. This water weight can add up fast as 5 gallons of water would be approximately 41.7 pounds.

Best Waste Water Tank for Food Truck

When you are searching for a portable waste water tank for your food truck, there will be some factors that will determine which ones are worth getting. However, here are top choices to consider in the United States.

  1. Tote – N – Stor 25609 32 – Gallon Portable waste tank

Tote – N – Stor may not be a household name, but the company still infuse a lot of quality construction and materials into the 25609, 32 – gallon portable RV waste tank. The tank capacity itself makes this an ideal option for somewhat larger trucks with 30 – gallon black water or gray water tanks.

Included in the initial purchase is the 32 – gallon portable sewer tank for trailers with heavy – duty wheels. Note that this tote also comes with a collapsible 36 – inch long, 3 – inch diameter of 3 inches drain hose, as well as a single hose clamp and a tow bracket.

The plastic – rubber wheels are also textured to help you get traction. Even though they are a little on the small size for a 32 – gallon capacity tank, and could become prone to chipping or digging in – to soft terrain, this Tote – N – Stor 25609 has a convenient storage compartment to hold all the necessary accessories.

  1. Custom Roto – Molding H42 Holding Tank

Aside the fact that the manufacturer develops led this tank from dense polyethylene, it also has the versatility to work in many different situations. For instance, you will most likely find these holding tanks in all types of food trucks, RVs, campers, cabins, and regular old mobile homes.

Note that this kind of versatility speaks to how useful and beneficial this product can be for the person who ends up buying it. This tank has been proven to empty and rinse faster than most other models you will come across in this marketplace.

This model represents one of the more user – friendly truck waste water tanks in the market. And this extends to using process as well as the design has a drain hole, which further optimizes the efficiency of the emptying process. In addition, it is available at a reasonable price, which further conveys why this product deserves consideration.

  1. Camco Rhino 39002 Heavy Duty waste tank

Camco is renowned as one of the most trusted names in truck products and accessories. Their Rhino 39002 Heavy Duty portable RV waste tank was built from highly durable High – density polyethylene that’s been blow moulded into the 21 – gallon tank form.

Also known as HDPE this type of polyethylene is prized for outdoor use in a wide range of products, like portable grey water tanks and even things like security fence slats. Note that this is because it is UV stabilized to prevent photo-degradation from excess sunlight exposure. The blow moulding also means it is virtually seamless, which translates into superior leak resistance.

The Camco Rhino 39002 also comes as a complete ready – to – use kit and well designed to make it easy for you to transport waste from your wastewater tank to the nearby dump station. It includes the hose as well as all the accessories you need to clean, maintain and store the portable tank.

  1. Barker 27844

Made using blow – moulded polyethylene, zinc – plated steel and aluminium, Barker 27844 is light compared to classic waste water tanks and its durability is impressive too. Note that from elements to vibrations, the waste tank from Barker would handle almost anything.

In addition, with two large rear wheels and a double wheel – swivel at the front, 27844 also comes with top – notch mobility.

Additionally, since 27844 comes with a tank indicator that tells when it needs to be emptied, this waste holding tank made by Barker comes with a conventional waste valve, hence, there is no need to lift it up while draining it. Once your purchase Barker 27844,it is accompanied by hose clamps, adapters, caps and more so it could be put to use immediately.

  1. VINGLI Portable Tote Tank

One of the features that accompany this tank is its two large wheels, which makes transporting this product a simple task. Note that the integrated handles also help in this regard as you have something to grab onto while moving this tank.

There is also a designated spot for an extended handle, but you are expected to buy this feature separately. But owing to the low cost of this model, you could see how additionally purchasing this feature could end up being a relative bargain.

Since this product is only 9.3 pounds, it represents another design quality that will vastly help in the transportation process: a waste tank this light is a rarity within this marketplace. Honestly, moving this model around will be a breeze. Also note that this tank is ready for use the moment you get it.

There are not any extra tools required for installation, and it will make your waste water removal process much more relaxed without any added complications. It is also easy to clean, and thanks to this product’s large diameter outlet; this feature ensures the filling and draining process are smooth and happen without issue.


The best waste water tank for you should not be all that difficult to find. Start by taking stock of volume or capacity you need. However, before you start looking into specific types of water tanks, you will need to find out what you need to operate legally in your area as step one.

The minimum size requirements for food trucks are regulated by the city or county you plan to operate. But whatever your decision is, make sure you settle for tanks with the right capacity so you don’t run into problems while running your business.