From searing the perfect steak to cooking up golden, fluffy flapjacks, there is no limit to the uses of your commercial flat top grill. Note that these versatile cooking tools employ a heat source beneath a flat plate, allowing food to quickly get up to temperature and cook evenly.

Flat top grills are also ideal for breakfast diners and other settings where large amounts of food need to be cooked quickly. But the benefits don’t stop there. Flat top grills are perfect for small space cooking, including food trucks.

Flat top grills are known to have an amazing temperature control system that regulates the heat in a way that gives you complete power, so you don’t need to worry about burning your food at all. The ideal grill for your truck should be built with cold – rolled steel, with industrial – Grade legs, and the wheels should have commercial quality kinds as well.

If you can get a flat top grill with this design, you don’t have to worry about getting dry food as the end result, your meat and other delicious food would always maintain its juiciness.

Irrespective of the type of food that you want sizzling and cooked to perfection, be rest assured that a flat top grill has got you covered. It has three amazing cooking methods; the choice depends on you and what you are in the mood for. You can steam up your meals, or sear it to form that delicious crust on the surface, and even have your meals smoked with ease.

A flat top grill doesn’t need charcoal to smoke up your meals, just use the smoke hack by lighting up some chips and then cover them up to smoke your dishes. And one of the best parts about it is its flat surface, which would keep the juices get infused with the food and not allowing it to escape at all.

However, when buying a new flat top grill for your food truck, there are a lot of factors you may want to consider. For instance, in a food truck, space is at a premium and you are often working in tight spaces, along with other staff. But at the same time, you need a food truck grill that is large enough to keep up with demand.

It simply entails that you should go for a countertop grill that has an enormous amount of surface space to grill your food. Consider a minimum of 52cm wide flat top grills, which is probably the smallest to go for with a food truck.

When buying a countertop grill for a food truck, also make sure it is advertised as commercial grade. You will be potentially serving hundreds of people per day so you need to make sure the equipment is up to the task. Note that you don’t want to have queues of people waiting to be served and your grill breaks down halfway through.

Best Flat Top Grills for Food Truck

Commercial grade flat top grills are available with three voltage options. Low – volume grills operate on 120 volts, which will provide enough power for cooking small volumes of food.

Since these less – powerful grills are powered by standard 120 – volt outlets that are available in commercial and non – commercial venues, 120 – volt griddles are often built to be portable, making them a good solution for caterers and travelling chefs. Nonetheless, here are flat top grills to consider for your food truck.

  1. TAIMIKO Electric Griddle Commercial Counter Top Stainless Steel Hot Plate

This is s commercial – grade and has a high heat distribution which means that it cooks food evenly. Also, it has a nifty little drain hole for collecting oil which goes into a tray underneath the grill plate. Note that this is good for cleaning the griddle quickly and which is very handy when you have customers to serve. It is also relatively lightweight which means it is pretty mobile for when you move between events.

  1. Avantco Electric Countertop Griddle

The electric countertop griddle remains one of. The best economical choice for cooking pancakes, eggs, sausage, and much more for food trucks. Featuring a heavy duty stainless steel housing and a 15 ½ “x 24” griddle plate.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Stainless steel feet that are adjustable from 3 ½″ to 5 ½″
  • Two adjustable temperature knobs (150 – 570 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 3″ steel splashguards on sides and back
  1. Buffalo Countertop Electric Griddle

Buffalo countertop grills are a quite popular brand on the food stall scene in the world and a reliable bit of kit. This Griddle has heavy – duty commercial grade elements and thermostats and the company that produces these even tell you how many burgers you can make in an hour (100 per hour).

  1. WANLECY Electric Countertop Griddle

This heavy – duty electric countertop griddle features a recovery signal light, so you can easily see when your cooking surface is hot and ready for more food to be added.

Owing to the high power, it cannot be equipped with a plug. It can also be used to connect an air switch or a circuit breaker or a leakage protection switch. (The selected switch must meet the requirements of 4400W power and the current is above 40A)

  • This 72.7cm/28.6″ wide commercial electric griddle is built with durability and convenience in mind, with a stainless steel control panel, cool – touch front and splash guard.
  • A throttling thermostat adjusts from 50°C to 300°C to provide a quick response to surface temperature change.
  • The heavy duty knobs ensure accurate temperature adjustment of +/ – 5°C from the set point, while it is highly polished 1cm thick griddle plate distributes heat evenly and recovers quickly.
  • Built in grease channel and catch draws grease away from your food. Allows for easy clean up at the end of each use.
  1. Buffalo Extra Wide Countertop Electric Griddle

This griddle is probably the best in terms of performance, size, and build quality and at the high end of the budget. Note that it is the larger version of the well known Buffalo countertop electric griddle and has all the same features.

However, the only real difference, which can be an important one, is it has a larger surface space for cooking and frying. The one downside, meanwhile, is that they are relatively heavy at around 34kg.This is just worth bearing in mind when it comes to mobility and moving between events

  1. Grindmaster – Cecilware Stainless Steel Electric Griddles

Grindmaster – Cecilware EL1636 Medium Duty Steel and Stainless Steel Electric Griddles is very ideal for food trucks. This grill provides excellent heat retention, and is easy to clean.

  • Stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Long lasting; reliable and innovative.
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Economical; Value Priced
  1. Royal Catering Electric Griddle Plate

Note that this Royal Catering model has a larger surface space with a width of 73cm compared to 55cm for its small brands. Also note that it has all the same features as the smaller model, with automatic temperature control.

However, this model has a handy additional feature with two sections that can be used for grilling and keeping cooked food warm. This is very nice for when you haven’t got a queue waiting but are expecting a rush of people and don’t want to be caught off guard.

  1. Vollrath 14″ Electric Countertop Griddle – Cayenne Series

Indeed this versatile French fries cutter is another good option for food trucks since it is comes with suction cup and its can be mounted on the wall or counter top.

  • Heavy – duty polished cooking surface for high heat retention
  • Superior element design ensures even heating over entire cooking surface.
  • Griddle plate is fully welded to base
  • Thermostatic controls allow for precise temperature adjustment
  1. Royal Catering Electric Grill

The Royal Catering flat top grill is a slight upgrade from the first and in the middle in terms of pricing. Note that it comes with a pretty high splatter guard which is good for keeping oil off of surfaces. It also has temperature control for even cooking and a drain hole and catch tray for oil. It also as has a ready device which indicates when the hot plate is ready to use

  1. DULONG Commercial Electric Griddle Flat Top Grill

If you are looking economical griddle for your food truck then this is ideal for you. Best of all, this model homes with a front – loading grease trough that’s easy to empty and clean after use.

  • Made of high quality stainless steel, compact and sturdy. Non – stick surface for stick – free cooking and cleaning.
  • Thermostatic control allows you to adjust the temperature of the griddle to suit the cooking requirements of different foods.
  • A built – in grease channel and removable grease tray help to collect excess oil and food residue for fast and easy clean – up.
  • Large capacity griddle grill fits perfectly for the most even heat distribution, it allows you to cook without the worry of flare ups or flavour loss from leaked juices, and helps keep meats tender griddle


Just like it was stated above, commercial grade flat top grills are available with three voltage options. Low – volume grills operate on 120 volts, which will provide enough power for cooking small volumes of food.

But if your flat top grill will be one of your primary pieces of equipment, you’ll likely want to invest in a more powerful 240 – volt unit. If your truck has adequate power source, a 208 – volt grill may be an option. These more powerful commercial grills are often capable of producing enough heat to keep up with gas – powered equipment.