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Amazon FBA Business Model – Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to start an Amazon FBA business? If YES, here is everything you need to know about the Amazon FBA Business model plus example of successful FBA companies. The fulfillment business model is basically steps that are taken to receive, process and deliver orders to customers. This then means that a fulfillment company is the third party company that an eCommerce business hires to help them carry out the above processes.

Some eCommerce fulfillment companies offer more than others, but the general idea is that you don’t have to store an item at all, you don’t have to ship it out to the customer and the order and return processing is all done without you having a hand in it. Amazon is almost the most popular eCommerce business worldwide that has been successful in the use of the fulfillment business model.

This eCommerce giant has tons and tons of clients under its chain and its delivery is almost worldwide. Fulfillment by Amazon sales are growing 65 percent a year, and the benefits of this program include that you do not need to create your own product, you can choose from thousands of different vendors that suit your niche, and you can rely on amazon drop-shipping instead of doing it yourself.

This system helps Amazon spread its brand while also helping individual businesses reduce overhead and deliver a top-notch customer experience. This business model has become very popular, as it is both convenient and affordable. In the article below, you would get to know more about the fulfillment by amazon business model, as well as other companies that make successful use of this model.

Types of Fulfillment Business Model

The fulfillment business model comes in three types which are; in-house, outsourced, and drop-shipping.

  • In-house Fulfillment

In-house Fulfillment requires you to pick and pack products yourself from your own headquarters. In-house fulfillment is all about getting an order from your inventory shelf to the customer’s front door on your own.

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the more appealing, but more risky, models that some e-retailers also begin their ecommerce adventure with. Dropshipping is a completely hands-off approach to fulfillment. A dropshipper does not dabble in fulfillment at all. They sell the products of manufacturers, suppliers, or vendors who then fulfill the order on their own end.

  • Outsourced Fulfillment

Outsourced fulfillment is in between in-house and dropshipping. In this model, you won’t need to worry over fulfillment. You select a 3PL (third party logistics provider), ship your inventory to their warehouse for storage, and send orders their way to be fulfilled.

How to Find Inventory for your Fulfillment Business

If you have decided to build an FBA business, you’ll need to develop a source of inventory. You can only sell what you have. There are several ways to find products that you can sell:

  • Retail arbitrage

Essentially, arbitrage is buying low and selling high. Here, you need to search local stores or online for clearance and discounts items. The trick to making money in Fulfillment is to buy products on sale so that you can sell them for a profit. The challenge is finding cheap enough products that can be sold for a profit after your fees.

  • Wholesalers

In this case, you buy items from a wholesaler and sell them as a reseller.

  • Thrift shops

Note that FBA isn’t about selling used items. Your items should be new and in good condition. So if you’re visiting thrift and second-hand shops, your goal is to find items in their packages or with tags—unused and of good quality.

How to Find the Right Fulfillment Company for your Business

Finding the right fulfillment company starts with having as much information as possible. Remember that the fulfillment company will be screening you just as rigorously as you are screening them. You want to find a fit that works for the both of you. The fulfillment company needs a partner that’s financially stable, has products that are in-demand, and will be around for longer than a couple of years.

You on the other hand need a partner that offers flexible solutions tailored to the sometimes-chaotic needs of small businesses and startups, and that is able to offer better pricing than what a general fulfillment company might be able to provide.

When you start discussing partnerships with potential companies, you’ll need to make sure that you can provide them with the things they’ll need to see. These include the fact that you are a business entity with a company name, office phone, business email address, and at least a basic website to your credit (this is especially true if you’re an ecommerce company). They will also want an idea of the volume you’ll be sending in terms of product/inventory, as well as when it will arrive.

Finally, you need to be clear about any requirements your products might have, including temperature control, fragility/specialty packaging, and more. If possible, share your formal business plan with the company you’re partnering with, as this can prove that you’ve not only done your research, but you are also committed to long-term success.

Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Be Successful with your Fulfillment Business Model

  1. Getting ahead of yourself

Dreaming big is all good, but you have to be realistic and start small, especially if your budget is very limited. Businesses don’t balloon in a day, and you would be kidding yourself if you think that you can create a platform that can beat amazon when you have not even made a single sale, and you have just $1000 as your budget.

If you are totally new to the whole business model of selling physical products online, be realistic about what you can and can’t do! Don’t try to create a massive empire in your head when you haven’t even sold one product online. You have to know what you’re capable of, how far your knowledge and buying power goes, and simply start taking those small baby steps first. Sell your first products online before you start paying down that deposit for high powered website.

  1. Picking a product that overshoots your buying power

Some people just draw up a rough calculation of what they think their finances can buy and just run with the budget without considering the variables. If you pick a product that sells for $100 on Amazon and you have $1000 to invest in the stock purchase, then you are in for trouble.

The breakdown would mean that you’ll be able to buy 15, maybe 20 units, which is simply not enough to buy directly from manufacturers at profitable prices. This would mean heading for disaster even before you have started.

  1. Trying to keep your prices lower than your competitors

Do not build your business model around the lowest price game online. It won’t work because your buying power and sales volume won’t be enough to support that business model.

If you take a look on Amazon, for almost any product, you’ll see a wide range of prices, even for products that look basically the same to you. There are even sellers who sell at a price that is below the shipping cost to you. They do this by purchasing the product in massive, container volume quantities. Since their sales volume is so high, their shipping costs are much lower than yours.

For example, if you send 10 parcels a week, shipping cost for you will be $2.85. In contrast, for a business that sends 1000 parcels a week, their price will be $1.50 per parcel. See that there is a difference here, and for a good reason. So, there’s no way you can compete on lowest price with multi-million dollar companies who can afford to source products in massive quantities.

  1. Dealing with fakes

Yes, some sellers actually sell counterfeit items—cheap copies of popular goods, which are often called fakes. With the help of the internet, wholesale scams are becoming more and more popular. Many people know that most products nowadays are manufactured in China.

However, they wrongly assume that they can simply get these products directly from those same factories in China at a lower cost! The most popular fake items include Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Watches, DVDs, Electronics, Software etc. Selling such products is a criminal offence and can get you in serious trouble. You will face massive fines and even jail time.

  1. Skimping on cash

Many people wrongly hold the belief that starting and building an Online business takes no money and all they need is internet connection. While in some cases it may be true—like if you’re just a programmer or freelance writer—it is just not the case for physical products businesses on Amazon.

For this type of business, you have to understand that you need money. There will be fixed costs, like seller account subscription or accounting fees, and there will also be variable costs, like product photography, graphics, advertising and so on.

  1. Taking the easiest shortcut

Building an online business requires hard work and lots of it. You cannot succeed without hardwork. If you’re not ready to work late nights after your day job is done and all weekend while your friends are having fun, don’t even start.

You can’t achieve great results by doing things half-cooked, rushed, and without putting maximum effort into them. You better start planning your time, so you can manage to work at least 2-3 hours a day on your online business and more on weekends.

  1. Doing it all on your own

You wouldn’t try to fix a broken engine if you’re not a mechanic, right? You would seek the help of a professional. And same goes for business. Don’t try to do everything on your own, you simply can’t do as good a job as people who do that task for a living. You can make it easy on yourself and outsource some aspects of your jobs. And this is especially important for people who have those full-time jobs or family and kids to look after.

  1. Expecting results overnight and quitting too quick

Now quite a lot of people are guilty of this. They expect that their business will start yielding profits and sales in one week tops. If that doesn’t happen, they call it quits.

Don’t expect results and profit overnight. Not even after a month. That is, unless you have tens of thousands of dollars you can invest in a very aggressive advertising campaign. For most people, it will be slow and steady growth that they should concentrate on. And that’s perfectly fine! All you need is patience and trust in what you do.

  1. Buying unranked/badly ranked items

This is usually because sellers don’t understand rank or because they “hope” that the item will sell eventually. When items don’t sell, your money is all tied up, and you can’t afford to buy new inventory. Slow-moving inventory can kill your business.

10. Buying items with no profit

This may happen because people hope that the selling price will go up or simply because they don’t check their Profit with the Seller App or Revenue Calculator first. You can always check your profit before you buy. This will save you a lot of heartaches, and more importantly lost money.

Benefits of the Fulfillment Business Model

Order fulfillment services have gained momentum especially with so many startups and fast growing small and medium companies today that do not have infrastructure and logistics facilities. Even big, established corporations utilize a fulfillment service because of several advantages it provides which include the following:

  • Lower shipping cost

Order fulfillment companies which have a regional, national and international infrastructure can offer bulk delivery discounts which you can take advantage of. Having distribution and warehouse facilities strategically located all over the country and abroad gives fulfillment service providers the scope and economic feasibility to offer lower shipping rates.

  • Reduce operating cost

Seasonal fluctuations when you experience flat sales or peak seasons when there is full rush to deliver ordered products won’t much affect your bottom line or cost of inventory because you pay the same rent and storage expenses. Compare that when you go on your own still paying workers and storage fees even during dull sales periods.

  • Extend your reach

Fulfillment companies can ship and deliver to any part of the world because they have logistics and distribution networks to do just that, and you are harnessing their global platform to extend your reach and grow new markets.

  • Improve customer service

Integral to fulfilling orders is a reliable customer support service that includes an easy return and refund policy and most order fulfillment companies offer this. Customer support is provided by them on a 24/7 basis, through either email or phone, and even in multiple languages.

In addition, you may not have the means to do reverse logistics when customers return and exchange products. These are things you practically can’t do on your own but which a fulfillment service can reliably provide for you and boost your reputation with your customers.

  • Harness technology

Fulfillment companies employ the latest technology and systems when it comes to processing and packaging products, inventory management, item tracking and information, product security and handling, shipping and carrier selection, payment processing, and integration with your sales channels and business tools. These service providers are in the fulfillment business carrying with them industry experience and expertise which you can leverage to your advantage.

Services That Fulfillment Companies Offer

There are basic services that all fulfillment businesses offer. Some top fulfillment companies focus on select services, such as climate-controlled fulfillment for perishables like candy and other foods. Others provide video-secured operations suited to storing and shipping high-value goods.

In fact, there are many specialty services that fulfillment companies offer. Some come with added costs, but that’s often worth the value they bring if your goods require special handling. Here’s a look at some of the unique services that fulfillment companies offer:

  • Custom Shipping Labels – your logo or other images that evoke your brand
  • Custom Inserts – special offers, personal notes, etc.
  • Kitting – shipping multiple products as a set rather than individually
  • Batch Orders – receiving goods, packing, and shipping in a batch without storage, good for crowdfunding campaigns and product rollouts
  • Light Labor – some assembly, minor product customization, etc.
  • Sourcing Packaging – ordering cheaper, better, or custom packaging
  • Customer Service – phone and email support for your orders
  • Climate-controlled – temperature-controlled storage and insulated shipping
  • Special Handling – secured storage and video-tracked packing for high-value goods

How Does Amazon FBA Work?

In order to use the Amazon FBA services, ecommerce merchants need to go through the following steps:

  • Set Up Your FBA Services

In case you don’t have a selling account on Amazon already, you’ll need to create one. Once you do so, there will be an option to add FBA to your account – just follow the steps and set it up. It’s an extremely simple process and you will be guided through the steps on the website – it only takes a few minutes.

  • Create The Product Listing and Inventory

You can either add individual products to the Amazon catalog one at a time, or you can add them in bulk. A really great feature that Amazon provides is that if you are already using an inventory management software, you can link it with Amazon’s API for easier integrated product and inventory listing.

  • Prep The Products To Be Delivered

Your products should be prepared the way you want them to be received by the customer, as in, they should be “ecommerce ready”. If you need certain supplies to ensure that the product is safe and secure during the transportation process until it reaches the customer, you can even place an order on Amazon for the their “preferred prep and shipping supplies” that will be delivered to you quickly.

  • Send Your Products To Amazon

In order to do so, you will need to create a shipping plan which would involve things like finding the right shipping carriers. Amazon has partnered with several carriers that provide discounted rates to FBA clients, making it cheaper and easier to ship and track your items all the way to the Amazon FBA Centers. You can use Amazon’s online seller tool for more guidance.

  • Customers Order Your Products and Amazon FBA Does The Work

As with all the other Amazon Prime eligible products, Prime customers get the the same free shipping and super fast delivery, just as they would for any other Prime listed product on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon has an amazing web-to-warehouse picking and sorting system that works efficiently and at a high speed to ensure that the orders are fulfilled as soon as possible. At this point in the Amazon FBA process, all the necessary shipping and tracking information is sent to the customers.

  • Amazon FBA Provides Customer Service For Your Products

Amazon provides 24/7 customer service for all orders placed on the Amazon Marketplace no matter whether it’s inquiries from the seller or the buyer, refund requests, returns, or any other customer care related query. This makes it easier for all parties involved and a more streamlined service for the customer.

Businesses Using the Fulfillment Business Model

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon, also known as FBA, allows anyone to sell their items on the Amazon platform. It is most beneficial to those who sell small items those who sell via multi-channels; and those already selling at Amazon.

Whether you sell just a few items or your inventory runs into the thousands, you can tap into Amazon’s renowned logistical capabilities and global network of warehouses to take care of the bulk of fulfillment work. FBA will store your items in any of its 140 plus warehouses worldwide, handle item processing and shipment to your customers, take care of payments and refunds, and provide 24/7 customer service.

  1. James and James

The James and James Ecommerce Fulfilment company is ideal for businesses located in the uk. International shipping is certainly available, but it seems to have some strong benefits for those in the UK. The same day dispatch and packing accuracy is the kind of stuff that all online stores like to see, while the storage of your items is performed in a way that is satisfactory.

  1. ShipMonk

ShopMonk’s custom API integrations allow users to sync new shopping orders automagically into their software. The products are then shipped without delay. They promise a scalable solution and promise the same type of service for every single order.

They also offer some unique services like crowdfunding fulfillment and Amazon FBA Prep services. They have a coveted customer service section that boasts 24*7 availability and 1-1 service, and they promise super fast delivery without delays.

  1. ShipStation

ShipStation is known for working well with Shopify, Bigcommerce and Magento customers, and it has some wonderful packages that start at $25 per month. The shopping cart integration is one of the best parts of the ShipStation interface, while orders and shipping are all automated on the backend. What’s more is that ShipStation gives you the freedom to add your own branding to all the packaging and anything that goes in the packaging, strengthening the effectiveness of your company in the long run.

  1. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics is one of the more popular solutions you can choose from, and they have strategically placed fulfillment centers all over the world. They have a SmartFill feature, which is a cloud-based platform for keeping track of the fulfilment process, anywhere in the world and at anytime. They also have a SmartStock solution for keeping items on the shelves at all times and getting people their products when they need them.

  1. GoShippo

Consider GoShippo if you’re looking for yet another international order fulfillment service with quality service. The API is open for you to integrate with your store upon signing up, and they have an interesting pricing model that takes the price of shipping plus five cents.

The shipping tracking lets you understand where all your packages are located, while the intuitive dashboard allows you to connect with your data from anywhere you want. You have the option to add insurance to your shipping, and the deep discounts are nice for saving money on USPS labels. Along with address verification, return labels and international parcels, you can’t go wrong with GoShippo.

  1. Whitebox Fulfillment

Clearly, Whitebox is not the cheapest fulfillment warehouse solution on the market. They charge a $3000 onboarding fee, plus take a 10% cut of your online sales. But for that, they research product keywords, oversee FBA logistics, photograph your items, and create sales-driving product listings on Amazon, eBay, and your own website. And remember, they also handle all of your ongoing customer service needs.

  1. Fulfilled by Sears

Fulfilled by Sears (FBS) is an end-to-end order fulfillment service from Sears that manages warehousing, pick/packing and shipping of customers orders for your business. Designed to fit the needs of any business, FBS can be utilized to fulfill customer orders that occur anywhere (on or off efficiently, while reducing operating and fulfillment expenses for the business – helping to increase profits.

As one of the largest online mass merchant in the country, Sears has built a sophisticated network of warehouses, distribution centers and online order fulfillment processes that allow Sears to ship customers orders quickly and efficiently

  1. eFulfillment Service

eFulfillment Service or EFS is a leader in the ecommerce order fulfillment services industry. EFS helps hundreds of businesses on a daily basis through its inventory storage as well as the accurate, fast order fulfillment services. With EFS’s online fulfillment control panel, clients will be able to maintain constant visibility of their fulfillment operations whilst EFS assists in making their businesses more efficient, profitable and flexible in the international marketplace.

  1. Floship

Floship is a reputed provider of global order fulfillment and logistics services. It is recognized for cost-effective and fast international shipping services, it offers the complete solutions for people’s ecommerce businesses for reaching new markets. By making sure that the clients’ logistics are handled effectively by the best in the industry.

  1. Symphony Commerce

Symphony Commerce offers enterprise-grade commerce services to growing brands. It handles crucial retail and wholesale business requirements from supply chain logistics to commerce applications. It allows Symphony’s brands to focus on important functions such as nurturing client relationships and building products. Symphony Commerce includes services like integrated solutions for order fulfillment, marketing and web stores. Such services flawlessly deliver personalized and intelligent experiences throughout the lifecycle of customers.

  1. Xpert Fulfillment

Xpert Fulfillment makes use of trouble-free online systems for shipping its clients’ orders at reasonable rates. It is an order fulfillment center which offers reliable services for startup and established companies. It gives clients complete control over their orders. Also, Xpert Fulfillment allows its clients for enter their orders automatically, as files or manually. It provides its clients with complete predictability through completely web-based and highly technical systems.

  1. Whiplashmerch

Whiplashmerch offers reliable order fulfillment & merchandising services to businesses. It lets clients to send their products for storage and ships their orders on demand. Whiplashmerch allows clients to delegate shipping and warehousing worries so they will have time for working on their businesses rather than in their businesses.

  1. Evans Distribution Systems

Fulfilling orders from various e-commerce sites such as Amazon or eBay is what the company offers. Evans Distribution Systems can help with handling the logistics behind the scenes so sellers can focus on growing their sales, market share and other business parts. Evans is a leading full service fulfillment center. The company provides customers with innovative as well as flexible logistics solutions.

The company was established in 1929, Evans is a family-owned and operated logistics service provider and offering customers a single solution for warehousing, fulfillment. Distribution, contract packaging and quality inspection. The company sole goal is to enhance logistics and work to find the best logistics solutions.

  1. Aero Fulfillment

Aero Fulfillment remains one of the best choices for Fortune 1000 companies and established ecommerce businesses for making their order fulfillment more efficient, easier for managing and more effective. Using sophisticated technology and smart thinking, Aero offers innovative, flexible and transparent logistics services along with integration services and IT solutions for meeting the unique needs of B2C & B2B needs of clients and their customers.

16., a leading fulfillment service provider allows its clients to leverage their global logistics infrastructure, saving them money, effort and time. It has facilities strategically situated near order shipment processing centers across the world, reducing the postage costs and transit times for their shipments. helps clients in monitoring their group orders to reduce shipping costs as well as validate addresses for keeping minimal chargebacks.

17. Speed Commerce

Speed Commerce, a global fulfillment solutions provider helps businesses in creating personalized omnichannel experiences which combine conventional retail channels with ecommerce strategies, making way for an ultimate shopping experience.

It provides ecommerce service and technology solutions to manufacturers and retailers. Such solutions assist brands in acquiring new clients and strengthening the existing client relationships by offering relevant, personalized experiences.

  1. Fulfillment Works

Fulfillment Works is a full service order fulfillment firm which specializes in B2C fulfillment with a huge storage facility and sophisticated technology for handling various aspects of SCM or Supply Chain Management. In addition, it offers personalized inventory management and reporting through its real-time, state-of-the-art Client Access Center. It strives to the most valuable partners for businesses in terms of money saving, smart business decisions.

  1. Materialogic

Materialogic is a 3rd party logistics organization which specializes in retail EDI, literature collateral distributions and order fulfillment for B2C & B2B businesses of different sizes. It has numerous facilities across the nation for reaching one hundred percent of the population in three days. Also, it has developed a list of brilliant services which are designed for helping its clients’ brands grow profitably and quickly.

  1. J.M. Field Marketing

J.M Field Marketing, a well-known marketing agency balances the science & art of different marketing by providing a lot of various services under one roof. Other that marketing services, it offers Ecommerce and print solutions along with web & graphic design services that are managed, developed and produced by the expert team at J.M. It offers reliable order fulfillment and inventory management services, helping clients save time and money.

  1. Barrett Distribution

Barrett Distribution, a leader in logistic services, executes, implements, builds and designs personalized supply chain & logistics solutions with an exclusive approach towards transportation, warehousing and distribution. It improves financial performance and quality, whilst enhancing its clients’ brand loyalty with their customers. With value-added services, transportation and distribution at its core competencies, the warehouse services and supply chain solutions from Barrett Distribution has provided effective services across various industries.

  1. Saddle Creek Logistics

Saddle Creek Logistics is a country-wide 3rd party logistics service firm that specializes in shared & dedicated warehousing, integrated logistics, order fulfillment, packaging, transportation and warehousing. The company integrates these services in o personalized solutions which deliver value to the customers. Also, Saddle Creek Logistics offers many other services like light manufacturing, cross-docking, e-fulfillment and packaging services that can be leveraged for single-source, custom logistics solution.

  1. Weber Logistics

Weber Logistics is a professional logistics provider that has become a countrywide logistics solutions provider. It is asset-based and privately-owned service provider which is flexible for quickly adapting to its clients’ changing requirements.

The expertise of Weber can include TL, LTL and freight management services along with dedicated, shared and temperature-controlled warehousing, transloading, cross-docking, order fulfillment, personnel staffing, distribution, network analysis and optimization, retail compliance and material handling services.

  1. Fulex

Fulex, a renowned fulfillment service provider, lets its clients to focus on their dreams, while it handles the rest of the things like shipping tons of products for them on a daily basis. Fulex helps companies in automating their businesses, while its software allows them to grow their businesses and save their time. It stores, handles and delivers its clients’ products so they can concentrate in improving their businesses.

  1. VelocityShip

It is essential for all business owners to maximize their time and budgets. VelocityShip offers the latest technology available within the fulfillment industry. Similar companies use different software that is often underdeveloped. They have taken a stance to enter the market and redefine the whole industry. The software they created allows businesses to fulfill orders quickly so that they can be shipped and delivered as fast as possible. This heightens customer satisfaction, which increases profits.

  1. MKM Distribution

MKM Distribution Services is a leading retail-focused 3rd party logistics and transportation services provider which allows clients to focus on sales, whilst handling product distribution for them. From distribution and warehousing to transportation, custom solutions and ecommerce fulfillment, a range of services from MKM Distribution focus on ever-changing needs of internet-based and brick-and-mortar retail organizations. It satisfies the demands of volume fluctuations and packaging needs for keeping clients’ products moving.

  1. Riley Life

Riley Life, a well known logistics service provider offers fulfillment solutions for brand-focused, growing organizations that want to provide better customer experiences. Riley Life works as an extension of its clients’ brands and companies for realizing that all the shipments are representations of their unique brands. The company strives to provide its clients with better brand experiences. Riley Life specializes in packaging, apparel fulfillment, ecommerce order & promotional fulfillment and warehousing.

  1. Ship Central

Ship Central is a state-of-the-art fulfillment and private labeling solution provides for businesses. It loves to service its clients and their businesses, while providing services such as real time data transfer and integration, same day shipping and order accuracy. Ship Central helps businesses by providing fast turnaround times at reasonable prices. It assists its clients in packing as well as shipping their products through its professional logistic services.

  1. ChinaDivision

ChinaDivision is a China based ecommerce order fulfillment company with the services of product sourcing, warehousing, shipment picking, shipment packing and shipping directly from China. With the help of ChinaDivision fulfillment, orders can be easily processed, saving you time and cost.

  1. e-Fill Source

e-Fill Source is the expert in order fulfillment and e-commerce. They have the knowledge and experience to match e-commerce companies with the right vendors for their specific needs. E-Fill helps clients find the partners they need to grow their business.

Marketing and website design companies seem to be a dime a dozen, and finding the right match for your business can also be quite challenging. They can help you source your digital marketing, website design, web hosting, and other web resources.

  1. Web Commerce Fulfillment

Whether you’re new to e-commerce fulfillment or searching for a quality fulfillment provider, you’ll find Logistech Solutions offers professional online order processing, inventory management, shipping services, and same day fulfillment. They have been in business since 2002 and they provide turn-key solutions to both B2B and B2C needs.

  1. PlanetExpress

Provides a high quality and secure fulfillment service with low monthly costs and no hidden fees, which you can use to ship anywhere in the world. They have one of the best shipping rates for similar services.

  1. Shipfusion

A promising package of solutions aimed on the requirements of ecommerce businesses.

  1. Fulfillrite

Fulfillrite is a family-owned company which helps businesses for selling online. It delivers a flawless order fulfillment experience incorporated with latest ecommerce platforms accompanied by simple setup, fast international shipping and easily accessible inventory and order data.

Their custom pick n pack pricing methods helps businesses grow in a cost-effective manner, whilst keeping customers happy through quick order processing and receiving. The company specializes in logistics, shipping and order fulfillment.

  1. Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment won an award for Best Fulfillment Service in 2016. It’s a well-run operation that picks, packages and ships your products. You’ll also notice that storage and returns are done through Red Stag Fulfillment. This company has become so popular because it promises (and delivers!) speed and reliability, so you don’t have to worry about your customers getting mad. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for any long term contracts, setup fees, hidden fees, account management fees or SKU management fees.

  1. FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx Fulfillment is a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and was launched early in 2017 to help small and medium-sized companies fulfill orders from multiple channels such as online marketplaces and websites. The service is an integrated supply chain system that boasts of an easy-to-use platform and FedEx’s established transportation networks.

FedEx Fulfillment is a logistics solution that offers warehousing, packaging, fulfillment, transportation, and reverse logistics services to its clients. Sellers can also utilize the service to manage inventory and integrate selling channels. With the backing of the FedEx infrastructure, clients can outsource their major fulfillment and logistics requirements to the provider and focus on expanding their business.

  1. Shipwire

Shipwire has warehouses in the US, China, Europe, Australia, and Asia, with more storage facilities being built. The service employs enterprise-grade warehouse management system (WMS) to provide clients with safe and secure storage for their items, while undertaking shipping and special handling procedures. Its smart shipping platform is able to efficiently choose the best shipping couriers, packaging options, and routes for customers’ products, helping reduce shipping and fulfillment costs.

  1. ShipBob

ShipBob is one of the top order fulfillment services that offer same-day delivery for orders placed in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago. On top of that, the vendor provides 2-day shipping within the continental US. ShipBob provides two main services: a free software solution that businesses can use to manage inventory and orders.

It integrates with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces and physical logistics to fulfill orders and for warehouse inventory. ShipBob positions itself as a next generation fulfillment center whose main advantage is its location near merchants and end consumers in the largest metro areas in the US. This proximity allows the service provider to offer same-day delivery services, similar to Amazon’s at an affordable cost.

  1. Fulfillify

Fulfillify is built on a robust mobile-responsive technology platform designed to help eCommerce companies provide customers with ordering, storage and delivery services. According to the service provider, they ship on average over 75 million items annually, delivering products to end users all over the globe.

The Fulfillify platform is easy to set up and use, allowing users to monitor their orders, inventory and products in real-time using any device. Having access to product data and information at all times is an integral feature of the service which also integrates with users’ existing eCommerce and shopping cart systems.

  1. IDS Fulfillment

IDS Fulfillment (IDS stands for Integrated Distribution Services) provides order fulfillment, warehouse and distribution, and transportation services to get your products to your customers quickly and on time. It touts itself as a results-focused logistics company that has the flexibility, capability and proven processes to help businesses attain a competitive advantage.

Clients can utilize the service provider’s efficient and cost effective supply chain that is anchored on fast transit times for speedy delivery, and lower shipping costs. IDS stocks goods regionally so that when an order is made on your online store, it goes directly to the nearest IDS warehouse to promptly package and deliver the product to the customer.

  1. Ships-a-lot

Ships-a-lot is an order fulfillment company specifically targeted at growing eCommerce companies. Initially, the company’s founders wanted to create a fulfillment solution that is anchored on the platform Shopify, which will enable shipping items in real time.

After developing the solution, the owners thought that the platform could be of use to other online stores, leading to the creation of Ships-a-lot. The first thing users will notice about the service is the ease of use. Simply logging onto the company’s website and providing information is enough for the service to give prospective clients pricing and details of on-boarding.

  1. Whiplash

Whiplash is a modern order fulfillment service that is built to scale and takes care of the fulfillment workload for your eCommerce and online selling business. It can manage day to day inventory and fulfillment as well as provide integration and technical support.

The service employs automation features to streamline vital fulfillment processes from ordering, payment, product tracking, shipping and delivery. It harnesses a network of warehouses for easy product storage and global distribution, and its real time item monitoring and information ensures that every product stored and shipped is accounted for.

  1. Webgistix Order Fulfillment Services

Webgistix is an industry leading fulfillment services company providing the highest level of service in the industry. Webgistix is a top choice for established eCommerce companies seeking an accurate, scalable and reliable order fulfillment solution.

  1. Aero Fulfillment Services

Aero is a leading fulfillment services company with locations in Cincinnati, OH; Philadelphia, PA; and Atlanta providing a comprehensive set of online order full fulfillment solutions.

  1. OneWorld Order Fulfillment Company

One World is a leading order fulfillment services company fulfilling international and domestic orders for any size company in any industry. Clients chose One World for their flexibility, broad range of services and customized brand solutions.

  1. Iron Mountain Order Fulfillment

Iron Mountain will help you deliver the right information to the right people precisely when they need it with their innovation marketing production order fulfillment service offering.

  1. 3Linx Order Fulfillment Services

3LINX will warehouse your inventory in their secure and insured distribution centers and fulfill orders in a manner where every shipped box speaks as highly as your brand with fulfillment house locations in Allentown, PA and Las Vegas, NV.

  1. Order Fulfillment Group

The Order Fulfillment Group works with companies to make their order fulfillment quick, efficient and accurate. They specialize in handling fulfillment services for B2B and B2C companies from Fortune 1000 corporations to smaller start-up enterprises.

  1. Easyship

Easyship was founded in 2014 in Hong Kong, but now have offices and warehouses in Singapore, Netherlands, Australia, and the united states. With its smart and interactive online portal for clients, it allows ecommerce merchants to manage all their orders and shipping in one place. They offer full ecommerce integration for all major ecommerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, and Shopify. You can use their services for B2C as well as B2C shipments.