Are you interested in collectibles and collections? Are you interested in antiques? Then below are the top 20 antique small business ideas and opportunities for 2023. I was curious, I wanted to know why people collect or buy antique items instead of new ones. It’s not like I don’t like antique goods but my love for them doesn’t go beyond antique furniture and art works or maybe jewelry.

I am not one to wear vintage clothing but for some people, antique items are like an obsession. From vintage clothing to furniture, cars and jewelry, everything you will find around them would be items made in the 60’s and 70’s. So, I wanted to know why people love these items so much and this was what I learned:

Some people love unique pieces. Items that won’t easily be seen in another place and antique goods are very uncommon items because most of the similar items must have been destroyed or discarded. It’s really not easy to find furniture made in 1950 and even if you do, it’s doubtful that you would find a truckload of the same pieces.

  • Antique items are of better quality

It is generally believed that such items are of better quality than new ones because the materials used to make products those days were of standard quality. Inferior goods weren’t that common in those days. And really, we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that an item that is still in existence after 40 or 50 years must have been made of quality material.

  • A cheap way to afford expensive item

Antique goods are usually cheaper than new ones because most people feel they have no need for them so they would be glad to offer them to you at a cheap rate just so they can clear out their storage space. So if you need a new dinning set and cannot afford a new one at the moment, you could always get an affordable set in the antique shops.

Some people also collect antique items as a hobby or because of the sentimental value it holds for them. Antique businesses are easy to start and require less capital compared to other businesses. Here is a list of the top 20 antique business ideas-:

Top 20 Antique Small Business ideas and Opportunities for 2023

1. Antique Furniture refurbishing

If you have carpentry or furniture making skills, you could start an antique furniture refurbishing business. You would purchase antique furniture, refurbish them and then sell to antique furniture sellers.

2. Antique furniture sales

Instead of selling regular modern furniture, you could start a unique business of selling antique furniture to people who either have a passion for antique furniture or cannot afford new ones. You could source for furniture directly from their owners or from antique furniture remodelers.

3. Antique radios

Antique radios are hot sales items. People who buy them either use them as a source of decorating their homes or they sell them to manufacturers who use parts from them to make other items.

4. Antique clocks

There was a time everyone was searching their stores and basements for the grandfather clocks they have had for thousands of years. Why? Because there was a rumor going around that those grandfather clocks had gold in them. Whether people were able to discover gold in the clocks, I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that antique clocks are hot collector’s items.

5. Garage sales promoter

If you know someone or a group of people that have lots of antique items, you could help them organize a garage sales so that people can come and buy them. You could build a solid business from helping people organize garage sales for their antique properties.

6. Jewelry boxes

This is one antique item that women love. If you have ever seen a vintage jewelry box, then you will understand the love for these unique pieces.

7. Refurbishing antique appliances

You can also start a business of helping people restore their antique appliances back to perfect working order.

8. Antiques appraiser

Deciding on a value for antique goods could be very tricky. You could start a business that helps people decide on the amount to pay for or sell such goods.

9. Vintage clothing sales

The fashion industry seems to be rolling in a 360 degree circle. This is because fashion items used in the 60’s and 70’s are making a comeback. I just hope we don’t go back to using leaves and figs as covering. Anyway, vintage clothing is in vogue and you would make money from selling them or renting them out to people to use as costumes for movies and music videos.

10. Sales of old wines and bottles

For some people, their love for wine goes beyond drinking the contents and discarding the bottles. Some people collect old wine. A trip into a millionaire’s wine cellar would reveal several of such bottles of wine. These bottles don’t come cheap so if you are considering investing in this business, you must have enough cash.

11. Jewelry sales

You could also start a business of buying and selling vintage jewelry or collecting broken jewelry pieces and remaking them for resale.

12. Artworks

You could also set up an art gallery for selling artworks that were made several years ago. These kinds of artworks are usually priced higher than contemporary artworks.

13. Car sales & remodeling

This business is also a good idea especially if you live in somewhere like America where people appreciate old cars.

14. Antique shops

If you don’t want to specialize in a particular antique item, you could set up a walk-in antique shop where you can sell a variety of antique goods.

15. Exhibitor

You can also organize exhibitions for antique good sellers and lovers and make money from selling stands and entrance tickets.

16. Antique gifts shop

You could also set up a gift shop where you would sell items that could be presented as gifts such as jewelry, jewelry boxes etc.

17. Antique books and magazines

Some people also love collecting antique books, magazines, comic books and cassettes.

18. Antique paintings

Antique paintings are also a favorite amongst people who love collecting antique items.

19. Coins and currencies

Another business opportunity is collecting and selling old coins and currencies.

20. Kitchenware

You can also start a business of buying and selling antique kitchen equipment.

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