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Can Apartments Force You to Pay for Valet Trash?

This will most often depend on what is stated on your written lease agreement. Owing to that, it is imperative you carefully study your written lease since its terms and conditions note the obligations you should expect from your landlord and vice versa in the absence of contradicting state law.

However, if the lease is silent as to a particular waste company that the tenant is to use, then you can use whatever trash service you desire. Your neighborhood trash valet works for the valet waste company contracted by your community’s property management company.

It falls on the valet waste company to make available bins for every unit in the apartment community, and this is how they collect and dispose of every resident’s trash. The valet waste company designates specific times for residents to leave their trash out before they begin the collection.

When you sign an apartment lease, you must realize who is tasked with paying the utilities (gas, electric, water, garbage collection).

Also, note that your lease needs to state the utilities included in the rent (paid by the landlord) and the exact utilities that are expected to be paid by the tenant. When it comes to valet trash pickup, the terms in your lease will dictate whether or not you are expected to pay this fee.

If the lease states that the tenant is tasked with paying for valet trash pickup then there is not much you can do as long as you have signed the lease. Also, note that you may not even have the opportunity to negotiate this provision until your current lease has expired.

However, if your lease does not mention trash collection or if you agreed with your landlord that you can take care of the trash collection on your own, then the landlord has no right to charge a fee under the lease agreement or even force you to start paying for valet trash.

Pros and Cons of Valet Trash Collection

When an apartment community offers valet trash collection, it comes with numerous benefits for residents and also some disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of valet trash collection;


  1. Convenience

This is, without doubt, one of the primary benefits of having or using valet waste service. The services offered by these companies are quite useful at least for a stay-at-home mom who has to handle several kids at once, or even individuals who may be recovering from a surgery or illness.

For residents who leverage a cane or wheelchair to get around, or generally have limited mobility, taking out the trash is not easy to manage. Trash collection services help to limit the effort of residents.

  1. Saves time

Valet trash saves you those long, dreaded trips to the dumpster. Most often, disposing of your waste yourself entails having to drive to your local recycling center, and after a long week of work, you may not have the strength to carry out this task. Owing to that, having a valet waste recycling service saves you time and money.

  1. Creates extra space

Have it in mind that apartment communities that leverage valet trash services barely need too many dumpsters. Dumpsters or spaces taken up by waste and clutters that are hardly used can be consolidated to make space for other amenities such as more parking spaces.

  1. Ensures a clean community

When you live in an apartment community with valet trash services, you can expect to see less trash lying around the community and no garbage spills on the stairs or breezeways.

Note that placing your trash and recycling at your doorstep reduces the occurrence of energy drink bottles, empty takeaway packages, and other trash that makes community grounds or common areas messy. This also helps to alleviate the time that maintenance would have had to spend to keep the community clean.

  1. It can lower the chances of crime

Valet trash service can discourage anyone looking to commit an opportunistic crime. For instance, consider a valet trash service employee who visits an apartment five nights a week to collect each unit’s trash. They will surely make it uncomfortable for a petty thief looking to steal something from the apartment.

While a valet waste employee doesn’t replace the necessary safety or community security measures, note that having someone go door to the door several times a week can make residents feel safer.


  1. The problem of bulk trash

Valet trash more or less creates questions about what to do with bulk trash, such as old furniture or large cardboard boxes that do not fit in trash cans.

  1. Cost

Another notable con of valet trash service is that it comes at a cost. According to reports, the cost for valet trash services cost around $8 to $25+ per unit per month. This alone can be a turn-off for residents, especially if the costs are passed in the form of a trash convenience fee.

  1. It can lead to residents abusing the system

A valet trash system can warrant residents to start leaving trash containers permanently outside their doors, causing hallways and other common areas to smell like a dumpsite.

  1. The fixed schedule may not be suitable for some

When an apartment community offers valet trash collection, residents are most often expected to follow the trash pickup schedule and this can sometimes be inconvenient for some who have to work or be out at those hours.


Valet trash services are genuinely a convenient amenity for renters everywhere. It helps to eradicate the chore-like aspect of taking out the trash, freeing you up to enjoy your apartment.

However, your choice will most often depend on what is stated on your written lease agreement, but if your apartment community offers valet trash pickup, note it is often a mandatory service that comes with a monthly fee of anywhere between $25 and $35 per month.