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Where Do Valet Trash Services Get Their Bins?

Valet trash service is a door-to-door trash and recycling service for multi-family properties such as apartment communities, condominiums, student housing, and senior living communities.

These businesses provide a dependable revenue source that in many ways grows the net operating income of the community. The services they offer provide the community with one of the most vital amenities that every resident will cherish from day one.

Door-to-Door valet trash service is convenient and easy to put into practice. They are known to offer doorstep waste and recycling collection five nights a week. Residents are expected to place their tied trash bags in the provided trash container and bring it outside their doors between 6 and 8 pm.

Valets provided by the service company are then tasked with collecting the bags and hauling them to the nearest dumpster or disposal facility. The empty trash containers are brought or placed back in the unit by 9 am the next morning. Simple and pain-free!

Note that a good valet trash bin is designed to complement any apartment’s décor, offer a uniform look, bolster the general appearance of the community, and prevent garbage or recycling leakage in hallways. As a valet trash service business, you can also minimize customer service issues by putting your trash collection business information, logo, and phone number on the containers.

Common Places Valet Trash Services Get Their Bins

When starting your valet trash service business, you must carry out some shopping research first. Where you choose to source your bins will depend on your available capital but know that there are numerous options to consider. They include;

  1. Manufacturers

Some valet trash companies source their supplies through company salespeople or independent representatives who handle the wares of several different companies. Prices from these sources tend to be the lowest unless your location makes shipping freight expensive.

These manufacturers may also have distributors or suppliers. Most often, the wholesalers manufacture a portion of their products so they can offer bulk products at a low cost.

  1. Online Shopping

This is another sure way valet trash service companies can find suitable bins for their business. Have it in mind that online retailers like Amazon, Overstock, and Alibaba still serve as very viable resources when searching for either single or bulk items, such as recycling bins, valet uniforms, or supplies like trash bags.

Registering with Amazon Prime is a wonderful way to save on shipping and receive items faster. Howbeit, note that other online sources may increase the shipping price if you buy a bulk amount of items, especially if the items are coming from overseas. Also, consider other older players like eBay and Craigslist.

  1. Big-Box Stores

These stores are renowned as the opposite of mom-and-pop shops. Irrespective of what side of the fence you are on when it comes to the takeover of the discount monster that has entirely dominated the sale of stuff, your startup capital can be stretched a little further here.

Examples of big box stores would be Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menard’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. Since these businesses buy in bulk, prices are often offered lower than can be found at the local hardware store down the street.

Note that for experienced shoppers who don’t mind investing a little more time in searching for discount programs or using coupons, these stores offer the platform to cut up to 50% or more off your out-the-door cost on your trash valet removal supplies.

In addition, note that sourcing and buying in-store means no shipping charges. Sometimes, when stacking coupons and in-store offers, you can get an item for close to free!

  1. Supply Thrift Stores

Truth be told, these stores are not as popular or conventional as finding a big box hardware store down the street, however, they do exist and they are genuinely a very good resource for contractor supplies and tools that were leftover from a company’s previous job.

You might have a good fortune from just walking into these stores to find a stockpile of overstock trash bins donated by one of those big box stores or a bulk amount of push brooms or towels donated by another contractor.


Choosing the right valet trash bins for your valet trash service collection can be quite challenging, but when you find the right one that suits your business needs you are ready to handle any size apartment community with ease. Note that buying in bulk will be less expensive than buying lesser quantities because it costs the manufacturers and retail stores less to sell them that way.

Also, remember to include your phone number on the side of the valet trash bin. Don’t forget to make this relatively large to ensure a resident can find it easily.