Do you want to start a CBD oil distribution business? If YES, here are 7 steps on how to become a CBD oil distributor successfully and make money.

A CBD oil distributor basically refers to a seller of CBD oil, and this person can be a either a retailer or wholesaler of cannabidiol products. Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is in the cannabinoid family, and it is one of 100 strains of cannabis that has already been discovered in the cannabis plant.

Why this product has gained wide acceptance is because CBD is not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the more powerful ingredient found in the cannabis plant. THC is the compound that gets people “high” when they consume cannabis orally.

CBD oil does not induce a high, and in addition, it offers health and wellness benefits for maladies like anxiety, depression, diabetes and cancer, among other medical issues. This oil is also known to alleviate all kinds of pain including muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and migraine headaches.

CBD oil, with it loads of benefits has indeed opened up a viable and profitable business channel for entrepreneurs. You can now become a CBD oil distributor to enable this product get to places where there no production facilities. If you think you are suitable for this business, then let us show you how you can become a CBD oil distributor in the united states.

7 Steps on How to Become a CBD Oil Distributor

The fact that you know about CBD oil distribution doesn’t mean you have to jump right in and kick off the business. There are procedures you have to go through and these procedures are outlined below.

1. Create a Business Plan

Any small business needs a business plan, and more so a new business like CBD oil distribution. Before you start your distribution business, you should endavour to put your ideas down on paper to enable you conduct better analysis. Your business plan should look into the cost involved in starting the business, where you would get financing from, and whether you are going to run the business online or offline.

Starting this business online will be less expensive, although you’ll still need a quality distribution channel to get the right products to your customers. While figures will vary depending on location and whether you open a physical shop or an online shop, but you’ll need at least $5,000 up front to get up and running with your own CBD outlet.

Fortunately, CBD products cover a lot of ground, health and wellness-wise, so you can market your CBD oil products to a wider audience of consumers. You’ll need a good, educational website where customers can peruse your product line and figure out what product works best for them. You’ll also need to establish a solid social media presence, and get the word out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Choose A Business Name

Your business must have a name, so you must take time to select a suitable name for your CBD oil business. A good name sends customers a message that you’re an expert in the field, and you have the products they need as well as the experience.

For you to get the best chances, you need a name tied specifically to your industry, that sounds good when it’s spoken aloud, and that conveys a unique benefit to your customer. You may also need to test your name on Google AdWords to see how it might play for keyword usage and make sure you’re not using a name that’s already in use. You should take the pains to check if your intended name is available.

3. Get a Business Bank Account

If you intend running a business, no matter how small, it is in your best interest to get yourself a business bank account. If you think this is not necessary, then think about the tax season. It’s not a good idea to merge your business and personal finances.

Your bank or credit union should be happy enough to set up a business banking account for you. Make sure it has low fees, the ability to move money around, offers a business credit card, and even has access to a line of credit or personal loan attached, in the event you’ll need the money.

4. Decide where You Want to Run Your Business

Next thing you have to do when setting up your CBD oil distribution business is to decide where you want to run your business. Are you going to be selling your products as an online CBD oil business or a brick and mortar retail shop? There are different perks for selling products on different platforms. Online or e-commerce gives you the freedom and flexibility of creating your own website.

By selling online, you are able to reach a wide range of audience and locations. Online shops use social media and blogs to help boost their performance. Retail shops, on the other hand have the convenience of being hands on. By having a retail shop, you can connect and engage with customers and provide products in person.

Retail shops can be strategically set up in high foot traffic areas. They can be optimized to help sell your product and establish your store in the community. Selling in-house gives you full control and lets your customers have real in-person conversations with your staff.

Of course, you can do both and open an online and offline CBD oil outlet, but that means extra work and extra costs. Again, check with business owners who’ve done both, and ask about their experiences opening their CBD businesses.

 5. Apply for licenses

The great thing about the hemp industry is that there are no special licenses needed to sell your products. After the Farm Bill had passed, all sales have become legal. This means that sellers or distributors do not have to apply for any special license.

The only thing you need to do is to obtain a standard resellers license for an online store. For retail, you would just need to be a legal business. Even though CBD oil is federally legal, make sure to verify with your state and local laws to ensure that you are within their requirements.

6. Partner With a Known CBD Company

There are thousands of companies across the globe that wholesale cannabidiol products and treatments. You duty now would be to go through those numbers and sift through the ones that would be of immense benefit to you and your distribution business.

When opening a CBD oil distribution outlet or online CBD business, you must make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company. While most CBD companies strive to deliver quality products and services, there are outfits that will cut corners, offer inferior products, and/or overcharge for their cannabidiols.

This would affect your business, so you have to be extremely careful. One way to check and see if the products you’re buying are of high quality is to ensure the CBD matches up to its lab specifications. Make sure the company offers a legitimate third-party lab testing source that can provide you with product specifications to make sure all CBD products have been tested and surpass quality standards.

Again, don’t do business with a CBD wholesaler who won’t provide references. You should ensure that you hear from other cannabis product sellers who’ve worked with the distributor or company you intend using. They should be able to vouch for their quality product and dependability. If not, stay off.

From what you can see, it’s not too difficult to start up your CBD oil distribution business. Once you follow the above processes, you can be up and running in a short time. If you strive to breed rapport and reliability with the companies, you may not always need to provide capital up-front before goods can be released to you. 

Ejike Cynthia