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How to Become a Vendor at Restaurant Depot in 2023

Restaurant Depot is a well-renowned food service industry distributor, as such becoming a vendor has numerous benefits. By becoming its vendor, you would be able to deliver foodstuff and other restaurant necessities to a wide range of clients, which includes fast food places, pubs, coffee shops, as well as other food businesses.

Restaurant Depot, with more than 140 stores around the country, lays a foundation for vendors to develop their companies as well as boost their sales.

The chance to boost revenue is indeed a major benefit of operating as a vendor for Restaurant Depot. Have it in mind that clients of Restaurant Depot tend to be high-volume buyers, and vendors have the chance to develop wonderful relationships with them.

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Another benefit of operating as a vendor at Restaurant Depot is getting access to a diverse range of clients. Clients of Restaurant Depot range from very small food establishments to major chain eateries. Aside from that, Restaurant Depot’s clientele is geographically dispersed, and thus entails that vendors get the chance to offer their merchandise in a wide array of locations.

It’s also worth noting that Restaurant Depot gives vendors significant exposure to tools that will assist them to expand their customer base. Vendors, for instance, could use Restaurant Depot’s promotional resources to attract prospective clients and boost revenues.

Furthermore, Restaurant Depot provides vendors with learning programs such as sales promotion as well as inventory control education. Vendors could use these systems to expand their business functions, lower costs, as well as boost profits.

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Steps to Become a Vendor at Restaurant Depot

  1. Determine Your Product Category

Before you begin the application process, you must first ascertain which product category your merchandise belongs to. Restaurant Depot provides a wide selection of products and goods, along with restaurant supplies and other items. Among the product categories are:

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Produce
  • Dairy and Eggs
  • Grocery and Canned Goods
  • Frozen Foods
  • Beverages
  • Equipment and Supplies

It is imperative to ensure that your product category is a perfect match for Restaurant Depot’s customer base, and also that your items satisfy all the company’s specifications for safety and quality.

  1. Collect all necessary documents and information

Note that to apply as a vendor at Restaurant Depot, you will be expected to submit the following paperwork and information:

  • Your business name, contact details, as well as tax ID number are all required.
  • Product details: A complete description of the goods you intend to sell at Restaurant Depot, which would include their title, SKU, selling prices, as well as wrapping.
  • Licenses and certifications: You might be required to provide certifications and permits, including USDA or FDA certification for packaged food, or security and compliance accreditations for tools and supplies; however, this will more or less depend on your product category.
  • Insurance: You would have to offer additional evidence of insurance coverage with a minimum of $1 million in coverage.
  • References: You might well be required to provide information about previous clients or vendors.
  1. Send in Your Application

Immediately after you have most of the necessary documentation, you can then apply to register as a vendor at Restaurant Depot.

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You will only have to complete the online request form on the Restaurant Depot homepage or reach out to the business directly to do so. To avert any delays or problems with your application, it is imperative to offer full and accurate details.

  1. Await Approval

Note that you will have to sit tight for Restaurant Depot to examine and authorize your request. Based on the number of applications as well as the sophistication of your merchandise, the authorization could take several weeks or months. You might well be requested to provide extra details or supporting documents to boost your request.

  1. Create Your Account

Note that once your request has been approved, you will be expected to create an account with Restaurant Depot. This involves all the special directives for your merchandise, as well as your preferred choice of payment, delivery, or even shipping options.

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Aside from that, you will have to sign a vendor agreement that explicitly states the conditions and terms of your collaboration with Restaurant Depot.

  1. Begin Selling Your Goods

After your account has been established, you can start selling your merchandise at Restaurant Depot. You’ll be responsible for offering constant updates on your merchandise pricing and accessibility, as well as ensuring that your product satisfies the firm’s safety and quality guidelines. To increase sales, you might also have to take part in press campaigns or offer samples to clients.


For food and beverage businesses, being a vendor at Restaurant Depot may prove to be fantastic means of growing their clientele while boosting their revenues. You can significantly raise your likelihood of being accepted and gaining a broad audience via Restaurant Depot if you adhere to these guidelines and ensure that your merchandise satisfies the company’s safety and quality guidelines.