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7 Best Box Truck Load Boards

If you are a box truck driver, then the reason why you are in business is to transport loads for clients. This means that you need to do all you can to get loads regularly and that is the reason why most box truck drivers subscribe to load boards. Interestingly, truckers find loads through load boards, brokers, or directly with shippers.

Please note that a load board is a type of online platform in which truck drivers can search for loads, bid on loads, and compare load quotes. A load board allows truckers to connect with brokers or shippers and search by set criteria.

Load boards give box drivers, owner-operators, and fleets of all sizes the power to choose the type of load they want to carry. With the ability to bid on loads, submit quotes, or take a job with a tap of your screen–load boards ensure you have loads on your terms.

These boards open excellent leads for loads and can be used in combination for even greater reach. Having said that, getting the best box truck load boards might be confusing, but with this article, you will find it easier to select the best box truck load boards that will suit your schedules.

Best Box Truck Load Board

  1. DAT Freights and Analytics

If you are an owner-operator looking for the best box truck load board, DAT has you covered. With new loads posted every day; you can find the most profitable lanes and new business partners for a perfect load match. With DAT, you can find the perfect load with the widest range of listings, the most detailed info, and the highest client satisfaction.

When you subscribe to DAT, you can view every option alongside data showing how high the demand is. That way, you can maximize your profits with the most lucrative load options in your area, from high-quality business partners. With the capability to find the optimal load for your bottom line, the DAT load board can give your trucking operation an edge.


As a premier SaaS provider creating innovative technology for the freight industry, is always looking for fresh talent and great minds with new ideas. You can join the culture where individuality is celebrated and unique strengths are maximized.

With offices in Boise, Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto, and Ontario, Canada, plus their headquarters in New Plymouth, Idaho, support remote workers around the country. have partners in the following locations: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, and Wisconsin.

  1. Uber Freight

Uber Freight is a logistics and supply chain management firm that provides a mobile application that helps truck drivers connect with shipping companies. Launched in 2017, Uber Freight offers data tools to carriers and shippers.

Its app matches truck drivers with cargo that needs shipping. It also claims to help shippers tender loads faster and says it can tender loads from start to finish. Coming under the umbrella of the well-known Uber brand, Uber Freight offers a simple, intuitive app that matches carriers with shippers.

You skip the middlemen and can connect directly to shippers. The price you see is the price you get. Skip the negotiations and claim a load with the click of your screen. Most of the loads available in Uber Freight are exclusive contracts between Uber and the shippers, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

This is how it works, when you go to book a load through the app, Uber Freight will preview a list of reloads or backhauls (loads picking up near the delivery location) that you can book next. At the bottom of each load details screen, the company will then suggest reloads if they have options available.

  1. Convoy

Convoy makes use of technology to make freight more efficient, reducing costs for some of the nation’s largest brands, increasing earnings for carriers, and eliminating carbon emissions from our planet. With 1,000+ data points collected on every load, the company provides unique analytics and insights that help you improve your operations.

By optimizing appointments and combining shipments into batches, Convoy cuts empty miles and helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

As a box truck operator, you take control of your freight with Convoy’s online platform for transportation teams. Get real-time visibility into your loads with GPS tracking. Review BOLs and other documents. Book shipments in minutes. Access insights on demand. Plus, improve your team’s productivity with the Convoy TMS.

Interestingly, Convoy collects more than 1,000 data points on every shipment and they have gathered more than 2 million facility ratings and reviews. Through their Shipper Insights program, they share this data with their clients, helping their clients benchmark and improve their facility operations.

Convoy Go is the most flexible drop-and-hook service, providing quality, nationwide capacity across primary, backup, and spot freight. With thousands of smart trailers and more than 400,000 trucks, Convoy Go can reduce your annual freight spend by up to 9% while increasing efficiency and service quality.

  1. Trucker Path Truckloads

Trucker Path Truckloads is an American transportation network company specializing in online and mobile services for the trucking industry. In early 2013, the company released its trip planning and resource locating mobile app Trucker Path. In mid-2015, it was followed by Truckloads, a marketplace available on the web and mobile devices specializing in connecting freight companies with carriers.

By March 2015, the Trucker Path app had 100,000 users. One year later, Trucker Path reached one million downloads on iOS and Android combined. By June 2016, the number of active monthly users surpassed 450,000, which represented 30% of all Class 8 truckers in the U.S.

Truckloads became the most installed freight-matching mobile app with over 250,000 installs by the end of 2016. In February 2017, Trucker Path reached over 1.5 million total installs and is the first in the trucking industry to have over one million installs on the Google Play Store.

Trucker Path Truckloads is the best-rated truck load board to find available freight. It is already used by over 70K owner-operators and small fleet owners. Truckloads from Trucker Path give carriers free unlimited access to 150,000+ loads daily.

  1. 123Loadboard

Since 2004, 123Loadboard has enabled owner-operator and broker organizations of all sizes to affordably find loads and equipment types, connect and engage in effective negotiations, and create load-hauling contracts to grow their business and improve their revenues.

123Loadboard provides innovative and affordable solutions with unparalleled support to meet customer demands. 123Loadboard is one of the few load board services where load posting through integration is still free for freight brokers.

123Loadboard also provides a freight matching web and mobile app marketplace for carriers, owner-operators, brokers, and shippers to engage with trucking tools to help professional truck drivers find loads and increase their loaded miles.

123Loadboard offers a vast network of brokers and available loads, with over 4.4 million loads listed each month. With extensive features giving greater insight into costs with each load, you can select the load with the cost criteria that work best for you.

  1. Direct Freight

Founded in 1997, Direct Freight allows load posts free of charge. With a premium subscription, features include route planning, load filtering, saved searches, weather reports, and more. Direct Freight partners with a software company to make the user interface intuitive and simple, including a recently updated app.

The Direct Freight Driver app lets truck drivers search more than 300 thousand loads daily from reputable brokers & shippers on the Direct Freight network. Users sign in with a current Direct Freight Services username and password to start searching for loads.

In Conclusion,

It is important to note that load board prices vary depending on the provider. The cost of paid load boards can be well over $100 a month.

Some are under $50 a month for a full subscription (Direct Freight Services is $34.95 a month), which gives you access to unlimited posts and searches for loads, broker credit data, mileage, and routing tools for managing your expenses, a convenient mobile app, and more. The truckload board is the perfect toolkit for independent owner-operators and small trucking operations.