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20 Best Types of Hanger for Bridal Shop

A bridal shop mainly sells dresses and accessories to brides-to-be and members of bridal party. These businesses may also offer alteration services so everyone can get the perfect fit. Some bridal shops will also sell gowns for formal occasions, such as prom, etc.

The target market of these businesses can be from any socioeconomic group, as most brides prefer to wear a special frock for their special occasion. Business owners will need to choose who they want to cater to when it comes to offering their fashion. For instance, selling mainly to middle-class women, but also keeping an off-the-rack section for those who may be watching their pennies.

Brides are always willing to spend on a quality dress, even when their wedding budgets aren’t exactly infinite. The average cost of a wedding gown is about $1,100, but brides have been known to spend well into five-figures. The wholesale cost of a wedding gown is typically double that of the raw cost of materials, and the retail price is typically double that of wholesale costs.

However, with the very competitive nature of the business, business owners are meticulous when it comes to the details of their shop. They are more concerned about choosing the best things needed in their business. In this modern era, brand image and product offerings are always easily noticed.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Type of Hanger

Purchasing the hangers is a part of it especially for businesses in the field of bridal accessories. Little knowledge about choosing the right cloth hangers will help any business owner achieve the success they want for their bridal shop. Hangers are also important as the garments that are being hung on them.

Most expensive and classy bridal shops in the United States are known to use classic wooden hangers. These hangers are known for their durability and in keeping clothes spaced nicely. Note that with proper maintenance, they could last for many years. These hangers could stay still hanging because they are usually heavy and there is a lesser possibility of falling on the floor. They are made up of variety of woods and colours that are usually smooth in texture.

Owing to the delicate fabrics of bridal wears, bridal shops also use satin hangers. They are also advisable to be used on other fabrics such as silk, nylon and lace. Satin Hangers tend to be more attractive than just using plastic hangers with metal clamps.

Howbeit, you have to always keep in mind the quality first not the appearance and price. Today, even plastic hangers are much stronger than the flimsy ones that used to be the market standard.

What are the Best Hangers for Bridal Shop?

From simple gold hangers that match a chic style to ones your clients can personalise for the whole bridal party, the right wedding dress hanger will stand out in your shop and attract more customers.

  1. Everly Grayce Personalized Wedding Hanger

With more than 20 name colours and 16 bow colours to choose from, this wedding dress hanger is one of the best options especially for brides who are looking for something totally customizable. The affordable price makes it practical to order one for the bride and each for all bridesmaids, and the flower girl.

  1. Three Two Set of 3 Gold Metal Bridal Hangers

The modern bride will appreciate these sleek and chic hangers. Note that each hanger comes with a personalized name tag for the bride and their bridesmaids – perfect for hanging their dresses or robes in your shop.

  1. Griffins Nest Co Velvet Hangers

Even for brides who are not having a winter wedding, a velvet hanger is the way to go. It is incredibly soft so it will be gentle on the wedding dress but it is also got some grip to it so the dress won’t do that annoying sliding – off – thing. These luxe little hangers come in white, pink and soft blue.

  1. Foxblossom Co Wooden Hanger

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the options out there, do not forget that you can never go wrong with a simple hanger crafted from beautiful wood. It is neutral so it won’t compete with your offerings or dress but its elevated enough to feel special.

  1. Emily A Howell Wooden Calligraphy Hanger

A minimalist bride will love this simple and classic raw wood hanger. Although this hanger does not come with the bow, they could be padded with ribbon for a totally easy and budget – friendly DIY moment.

  1. Three Two 1 Black Hangers

This chic black hanger goes hand in hand with a chic little black dress or in this case, a little white dress. Although these hangers are marketed as being for the groom, they can totally work for both parties – and work perfectly for your bridal shop.

  1. BHLDN Botanical Inlay Hanger

Have it in mind that these hangers come with intricate mother of pearl inlay for the bride who is a little boho or for the bride who is throwing a wedding by the beach – or both!

  1. Gargsons French Market Hanger

This intricate metal wedding dress hanger looks like something you would find at a European antique market. It is available in rose gold, yellow gold and silver finishes matching a variety of gown styles.

  1. Sun Folk Shop Vintage Cane Hanger

This hanger mainly attracts unfussy brides who love a vintage find. These retro hangers are made from natural cane and would complement a rustic venue beautifully.

  1. Prim and Prairie Glitter Hanger

According to reports, this hanger has 31 different combinations from gold sparkle and hot pink wire to white sparkle with silver wire. And it also comes with so many colour ribbon colour options too.

  1. Whimsical Wire Wedding Personalized Wire Hanger

With wood available in four colours and wire available in five colours, your shop can help brides create a hanger that is truly unique to them.

  1. Weddings by Mae Bride Decal Hanger

White calligraphy pops against this mahogany wood hanger, and the matching satin bow completes the look. It is a classy option for weddings of any style.

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond 5 – Pack Satin Hangers

Tested and confirmed, these white satin hangers are classic, affordable and dependable. Sturdy and gentle on clothing, these hangers will last you well into at least 10 years.

  1. Le Rustic Chic Hanger with Flower

For classic spring brides, this rustic wooden and wire hanger will surely catch their fancy! With many faux flower options to choose from, the brides can be sure to find the perfect floral that embodies their springtime vibe.

  1. Apk Bridesmaids Gifts Personalized Floral Hanger

It doesn’t get more bridal than a white hanger embellished with a gorgeous floral motif and this is what you can offer at your bridal shop! This hanger is offered in three different styles of floral to suit any wedding colour palette.

  1. TheHandmadeHanger Pearl Hanger

A pearl – adorned wedding dress hanger is a must-have for any classic bride. This chic option would be the perfect complement to a sophisticated minimalistic gown.

  1. Clouds and Currents Personalized Bridal Party Charm

These hanger charms are super fun and are a great keepsake to gift for bridesmaids. Most brides will love the combination of acrylic and natural wood and with twelve colours to choose from, and they will be sure to find a charm that complements their bridesmaid dresses.

  1. Bespoke Bunny Padded Toile Hangers

When you think bridal, toile might not be the first fabric that comes to mind, but so many brides are beginning to love these traditional patterned hangers. Your classic gown will pop against the blue and make for a totally original attraction.

  1. Griffins Nest Co Beaded White Lace Hanger

A padded lace hanger is just about as classic as it gets. This style is adorned with a sweet bow and tiny beads for a little bit of texture and sparkle. This hanger is perfect for brides who love a traditional look.

  1. Cotton and Tree Home Macrame Rose Gold Hanger

Macrame has come back in a big way and it is cooler than you think. Take this hanger for example; it is simple but textured and sophisticated. It is also available in blush if you’re looking to really make your white dress more attractive to clients.


Owners of bridal shops are expected to have experience in retail before getting started. They should be organized and have a knack for managing people and tricky situations. Cloth hangers are the basic need of any bridal shop because they simply showcase your shop. When compared to metal hangers, wooden hangers are more preferred. The wooden pegs contain clips and bars to become an expensive choice.