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50 Best Pinterest Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start an online business on Pinterest? If YES, here are 50 best money making Pinterest related business ideas for beginners.

Pinterest is easily one of the largest social media networks in the world with more than 100 million active users, and $11 billion in reported revenue annually. Pinterest allows you to share and save pictures of topics/things that you find interesting in the form of pins.

Pins are virtual bookmarks that redirect to a website when the image is clicked on. This is why Pinterest is a perfect place to do business because you can easily get visibility and patronage for your business by creating pins that other Pinterest users would be interested in clicking on, and sharing with their friends too.

You can also make money on Pinterest through Affiliate marketing as long as you understand and follow the rules – Pinterest hates spamming so if you want to sell your affiliate links via Pinterest, you must use link shorteners such as to shorten the links and make them look presentable. These are at least 50 different ways to earn money via Pinterest:

Best Pinterest Business ideas

1. Professional Pinterest Marketer

You can create a business that involves offering advice and assistance to other individuals and businesses who wish to promote their goods and services via Pinterest.

2. Travel Blogging

You can use Pinterest to promote your travel consultancy services by creating a travel blog, and using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. You can share images of you or your clients on trips, or share travel or product offers to your clients.

3. Sell Physical Product

Once you join Pinterest groups, you would get access to a large audience and that way, you can easily sell physical products on the platform. You can create pins out of the images of what you want sell, and then upload them on your board and encourage other people to share them too. You can also use Pinterest to direct traffic to a website where you list products for sale.

4. List Building Services

Pinterest is a very great place to build an email list that you can use to promote affiliate links or other products and services to Pinterest users. You can encourage Pinterest users to subscribe to your lists by offering them some freebies, then you can begin promoting your products and services to them via the lists.

5. Lead Generation Services

You can also use Pinterest to generate leads and sell Lead Generation services to your clients.

6. Pinterest Influencer

Almost every social media platform has a group of people with a large following known as Influencers. Because of the large number of people that follow them, anything they promote easily sells or becomes a trend. You can earn a lot of money by becoming a Pinterest Influencer so that brands and individuals would pay you to promote their products and services.

7. Advertising Consultant

Another idea to make money from Pinterest is to become an advertising Consultant using Pinterest to promote your client’s businesses. Pinterest has millions of active users and has a few features that allow you promote your products and services to reach a large audience.

8. Sell Digital Products

Selling physical products might require a huge capital outlay that you may be unable to afford but digital products especially those created by you, don’t really require much capital to create and sell. Pinterest is a very good place to promote and sell digital products.

9. Get Sponsors

You can set up a Pinterest account and generate a huge following after which you can get businesses willing to promote their products and services to become your sponsors. You can earn regular income just from working with one or more companies to promote their products and services to your list.

10. Ebook Sales

You can write ebooks and promote them on Pinterest. You can also use Pinterest to promote the books you have published on Kindle, Createspace, and other indie publishing platforms.

11. Survey Consultant

With millions of followers on the platform, Pinterest is a perfect place to start a survey business. You can easily get opinions of Pinterest users and earn money from it by helping business owners carry out surveys.

12. Graphics Designer

Most of the pins uploaded and shared on Pinterest are created by graphics designers. You can set up a graphic design service to help Pinterest users create attractive pins to share on their boards.

13. Business Blogging

A lot of people look to Pinterest for business ideas and inspiration that’s why there are thousands of boards dedicated to business topics. You can become a business blogger too offering business advice and tips on your blog, and then use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog as well as any products/services you wish to sell on your blog.

14. Weight Loss Consultant

Another business idea is to become a weight loss consultant. What you need to do is to join a group on Pinterest dedicated to weight loss and fitness, become very active in the group and establish yourself as an authority on the subject of weight loss then you can begin to sell meal plans, weight loss products and consultancy services to your audience.

15. Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of businesses that own Pinterest accounts that they are unable to manage by themselves. You can become a Pinterest virtual assistant and offer assistance to such businesses.

16. Wedding Gown Designer

Pinterest is one of the most visited sites for brides and wedding planners. Many would-be brides visit Pinterest for ideas for their wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses and so on. This is why selling wedding gowns or becoming a wedding gown designer is a business that will make you good money on Pinterest.

17. Coupon Blogger

You can join an affiliate network that offers coupon services, and use Pinterest to promote your coupon codes.

18. Cooking Blogger

This is another lucrative blogging idea on Pinterest. You can teach people how to cook on Pinterest, and use that opportunity to sell cookbooks, cookware, aprons, and cooking appliances to your audience.

19. Fashion Blogging

People also visit Pinterest for fashion inspiration. You can use Pinterest to promote your clothing line, boutique or your dressmaking and remodeling services.

20. Sell Stock Photos

Selling stock photos is a lucrative business on Pinterest these days. You can use Pinterest to promote your stock photos selling business to bloggers, book publishers, and web designers.

21. Home Organizing Services

Many busy business executives often employ professional organizers to organize their homes, closets and offices. Pinterest is a very good place to promote such a business because you are able to share photos of your previous jobs and organizing tips and tricks that people can easily use.

22. SEO/ Traffic Generation Services

Another way to make money on Pinterest is to sell search engine optimization services or traffic generation services to other Pinterest users who want increased visibility for their Pinterest boards.

23. Web Hosting Services

Many web hosting companies offer attractive commissions to their affiliate marketers. You can join one of such affiliate networks and sell web hosting services on Pinterest.

24. Leather Works

You can learn how to make leather goods such as wristwatches, purses, wallets, and belts and sell them via Pinterest.

25. Furniture Remodeling

Another business idea is to pick discarded furniture up, transform them into something attractive and sell them via Pinterest. To build more audience for your business, you can share the making process on your Pinterest board and show your audience how you were able to create such fantastic looking furniture from trash.

26. Makeup Artist

With Pinterest, you can easily share your makeup business portfolio on your board, and draw the attention of party planners who regularly visit the platform for bridal inspiration.

27. Amazon Marketing

You can join Amazon’s official affiliate marketing network, Amazon associates, and earn commission from promoting products listed for sale on Amazon.

28. ClickBank Marketing

You can also join Clickbank, an affiliate network with lots of products to promote. You can easily use Pinterest to promote your Clickbank affiliate links.

29. Sell Shoutouts

You can also start a business of sending shout outs to people via Pinterest. What you need to do is to build a huge Pinterest following, and then create a Fiverr gig telling people that you can help them broadcast a shout out to thousands of people.

You’ll get orders from people who want to send birthday shout outs, anniversary shout outs and other good will messages to their friends and family.

30. Sell Virtual Greeting Cards

If you don’t want to sell shout outs, you can sell virtual greeting cards and post cards to people who wish to send their love to their friends and family.

31. Sell T-shirts

If you are good with T-shirt designs, you can join a T-shirt printing network like Teespring, and use Pinterest to drive sales to your Teespring links.

32. Sell Courses

You can create courses around subjects that people are interested in on the internet, and use Pinterest to promote the sale of your courses.

33. Promote Your Shopify Store

If you have a store on Shopify, you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your Shopify store and make more sales.

34. Craft Blogger

You can create a blog that teaches people how to make arts and crafts, and then promote your blog on Pinterest. You can earn money from Adsense, or from selling tools and materials that they need to create those.

35. Event Planner

You can also start an event planning business and use Pinterest to promote your services.

36. Herbs and Essential Oils

Another business you can do via Pinterest is to start producing and selling essential oils and herbs. A lot of people are into holistic living and it wouldn’t be difficult to get people to patronize your business on Pinterest.

37. Shareasale

Shareasale is another affiliate network that allows you to promote other people’s products and earn commission when you get people to purchase the products. You can easily use Pinterest to promote your Shareasale affiliate links.

38. Promote Your BigCommerce Site

BigCommerce is a popular alternative for Shopify. You can easily use Pinterest to promote your BigCommerce store.

39. Private Recruiting

Another lucrative business idea that you can do via Pinterest is private recruiting. You can help companies recruit freelancers and permanent staff for their businesses via Pinterest.

40. Freelance Writing

You can use Pinterest to promote your freelance writing service too. You can offer your services to people with Pinterest boards, or to bloggers and web designers who regularly visit Pinterest.

41. Copy Writing

You can also help people who wish to promote products via Pinterest, to write good sales copies that will convert easily.

42. Pay per Click Marketing

You can join a Pay per Click network and use Pinterest to drive traffic to your Pay per Click Links.

43. Product Creator

If you are very good with coming up with product ideas that can solve people’s problems, you can start offering product creation and design services to product sellers on Pinterest.

44. Sell Used Items

You can also use Pinterest to promote sales of used items.

45. Music Tutoring

You can earn money from teaching people how to play musical instruments via your Pinterest board, and sell instruments and informational products to your audience.

46. DropShipping

Another way to make money from Pinterest is to use it to promote your dropshipping business. With the large traffic on Pinterest, you can easily drive a lot of traffic to your Dropshipping business.

47. Web Designer

Web design is another business that you can easily sell via Pinterest because there are a lot of business owners and bloggers who are active Pinterest users. You can easily sell your web design and related services to them.

48. Remote Computer Repairs

Many Pinterest users make use of laptops, you can sell remote computer repair services to people whose laptops and computers develop faults.

49. Match Making Services

You can also take advantage of the heavy traffic on Pinterest to set up a matchmaking service to help people looking for romance and friendships.

50. Website Flipping

You can also start a business of designing websites, building traffic for them, and then reselling them to other Pinterest users.

In conclusion, the best way to make money from Pinterest is to join groups and establish yourself as an authority in a particular field so that you can get a huge Pinterest following. This way, you will be able to sell just about any type of product or service easily on Pinterest.