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How to Promote a Clothing Line on Facebook and Instagram

Do you want to market your clothing designs on social media but don’t know how? If YES, here are 20 tips to promote your clothing line on Facebook & Instagram.

You have worked really hard to create your own clothing brand. You spent several months designing, planning and creating your products but your work doesn’t stop there; in fact, the main job begins after your clothing line is all set up and ready for sales.

You have to look for ways generate more sales and increase customer engagement for your business and this takes a lot of planning and strategizing. 

Thanks to the invention of the social media, marketing a clothing line or any business at all has become really easy. Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, has more than 400 million active users from all over the world and Facebook on the other hand has more than 2.7 billion active users.

Smart businessmen have been using these two social media platforms to promote their businesses for several years now and if you are looking to sell more of your brand’s creations, this is the best platform that you can use.

We have come up with 20 smart ways for you to promote your clothing line on either or both of these platforms while getting impressive returns on your investments.

20 Tips to Promote your Clothing Line on Facebook & Instagram

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are the ultimate ad tools for Facebook and Instagram. When you create sponsored posts on either of the platforms, you can customize your ads to reach the specific audience you want to reach.

If you’re looking to promote your clothing line to young adults aged 25 and above for instance, or people who live in New York City or Canada alone, Facebook and Instagram sponsored posts allow you to do this. You are also able to advertise your products to people in a specific interest groups.

It is also possible to run sponsored posts that would run concurrently on both platforms so that you can reach a wider network of people.

2. Business Pages

A business page on Facebook and Instagram is a must-have for every business especially clothing lines. Creating a business is one of the best ways to engage customers on social media- you can get them to follow your page, and then communicate any offers, promos, new products, or any other information you need to pass across without having to pay any money.

3. Paid Ads on Instagram Blogs or Popular Pages

There are some people on Instagram who have been able to create interesting pages and amassed a large number of followers- such pages usually take money from business owners to advertise their businesses on their pages. You can find pages like that with a wide audience, and pay them to promote your clothing line for you.

4. Facebook Communities

You can also pay administrators of pages on Facebook to promote your business. There are several communities on Facebook with thousands, if not millions of followers and you can pay them a small amount to promote your clothing line on their community.

5. Host Contests

Another effective promotional strategy for a clothing line on Facebook or Instagram is to host a contest. For instance, you can ask your followers to create their own designs, upload it on their pages, and tag their friends for a chance to win prizes. With a little investment, you can engage a lot of new customers using this strategy.

6. Use Trending Hashstags in your Posts

This one works best for instagram. Hashtags contain keywords that Instagram users use to search for items, trends, events and topics on the platform. When you include trending hashtags in your new posts on Instagram, more people will able to see your posts, follow your page, and even buy items from you, and you don’t have to pay for it.

7. Use Brand Influencers

Have you ever heard about “Instagram Celebrities”? Most of them are brand influencers; because they have a huge social media following and admirers, anything they wear, use or promote is likely to become a trend.

You can reach out to some of these brand influencers and talk to them about promoting your clothing line in exchange for some fees or other benefits.

8. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the latest additions to the social media platform. This feature allows you to share information, updates, and just about anything with your followers in real time.

You can make it easier for visitors to your page to buy and learn more about your brand by including links to your products in your Instagram stories. You can also get Instagram celebrities to mention you in their Instagram stories.

9. Feature Your Online Store On Your Facebook Page

It is now possible to integrate your Facebook page with your ecommerce store using Plug-ins like WooCommerce Shop to Facebook Plugin. You can connect your store to Facebook so that people can order directly from your Facebook page without extra hassles.

10. User-Generated Content Campaign (UGC)

These are known as UGC’s and they are really effective for generating the necessary buzz you need for your clothing brand on social media. You can ask your followers to take photos of themselves rocking your brand, and post them on their pages in exchange for attractive incentives.

11. Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations also work like magic especially for clothing lines- you can create product demonstration videos or photos of different creative ways to rock your products. This strategy alone can get people who would otherwise have been indifferent about your product, to start taking notice of it.

12. Incentives for Referrals

You can also attract more attention and generate more sales by offering your followers some discounts and incentives for convincing their friends to buy your products.

13. Use Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Facebook allows your followers and people who have conducted business with you in the past to leave reviews and ratings of your business on your page. You should encourage your followers and customers to leave reviews about your product on your page so that more people can be convinced to do business with you.

14. Create Viral Posts

A viral post is a post that receives a lot of attention on social media, and shared by several people online. Viral posts could be videos, photos, banners, or stories. You can get someone to create a viral post that will trend and help you promote your clothing line on Facebook or Instagram.

15. Upload Your Mailing List to Facebook

If you have an existing mailing list, you can upload the list to Facebook using services like MailChimp. This strategy helps you to connect with your existing audience on Facebook especially when you create a new Facebook page for your clothing line.

16. Share Testimonials

Testimonials and stories are also very effective for gaining attention on social media. Encourage yours followers to share their experiences with yours products so that you can use them to promote your brand to potential customers.

Most times, people just want to see proof that someone else has patronized a business, and recorded good results before they go all in to patronize the business.

17. Question and Answer Sessions

Another effective strategy to engage your audience on Facebook and Instagram and increase your sales conversion rates is to create question and answer sessions where your followers can get to connect with the human side of your brand- you can ask them questions and let them ask you questions too, you can even offer gifts and incentives in exchange for correct answers.

18. Host a Live Event

You can use Facebook Live or Instagram stories to host and broadcast live events to your audience so as to make them feel like part of the team and not just outsiders or mere customers. You can also use it to show them behind-the-scenes live footage of the creation process of your brand.

19. Leverage Facebook Groups

If you’re trying to promote your business on a shoestring budget, you can use Facebook groups. What you need to do is to join these groups and contribute to the posts and then cleverly leave comments that point towards your Facebook page or your business website under hot topic discussions in the group.

20. Ads Exchange

This is another free technique for promoting your business on Facebook. You can look for pages of brands that make complementary products and go into an advert exchange agreement with them where you advertise their products on your page for free and they also do the same for you.

Since your products complement one another, there is a good chance that you will be able to get some of their customers to patronize your business too.

In conclusion

The best part of promoting your clothing line using Facebook and Instagram is that there is an inbuilt tool called Insights that you can use to monitor your progress, and tweak your adverts so that you can get the exact results that you want.