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10 Best Types of Sat Nav for Courier Work

Are you wondering what type of Sat Nav is best for courier work? If YES, here are 10 best Sat Nav for courier work [Features Included].

Note that one of the secrets to managing a successful courier business is to ensure you get from point A to B on-time. This is a very crucial part of your role as a courier business owner, and that is why you need to leverage the best commercial sat navs to guide your staff on the road.

In this line of business, inefficiency is a common problem with well known consequences: high costs and low sales. The most effective solution is to get a commercial sat navs — a tool that will make your team’s day easier, more efficient, and massively increase their chances of making delivery on time.

What is a Sat Nav?

A sat nav is a tool that lets you or your drivers plot the most efficient route between multiple destinations. Presently, the most popular and basic sat nav in the world is Google Maps. It is reliable, easy to use — and free. However, although it might work well for casual traveling and road trips, Google Maps does not always meet the enormous needs of professional courier businesses.

When using Google Maps, multiple stops can be very challenging to link into larger routes. The app also lacks the various features that make the job of courier services businesses easier, such as the ability to save routes, customer information tracking, and visualization features to easily spot your high-priority customers on the map of your territory.

Also note that with Google Maps, multiple stops can be quite daunting for the average user to learn to arrange. And that is one of the reasons why it’s critical to find the right, easy-to-use commercial sat nav for the specific needs of your courier service business.

In terms of acquiring the best sat nav for your courier service business, your major concerns should be the cost, features, battery life, connectivity, and – most importantly – you should work out which mapping system you prefer. Note that sat navs with features like live traffic updates will surely cost a little more, but could make a whole lot of difference if you often find yourself stuck in a jam. Nonetheless, here are the best sat nav for courier work.

Best Sat Nav for Courier Work

  1. Garmin DriveSmart 50LMT-D

The best thing about this sat nav is lifetime mapping and live traffic information, but it’s a wonderful device to consider for your courier service business.

It comes with a five-inch, dual-orientation touch screen with pinch to zoom display, customizable driver alerts to warn drivers about hazards such as sharp curves or school zones, Smartphone notifications, hands-free control, and Bluetooth integration for hands-free calling.

Although the voice control can be unreliable, the phone integration is very excellent, and just like other Garmin sat-nav devices, the directions take a plain-English approach, suggesting you turn after specific landmarks rather instead of just telling you how far.

  1. TomTom GO Rider 450

Note that this sat nav is mainly for motorcycle fleets, but the advantages are too enormous to be ignored, and worthy of your investment if you value a safety-first sat nav. The TomTom GO Rider 450 features a reliable and stable 11cm display and remains weatherproof under any conditions.

In addition, the cyclist can pick the road type (straight, hilly, winding, etc.) they’re comfortable with. Also note that the sun won’t affect the screen’s readability either; the GO Rider is perfect for bike-centric courier service businesses.

  1. TomTom Go Discover

Although this device does not come with the IFTTT programming functions of the older Sat Nav Go Premium, the TomTom Go Discover betters it in just about every other way. Note that this device comes sharper and has a bigger, quick 6in or 7in HD screen, with a 1280 x 720 resolution for the former and a 1280 x 800 resolution for the latter.

In addition, it is quite easy to search for destinations, and the voice instructions are excellent, with super visual feedback to aid you to navigate junctions or find your way through busy towns. Also note that the bundled windscreen/dashboard mounts are very nice, holding even the hefty 7in model securely in position.

  1. MIO Mivue Drive 65 LM

According to reports, the Mio MiVue Drive 65 LM is the only sat nav to include an Extreme HD dash cam on its rear — and it’s not only practical for recording the madcap antics of other road users.

This sat nav comes with two other incredibly functional driver safety features which leverages the 1296p @ 30fps F1.8 camera to help you: a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and a Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) — both of which are meant to help you avoid getting involved in quick nasty situations.

In addition, the Rio MiVue Drive 65 LM features a mighty 15.8cm display, lifetime map, traffic and safety camera updates (for as long as you own the device). Have it in mind that the Lifetime maps thing does come with a caveat — it includes most European countries with the strange exception of France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, although you can buy or rent maps separately.

  1. TomTom Go 620

Although this sat nav can be quite costlier than most, it comes with more features and also does more than most. With this device, you get lifetime maps for the whole world and lifetime updates on speed camera locations, lifetime traffic data through your Smartphone and Wi-Fi software and map updating, hands-free calling, Smartphone notifications and a free horse.

Also, note that you get a capable magnetic mount and a six-inch capacitive touch screen. According to experts, this is a very wonderful device with 3D buildings in cities, coverage of most of the planet (although if you’re going to Ukraine, you’re only covered 65% of the time), and a massive range of supported languages. Also, note that the free traffic camera service makes this device a very attractive long-term investment.

  1. Garmin Driveluxe 51 LMT-D

Note that this sat nav from Garmin offers a similar feature set to the 61 LMT-S, but with a much smaller screen size. Although most drivers might see this as a disadvantage, other drivers may prefer the screen because it is less and perched atop their dashboard or stuck to the windscreen.

It comes with a nifty Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (for connecting your phone and updating the mapping data, respectively). It also features speed camera alerts, traffic information, and 1 hour of battery life, saving you from having to plug it in on short journeys.

In addition, this sat nav also includes point-of-interest information from TripAdvisor and Foursquare, so you’ll always have somewhere to visit no matter where in the world you are.

  1. TomTom Via 62

Have it in mind that the TomTom Via 62 is an excellent all-rounder. This sat nav easily connects to your phone for hands-free calling but also to contact TomTom’s traffic servers, which is a huge benefit – but note that it does mean that your phone can’t connect to your car’s own system, so if you choose to stream music to your car stereo or use its hands-free calling then this might not be the nav for you.

Also note that the 6-inch display is resistive rather than capacitive (you won’t need to apply as much pressure on capacitive screens) but it works too well and offers fresh, clear maps. Don’t forget that this sat nav is not the type of device to make the heart excited but it ensures you get to where you want with minimum trouble.

  1. The Beeline Moto

This is a wonderful and simple motorbike sat nav. Although this sat nav is not a do-it-all device like the larger motorcycle and in-car sat navs, however it leaves you free to watch the road and not the screen. Note that this Moto leverages Google Maps on your phone for routing, and offers navigation instructions with a simple arrow interface.

Reports have it that this sat nav offers enough information to guide you to your destination without jam-packing you with loads of extra info that can become a distraction.

If Bluetooth audio and detailed, color routing, traffic, and camera information are necessary and vital to you, then this is not the motorbike sat nav for you. However, if you need something simple, unobtrusive, and affordable to help your courier service business get from A to B, then the Beeline Moto is an excellent choice.

  1. Garmin Drive 52

With sensible routes, explicit directions, and a 3D view to help at junctions, the Garmin Drive 52 has all the sat nav basics. It features real directions that leverage landmarks and instructions that are delivered in a clear and timely fashion.

Just like most costly DriveSmart models, it comes with points of interest from Tripadvisor and Foursquare, plus live traffic alerts, speed camera warnings, and weather forecasts.

Note that for the live alerts, you will have to connect it via Bluetooth to a Smartphone running Garmin’s Smartphone Link app. The screen is quite dimmer than the display on Garmin’s DriveSmart models and has a lower (480 x 272) resolution.

Also, note that it is resistive rather than capacitive – although it’s very responsive by those standards – and you’ll also need to connect it to a PC over USB to download updates.

  1. TomTom GO Premium

Note that this is the most feature-packed, best connected, and smartest navigation device on the market, coming with a number of attributes that will indeed help the device to compete with your Smartphone. The unique sat nav is designed to help you achieve your aim and reach your destination in the quickest time possible.

Coupled with TomTom’s powerful navigation and traffic information, the Go Premium also features the IFTTT (If This Then That) integration, so you can connect to home devices, link with personal digital assistants, sync appointments, and get notifications.

Also note that its Built-in Wi-Fi will ensure that the software and maps are always up-to-date, while you can leverage the TomTom MyDrive companion app to pre-plan your route, sending a destination to the device.