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The biggest courier service in the world is the United Parcel Service (UPS), known to expressly deliver over 12 million packages globally every day. The company was established at the beginning of the 20th century when it was referred to as the American Messenger Company. After surviving the depression and the world wars, the company has gone on to become a leader in the courier service industry.

Over the years, UPS has acquired other delivery services, including the Motorcycle Messengers and a number of other prospective European companies. Federal Express (FedEx) and DHL are also considered industry leaders, and both were first established in the early 1970s. While they may not be as large as UPS, the two companies control an encouraging percentage of the market.

Types of Courier Services

Although there are larger companies offering courier services, particularly in cities, there are still smaller companies that ensure that businesses can send and receive parcels, book couriers and even ask for pickup services. Here are some of the basic courier services:

  1. Standard Courier Services

This is the most common type of courier service and also the one mostly used by businesses. This type of courier service follows a set guideline, although it depends on your state and local regulations. Most times, these guidelines entail that the package has to be under a certain weight to not attract additional charges. In most places, the limit for large packages is 50kg.

Have it in mind that standard courier services take 2-3 days for the package to be delivered. It is renowned as the simplest and cheapest way for you to get a package delivered, especially for people who are not in a hurry. Standard delivery services also tend to leverage the weight of the package over its size. However, it is ideal if you know the weight of your expected package. If you don’t, then you may have to consider other options.

  1. Same Day Services

This type of courier service is more popular than the standard style of courier service. This type of courier service means that the package gets delivered on the same day as you order it. Note that this type of courier service is ideal for people who need their package as urgently as possible.

Just like the standard type of courier service, this type of service also comes with certain restrictions too. For instance, you are expected to call in the order and request before noon of the same day. With this, all arrangements can be made to ensure the smooth movement and delivery of your parcel. In addition, the deliveries are expected to be local. The sending address must also be within local bounds to ensure it is delivered within a particular time frame.

  1. Parcel Services

This type of courier service is quite popular with this generation. Most time, these deliveries are small and may not take so much time to get delivered. Sometimes, it follows the same principle as the Same Day type of courier service.

Also note they are mostly available for local deliveries, and this is to ensure the parcel is delivered at the promised time.

  1. Overnight Shipping Services

Ideally, courier services take place within the time frame of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Anything after 5:00 pm, most courier service companies will no longer accept packages but instead strive to get the last packages delivered to their destination. However, this type of courier service ignores the mentioned time restrictions.

This type of courier service is ideal for packages you believe are at risk of damage if accustomed to any slight delay. Notably, some goods and products are not known to do well sitting in traffic under the frightening weather conditions. With this type of courier service, the package spends less time on the road.

  1. Luggage Delivery Services

This type of courier service is when you employ the help of a courier company to get your luggage delivered to you. Note that with this type of courier service, you won’t have to worry about damaging or losing them along the way. It more or less ensures the safety of your luggage. Courier companies that offer this service tend to have ways to track anything they have to ship. This lets you know where your belongings are while it travels towards the destination.

  1. Rush and On-Demand Deliveries

Just as the name implies, this type of courier service is for those who want to get their package as soon as possible. With this type of courier service, you won’t have to wait more than half a day for your package to be delivered.

Most times, it takes barely 4 hours for the package to be delivered successfully. Indeed, this type of service is ideal if you are expecting important documents to arrive. Medical emergencies and other types of urgencies tend to leverage this kind of service.


Today, there are over 7,500 courier companies in the United States, all offering different types and combinations of courier services. Indeed, this service has changed our lives and made a whole lot of things easier. Everyday courier service providers are steadily innovating and researching for more ways to offer more convenient services. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to do your research and only entrust your parcel to a reliable and responsible courier company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Courier Delivery Service?

A courier service is a private company or firm that facilitates the shipping of parcels and important documents. Some courier services concentrate on providing daily speedy delivery for parcels and important documents within the limits of a major metropolitan city.

  1. What Are The Types Of Courier Service?

The following are the types of courier services;

  • Same Day Delivery Services
  • Parcel Delivery Service
  • Overnight Courier Services
  • International Courier Services
  • Rush & On-Demand Services
  • Standard Delivery Courier Services
  1. What Are Parcel And Courier Services?

Parcel services are typically designed to deliver small individual parcels to customers and clients, while courier services provide a much wider range of services. Both are specialized in bulk and heavy parcel orders.

  1. How Does Courier Delivery Work?

Courier delivery usually works in this way, parcels will frequently be sent to another depot closer to the delivery location, where it will be assigned to a driver based on their specific area of coverage. And then, the next driver takes the parcel from the depot and delivers it to the recipient on his or her delivery (location) route.

  1. How Do You Choose A Courier Delivery Service?

The following are the tips on how to choose a courier delivery service;

  • Check out the proof of delivery
  • Consider an insurance
  • Consider the cost to value
  • Consider the size and weight limitations
  • Consider the immediate availability
  1. What Are Courier Services Useful For?

Courier services are useful in terms of their superior speed and tracking capabilities when compared with national mailing services.

Courier services are specially useful for people that sell products online and need a shipping solution for sending multiple parcels.

Courier services are useful to many large-scale (e-commerce) businesses for deliveries, and by arranging a contract with a courier, businesses can give bulk discounts.

  1. When Should You Use A Courier?

The following facts are to be considered when best courier services are needed most;

  • When you have ongoing, specialized needs
  • When you are time conscious or time-sensitive
  • When you find it difficult to package some stuffs
  • When you desire a real-time tracking
  • When you are shipping form overseas and want to simplify paperwork, taxes and duties
  1. Do Courier Services Deliver Bank Cheques?

No. Delivering bank cheques through courier can be a very big risk because it can be possibly exploited by anyone who encounters it.

  1. What is A Courier In Logistics?

A courier in logistics explains how a logistics company plans, implements and manages the movement and storage of goods, services or information within a supply chain from the point of collection to the point of delivery. A logistics service transports a large amount of goods by trains, trucks, ships or even via aircraft.

  1. What Are The Benefits Of Courier Delivery Services?

The following are some benefits of courier delivery;

  • It is fast in delivery
  • Parcels are safe and secured
  • Cost of service is very affordable
  • It makes job more easier and stress free
  • The professionals are reliable in services
  1. What Is The Difference Between Courier And Regular Mail?

The clear difference between courier and regular mail is that, regular mail is usually sent through the public postal service while courier mail services are normally controlled and managed personal businesses.

  1. What Is Courier Service And Why Do You Need It?

Courier service is a kind of service known for superior speed and tracking capabilities. It is particularly useful for people that sell products online and need a shipping solution for sending multiple parcels.

Courier service is useful and needed to secure the parcel during the delivery process. Customers have nothing to worry about losing a package or receiving a damaged parcel.

  1. What Is A Specialty Courier?

A specialist courier as the name implies handles some specific sensitive goods.

  1. What Do Businesses Use Courier Services For?

Businesses use courier services for collection, delivery and shipment in the shortest possible time frame.

  1. What Are The Advantages Of Courier Services?

The following are some of the advantages of courier services;

  • It increases likelihood of flexibility
  • The custom is higher and more standard
  • It has ability to provide a more personal service
  1. What Are Some Specialized Services Couriers Offer?

Some other specialized services courier could offer are;

  • Parcel Services
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Luggage Delivery Services
  • Overnight Shipping Services
  • Standard Delivery Services
  • Rush and On-Demand Deliveries
  1. What Is The Workplace Of A Courier Like?

Couriers spend most of their time making deliveries but are not closely supervised, and the expectation to make multiple deliveries in a safe and timely manner can make the job more stressful.

Those who deliver by bicycle must be physically fit and able to cope with all weather conditions and the hazards of heavy traffic. Car, van and truck couriers often have to deal with traffic jams, road construction and difficult parking situations. Most couriers work full time during regular business hours, evening and weekend hours.

  1. What Is Unique About Specialty Couriers?

The uniqueness of specialty couriers is the reliability and its speed. The best courier service is always reliable in terms of getting your items safely delivered on time.

  1. What Kind Of Businesses Typically Use Couriers?
  • Wholesale drug distributors
  • Accounting Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Printing Companies
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  1. What A Carrier Is In Logistics?

A carrier in logistics is a person who is legally entitled to transport goods by land, water and air. This carrier usually works with shippers to ship goods from one place to the other.

  1. What Was The First Courier Company?

Wells Fargo is the first courier company in the United States. It was founded in the year 1852.

  1. What Is A Package Delivery Comparison Site?

A packaged delivery comparison site is a dedicated site with local pricing for popular shipping services in the country. It’s focuses on DHL, DPD, TNT and local post office’s EMS services.

  1. What Does Freight Shipping Mean?

Freight shipping means the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise, goods and cargo. It is a bulk transportation of goods. Freight usually means a larger quantity of goods while shipping can refers to a smaller amount. Freight denotes commercial purposes. And the shipping of goods can be done for either commercial or personal purposes.

 24. How Does LTL Shipping Work?

It works by combining partial loads in order to create full multi-stop truckloads, which is very efficient. And the cost is usually based on space consumed, class of items being shipped, pickup and destination locations.

25. Do You Need A Courier Service In Miami?

Yes, you need a courier service in Miami because courier services assure same day delivery and guarantees reliability and speedy services.

26. How Will We Send Parcels In The Future?

In future time, with the number of parcels been sent out, there is an anticipation to be doubled by 2030, parcel delivery companies will need to make sending parcels quicker, more efficient and more eco-conscious in order to keep up with customer demand. In a market where customers want faster home delivery, technology is highly required to supercharge how to send parcels in the future.

27. How Long Does Ltl Shipping Take?

LTL shipping usually takes one to three days, depending on your shipment’s origin and destination and the service option you may likely choose.