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12 Biggest Trampoline Parks in the World [Sizes Included]

Trampoline parks are good places for kids to have fun, and this is because a trampoline park facility offers fun physical fitness for kids and a good opportunity for them to move their bodies, and also exercise for a few minutes or even more than a day.

Note that there are several trampoline parks all across the world with the majority of them in the United States, they are big and also come with additional facilities and game points that will help fun seekers enjoy themselves.

Biggest Trampoline Parks in the World

  1. Aviator (Big Bounce America)

The largest bounce house in the world according to Guinness world records is an aviator. A prominent multi-sport and recreational facility are called the Aviator Sports and Events Center, and it is situated at Floyd Bennett Field (FBF) in Brooklyn. FBF, which is a component of the gateway national recreation area, was the first municipal airport in New York City.

In collaboration with the national park service, the aviator restored four vintage aircraft hangars and the adjacent lands. 175,000-square-foot indoor sports, entertainment, and recreation complex, adjacent outdoor turf fields, and 35 acres of land for outdoor events are all part of the region.

There are numerous sports leagues and events offered by the aviator, including aviator athletics camps, tier 1 youth hockey, gymnastics, ice skating, flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and a lot more.

Size: 175,000 square foot indoor sports, entertainment, and recreation complex adjoining outdoor turf fields and 35 acres of land space for outdoor events.

  1. Amazing Trampoline Park

Amazing Trampoline Park is one of the biggest trampoline parks in the world, and it is located in Zagreb, Croatia. This is one of the newest trampoline parks in Europe. Amazing Trampoline Park was opened in the year 2020, with about 1.890 square meters, and it also contains over 12 attractions. This is Croatia’s first trampoline park, and it can accommodate up to 190 visitors each hour.

Along with the standard trampoline, there are other entertaining activities for visitors to enjoy, they include football, a basketball dunk trampoline, a wrestling arena, and a wipeout arena. The attractions also include sports like rock climbing, karting, virtual reality, and laser tag.

There are also other activities, like a rotating beam on the trampolines, a football field, and a hexagonal multistory toddler ninja. Note that the park was created for both children and adult fun seekers.

Size: Over 1.890 square meters

  1. Urban Jump Trampoline Park

The Urban Jump Trampoline Park is among the biggest parks in the world and it is located in Paris, France. This is one of the most well-liked trampoline parks in France, which has a surface area of 1.265 square meters. It offers various modules and activities for its visitors, including a Hexia court and an HP trampoline area.

Visitors can jump into pools or execute stunts on a vast trampoline field that also features vertical ones. Urban Jump Trampoline Park has great advantages, you may practice acrobatic jumps, play dodgeball and slam dunk, take fitness classes, and even plan birthday parties, private events, or business activities like team-building in it.

Size: 1.265 square meters

  1. AirMaxx Trampoline Park

The AirMaxx Trampoline Park is not just one of the biggest trampoline parks in the United States, it is the biggest in the world. In Minnesota, in both the cities of St. Cloud and Eden Prairie, there are two places where you can find the AirMaxx trampoline park.

In addition to the conventional features, the AirMaxx Trampoline Park provides a laser tag area and an arcade area with classic American video games. You may also have fun in Eden Prairie, by zapping your buddies in a laser tag arena, escaping the Pharaoh’s course on a cosmic mini golf, or having a blast in a gigantic arcade that offers mini bowling and an exhilarating laser labyrinth.

Visitors can complete a ninja warrior course, play dodgeball, practice gravity-defying dunks on trampolines, and more in St. cloud. Younger children will appreciate the kids’ town indoor playground.

They draw individuals who want unhurried amusement and those who are more interested in sports, games, and leaping because of their attractions. With ninja lines, inflatable pillows, trapeze, and other adrenaline-pumping attractions, they are always ready for thrill-seekers.

Size: over 1,000 square meters

  1. Hop Arena Trampoline Center

Hop Arena Trampoline Center is located in Prague, Czech Republic. It is the largest trampoline park in the Czech Republic, and it is a good illustration of a branded, high-performance trampoline area. It covers a little more than 2.700 square meters and has 12 attractions in addition to 53 trampolines.

The Hop Arena Trampoline Center provides guests with an all-encompassing experience. The facility features a toddler area for kids under 5 years old, as well as a shuffleboard, dodgeball, trampoline zone, ninja warrior track, and a trampoline zone. Note that Hop Arena Trampoline Center hosts corporate events, birthday celebrations, and other team-building exercises.

Size: 2.700 square meters

  1. Free Fall Trampoline Park

Pennsylvania in the United States is home to the Free Fall trampoline facility, which is one of the biggest parks in the country and has 3.000 square meters. The modules at the park contain traditional jumping, rope tracks, trapeze tracks, airbags, and dodgeball but don’t always provide much of an engaging experience.

Performance trampolines, three dunk hoops, a mechanical bull, an airbag, dodgeball courts, a ropes course, extreme air, and the eight-player war game meltdown are a few of the things you can enjoy when you visit Free Fall Trampoline Park.

Meltdown is a game that puts eight players to the test in terms of skill, stamina, and response time. Two revolving handles are used in the game to tip the players out of the racks, however, they must be avoided by them. Note that only little children under the age of six are allowed in certain areas of the park.

The park also hosts special activities for those with special needs, birthday parties, sports days, team building, and also nighttime get-togethers for friends and families.

Size: 3.000 square meters.

  1. Cyber ​​Jump Trampoline Park

Cyber ​​Jump Trampoline Park is located in Budapest, Hungary. It is the largest park in Budapest, and among the biggest in Europe, this park has a surface area of more than 3.000 square meters and a stock of 1,400 square meters.

An interactive experience is provided to visitors at the trampoline theme park known as Cyber Jump. Games like dodgeball and bossa ball are permitted in addition to the more conventional leaping (a game where two teams fight each other using elements of soccer, volleyball, and capoeira).

The slackline, which assesses visitors’ balance, is well-liked. They also include a ninja warrior zone that fits in with the park’s cyber motif. This is separated into a number of paths with different levels of difficulty. You may also test your strength by climbing an interactive wall or jumping into a foam pool or using a big bag jump, and a huge inflatable cushion.

Size: More than 3.000 square meters and with a stock of 1,400 square meters

  1. Trixs Leiderdrop Trampoline Park

Trix Leiderdrop Trampoline Park is located in Leiderdrop, the Netherlands. It is an attractive and bright trampoline park, with an area of 1.330 square meters, and is the preferred jumping spot in the Netherlands. The trampoline park is painted a bright yellow throughout.

Many families come to the spacious vibrant toddler section, while teenagers practice their abilities on the Hexia trampolines. Up to 40 trampolines, a 12-meter track, and a sizable air cushion link the area, which allows guests to jump freely, and also practice their stunts.

High-performance trampolines are also available, which allow users to jump further and more powerfully. It also provides other common games and tracks that people are accustomed to, from other trampoline parks. These include climbing, games between two fires, ninja tracks, etc.

Note that visitors can also play football, hockey, volleyball, tennis, frisbee, and even a gigantic twister on the park’s indoor beach.

Size: 1.330 square meters

  1. Get Air Trampoline Parks

Get Air Trampoline Parks is one of the biggest trampoline parks in the world. It is a trampoline park franchise with a good number of locations in the country. Their parks are spread over more than 50 American cities, four places in Canada, Brussels, and even two cities in Japan.

Get Air is the unified brand name for all the locations. It has a minimum square footage of 1000 and can be found in other 77 different countries. The odd thing about this amusement company is how similar, if not identical, all of the trampoline parks are in different locales. They as well offer the same attractions.

Numerous modules are available at Get Air Park, including basketball, dodgeball, slacklining, and fidget ladders. It also provides a specific time for jumpers with special needs.

Size: Over 1000 square meters

  1. Maxx Arena Trampoline Park

Maxx Arena Trampoline Park is yet one of the biggest trampoline parks in the world. It is located in Munich, Germany. This is one of the biggest parks in Europe, measuring 5.500 square meters. It is renowned as a beautiful and vibrant trampoline park with different kinds of attractions.

Trampolines, inflatable pillows, climbing, 3D golf, and a laser labyrinth make up the Park’s five primary sections. Every component gives an enjoyable and distinctive experience. There are 16 challenging climbing stations with varying needs, shapes, and techniques in the colored climbing area.

Spaghetti Junction, Big Cheese, the Vertical Drop Slide, and Stairway to Heaven are all attractions. More than 50 trampolines and other different modules, including wall trampolines, high-performance trampolines, basketball, dodgeball, parkour, slacklining, trapeze, ninja warrior track, and more are also available at Maxx Arena Trampoline Park.

Size: 5.500 square meters

  1. Helium Trampoline Park

Helium Park, a popular entertainment destination, is situated in New Berlin, Wisconsin, the United States. The 2.322 square meter park has 130 connected trampolines, two dodgeball courts with 2,000 square feet each, a 750 square meter foam pit, a rock-climbing wall, and a pizza and concession area.

Basketball is available for visitors to try out, and dodgeball, which pits two groups against one another is also popular there. Due to the addition of the “Glow in the Dark” performance, this game has been elevated to a new level in Helium Park. Many people like bungee jumping, ninja tracks, laser tag, and zorbing.

Other enjoyable activities at the park include a new trampoline system with improved bounce, more curves, tumbling, and special surprises, a state-of-the-art warrior course, a three-level warped wall, ultimate dodgeball, slam dunk basketball, the gladiator joust beam, a walk-the-plank jump tower, a hurricane simulator with a top speed of 125 km/h, a big airbag, and a tiny tot court.

Size: 2,332 square meters

  1. Abenteuerland Trampoline Park

Abenteuerland Trampoline Park is located in Bispingen, Germany. A vast array of attractions and modules are available at the 1.460 square meters Abenteuerland Trampoline Park. It’s a family trampoline park because guests may test their mettle on the ninja course, scale new heights on the high ropes course, or play in the toddler section.

Other enjoyable activities you can partake in at Abenteuerland Trampoline Park include High-Performance Trampolines Augmented Climbing Wall (interactive climbing wall), Balance Area (with Battle Beam, Slack Line, and Climbing Ladder), Ropes Course, Slam Dunk, Big Climbing Wall & Big Airbag, Ninja Parcours, Trapeze swing, and The Wall or Twisted Bouncy World.

Note that visitors can choose between traditional and digitally equipped trampoline modules at Abenteuerland Trampoline Park. Young visitors are usually impressed by the last one because they can compete with their friends, play entertaining games, and emerge victoriously.

Size: 1.460 square meters.