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9 Best Indoor Trampoline Park Manufacturers

The indoor trampoline park sector has exploded in the last few years. Both children and adults alike love hopping about on trampolines. Aside from the fact that hopping on trampolines is very enjoyable, it is also an excellent method to exercise.

NASA study shows that 10 minutes of trampoline bouncing is a far more effective cardiovascular workout than jogging for 30 minutes. If you’ve been planning to develop a trampoline park or improving an existing one, now is a wonderful moment to get started.

In recent times, parents are looking for appropriate and enjoyable sports for their children. Similarly, health-conscious grownups cannot wait to spice up their fitness regimen with extra adventure and entertainment. Operating a competitive trampoline park may be a satisfying and successful endeavor, particularly as the indoor playground sector expands.

Since a trampoline park requires a custom-built trampoline court, the upfront expenditures are generally significant. In accordance with IATP, creating a trampoline park involves an estimated average expenditure of between $1.2 and $1.8 million. If you want to indulge in a trampoline park, here are some top indoor trampoline park manufacturers to keep in mind.

Indoor Trampoline Park Manufacturers

  1. The Akrobat Company

Since 2003, Akrobat has been focusing on its internal research and manufacturing. It should be noted that their goods are suited to the requirements of growing youngsters, athletes looking to hone their talents, and anybody looking to improve their wellness.

Akrobat trampolines are composed of high-quality components and therefore are meant to be among the finest in the industry. They would provide your everyday requirement for physical enjoyment as well as psychological rest. They strive to provide you with authenticity, creativity, dependability, and the finest service possible.

  1. Best American Trampoline Parks

Best American Trampoline Parks has been family-controlled and run since 1978, working with both individual clients and large businesses. They outperform any competitive forces in terms of procedure, goods, and engagement.

All their goods, from top-tier backyard trampolines to elite indoor trampoline parks, are crafted from the greatest components and installed with outstanding expertise. They have not just planned, but also produced and outfitted over 200 trampoline parks throughout the world.

  1. Airparx

This is a leading global trampoline park manufacturer, having designed and built 40 parks worldwide. They provide first class, safe and innovative trampoline parks and family entertainment centers, delivered on time and within budget.

Their trampoline parks are uniquely designed and custom built for each customer based on their space, theme, objectives and customer base.

They can create unique trampoline parks for any site, as well as integrate trampoline parks into established recreational and sports complexes. They specialize in creating cutting-edge trampoline parks that include the most recent concepts.

  1. Angel playground

This business has merged invention, manufacturing, and sales. There are almost 20,000 square meters of contemporary industrial and office space. Currently, the manufacturing range includes 24 series and thousands of appealing designs!

Throughout these years, they fearlessly strive, create, and enhance manufacturing capabilities. All products are made with non-poisonous and environmentally friendly building ingredients that have been rigorously tested and inspected before leaving the factory.

All products satisfy the safety regulations for playgrounds set by CE, ISO, TUV, and others. In this manner! Angel Playgrounds has won the trust of customers all around the country in the playground sector.

  1. Sidijk

If you choose security, enjoyment factor, or utility, Sidijk will still have an item that is clearly superior to the competition.

Established in 1978 as a maker of air cushions, their varieties of goods are now sold all over the world. Sidijk provides clients with more than just a lovely finished result. They also act as a specialist collaborator who works together with you while designing your products.

  1. Pokiddo

This is a manufacturer and franchise company of indoor trampoline parks, indoor activity parks, family recreation centers, indoor parks for kids, and so on. They specialize in turn-key indoor amusement park solutions and offer entire park development and franchise consultancy solutions.

They would assist you with investment appraisal, conceptual design, gear upgrading, POS system, promotion, media platforms, park administration, and other tasks.

  1. Global Fun Sports

This is a European producer of trampoline parks, indoor parks, and family recreation centers’ gear. Years of experience enable them to build solutions that are now appreciated all around the world. They work on the design and construction of:

  • Trampoline parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Challenge Tracks
  • Ninja Tag
  • Laser Tag
  • Interactive attractions
  • Amusement parks interior decorations
  • Customized solutions – from the beginning to the final look
  1. Antalya Park

Antalya Park is the largest soft play producer in Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, with two manufacturing units and a firm that is always growing.

As indoor playground maker, they aim to create processes that are simple for their clients, thus their idea is built on a model that enables them to construct using the simplest and quickest method available. Antalya Park offers high-quality playground equipment at a reasonable price. They are the first Turkish company to use the EN – 1176. (Generally safety requirements)

  1. Soft Play

Soft Play uses its substantial financial support and manufacturing experience to create the most creative goods and safe concepts. There really is no best alternative than Soft Play’s significant expertise, service records, and design process.