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11 Best Bloxburg Business ideas You Can Start Today

Bloxburg is a life-simulation Roblox game created by Coeptus. The game involves a simulation of everyday activities of one virtual player in a household in a fictional city. This fictional city, Bloxburg, serves as the primary location in the game.

The whole city is enclosed by a rock border and splits at a river that flows into a larger body of water. Rough Trees are scattered around the map and the two ends of the border are currently located by the beach.

The city also has numerous buildings and most of them are located at the center. Other buildings can also be located by the Beach, Mountain, or highway. The outskirts of the city are separated into two areas, Bloxy Acres and Riverside Estates.

Note that these two areas are where houses made by players can be found. Right from its beta release in 2016, the game has generated more than five billion visits and over 10,000,000 favorites, despite being only available as paid access for 25 Robux.

In the game, players are expected to take care of their character by satisfying their needs. Players can build their own houses and other buildings on their house plots. Players can also decorate their houses with counters, electronics, beds, comfortable furniture, kitchen appliances, and other decorations.

In the game, every job tends to bring in a different amount of money. The player makes money each time they finish a task. Once a particular number of tasks get completed, the player gets promoted and makes more money per task. To receive the money, the player will cash out a paycheck after they must have left their work environment.

Note that the cheque states the amount of money a player earned, their username, and their job. In Welcome to Bloxburg, players tend to earn an Excellence Award once they attain level 50 in a single job. There are currently many jobs in the game and they include;

Best Bloxburg Business ideas

1. Janitor

Bloxburg is faced with a litter problem, and as a janitor at Green Clean, you can make money from helping to clean up the city. Inside of Green Clean, expect to meet and talk to your grumpy boss, Glen, who is very pessimistic about the job.

Your job will include cleaning up spilled sodas and piles of trash on the ground, and also the graffiti off the walls of buildings near Green Clean. Trash can appear randomly in front of Green Clean, around the Stylez Hair Salon, and Bloxy Burgers. At level one and as a normal employee, your earnings will start at $11 and $22 with the Excellent Employee game pass.

  1. Stocker

As a stocker, players are expected to pick up crates from the back of the store and restock empty or near-empty shelves. When the content of a shelf gets low, the player will have restocked with a crate from the back of the store. When the content is full, a player can’t restock until when the shelf is almost empty. When a shelf is fully restocked, a timer starts and when the timer runs out, the shelves start reducing automatically.

  1. Fisherman

As a Fisherman in Fishing Hut, the player will automatically receive a fishing rod to cast at the shoreline. Have it in mind that the rod can only be used at the shoreline, or else it won’t work. Once the player casts the fishing rod into the water, the fishing rod will start to shake noting that a fish is tugging at the bait, and if the line is wheeled as this is happening, the player will get the fish and make some money.

4. Ice Cream Seller

As a Seller for Ben’s Ice Cream, customers walk into the ice-cream cone-shaped building and place their order. The Ice Cream shop boasts of three flavors of ice cream: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. These flavors also have three available toppings: sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and cookie dough. NPCs ask for two scoops of ice cream, each featuring one of all three flavors, and most times orders a topping for it.

The player is expected to offer the customer the correct order; they will walk away while eating it. Once the player offers the wrong order, the customer will make this known by giving negative feedback; something along the lines of “This isn’t what I ordered!”, and will walk away from the stand.

  1. Cashier

As a cashier for Bloxburg Fresh Food or at Bloxy Burgers, the player is tasked with scanning and bagging items for customers. Once work begins, the player gets to decide the exact register to work at, although they are all the same.

Customers tend to walk in one straight line up to the register and place their items onto the conveyor belt. The player will have to scan each item individually but to make money they have to go and get bags, and then place them on the left side of the register.

Note that a player is only allowed to use a maximum amount of 8 bags. Customers will use 2-4 bags at a time and once the player taps “Done!” the bags disappear. After the player must have used 50 bags, the bags run out, and instead of the register showing “Done!” it will instead show “You’re out of bags! Get more in the back warehouse!”

Outside of the back room of the store, there are stacked crates that are clearly noted “BAGS”. Once the player has clicked on the crates, they will receive more bags. When the player re-enters the aisle, they will now be given an option to “refill” the bags.

  1. Woodcutter

According to reports, the woodcutter job is inspired by another Roblox game, Lumber Tycoon 2. As a woodcutter, you automatically get an ax and a lumberjack uniform from your boss, Jack Lumber, whose entire family is also named Jack.

Note that with your ax, you can walk around the area surrounding the lumber mill and take down trees to earn money. Note that it takes about 10 swings per tree to take one down, and earnings from being a woodcutter begin at $13 per tree for a player without the Excellent Employee game pass and $20 once you get it.

  1. Delivery Person

When you choose to do this job, you automatically get a shiny red moped to move around the city, and you go back and forth from the shop to customers on the side of the road dropping off pizzas. Note that you can pick up pizzas from the conveyor belt at the back of the shop, and then get on your moped and follow the yellow arrow to the right customer.

Have it in mind that this is one of the more profitable jobs in Welcome to Bloxburg, paying higher and also offering double the amount of promotional points per delivery achieved when compared to the other jobs, and this entails more money per task.

Note that the distance you need to travel is randomized and you might even end up moving across town to drop off one pizza. At level 1, incomes are $25 per delivery for normal employees and $44 for Excellent Employees.

  1. Pizza Baker

As the Baker at Pizza Place, the player will have to make pizzas with the ingredients shown on the order. First is the dough, then the sauce, then the cheese, and finally you are provided with a list of toppings you can put. When the player is done with the pizza, the tap is done and the pizza will roll down the conveyor belt into the oven.

After the player must have cooked enough pizzas, they can run out of ingredients. When this happens, you can simply source an ingredient crate from the left or right side of the shop and take it back to the station to refill it. Note that income for this job is $9 per pizza for players without the Excellent Employee game pass and $13 for those with it at level 1.

  1. Miner

As a miner in Bloxburg Cave, the player swings the pickaxe until the block is broken. Note that you will earn money and EXP depending on the category of block mined. The border walls and the bedrock cannot be mined, but TNT blocks can.

When you mine a TNT block, it will make a sound, giving the player a few seconds to run away before exploding and destroying all blocks in a 2 block radius. If you are anywhere close to the TNT when it explodes, you may die. However, TNT can be very effective when you want to dig deeper and take out large areas at a time.

Blocks blown up with TNT will still earn you money and EXP, making it economically better as well. Incomes from mining tend to be one of the lowest at $7 per block without the game pass at level 1 and $15 with it, but certain types of blocks add extra money to your income.

  1. Mechanic

As a mechanic at Mike’s Motors, customers come by with their vehicles and request for a paint job, oil change, or tire change. To change the paint on a vehicle, there are four paint sprayers on the left table in the back, in red, black, green, and purple.

To change their oil, simply pick up the oil can from the right table at the back of the shop. Income for this job begins at $13 per vehicle without the Excellent Employee game pass and $28 when you have it.

  1. Hairdresser

As a hairdresser at Stylez Hair Studio, you are expected to offer customers the hairstyle and color that they want. The player will have to stand next to one of the chairs, and a customer will walk from the line, sit down, and note what they like.

In the mirror, you can alter their style with the top arrows, and the bottom arrows let you change their hair color. Tap done to finish their look!

If you take so much time, the customer will walk out. Income for this job begins at $10 per haircut for employees without the Excellent Employee game pass and $20 per haircut for employees with the game pass at level 1.

Note that to earn more money at your job; endeavor to start work with full-needs. Just select one job you like and stick to it. Always remember that the higher your job level is, the more you will get promoted and the more money you earn. To make more per task, you can purchase the Excellent Employee game pass with Robux.