Are you a war veteran looking to earn extra money on the side but you don’t know what business to start? If YES, here are 50 best small business ideas for disabled veterans.

Veterans are those who have had a long experience or served for long in a particular occupation or field. However, veterans are mostly used for those who served in the military either engaged in the in war zones or other such areas that may not necessarily be referred to as war zones.

War veterans are highly regarded in the society and by the government and extra attention is usually paid to them more than any set of veterans, which is usually due to the fact that most veterans are usually disabled. However, not all veterans sit back to enjoy their long retirements, some actually venture into business and become successful entrepreneurs.

Veterans who become entrepreneurs either focus totally on the fields that deal in military or such related fields, which is usually a familiar ground to them or start a new business that might be totally different from the field in which they have come from. Either way, veterans who become entrepreneurs are usually gifted with the discipline that was acquired from the military which usually proves to be such an asset for them.

If you are a veteran that wants to become an entrepreneur but do not have an idea on the kind of business you want to start, looking at the lucrative businesses below should give you an idea that might lead you to becoming wealthy. There are vast opportunities for veterans that are not only limited to the military. This all depends on the kind of entrepreneur you intend to be.

50 Best Small Business ideas for Disabled Veterans in 2020

  1. Home Inspection Services

The home inspection service business is a business that requires you to have knowledge of the construction or real estate industry. This kind of business will require you having to climb up roofs or crawl through tiny spaces so as to determine the cause of cracks, leaks or water stains in a building.

You can learn about the business by reading up on it or shadowing one who is already an inspector so as to get practical experience before starting the business on your own. This business will require you to join associations such as ASHI or NAHI where you will not only make valuable contacts but also learn more about the industry as well.

2. Fitness Trainer

The fact that you have a military background makes you all the better to become a fitness expert or trainer; this is due to the fact that your military trainings have become a part of you and so others who aren’t in the military but would love hardcore workouts will definitely be those who would become your clients.

Before starting this business, you would require a fitness plan for the different kinds of client you might be having. You can also hire fitness experts who are versed in other kinds of exercises and get them to attend to the clients that would require such services.

3. Cruise and Travel Agency

If you are a soldier that served overseas then your knowledge of the countries you served in would be highly invaluable to you in this kind of business. There are people who want to travel to places and so usually require information about these places they want to travel to, information ranging from culture, food, best places to stay and so on. As a veteran, you have the advantage due to the knowledge garnered from the places you have been to.

4. Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

This is a business that can be very lucrative if you have a solid customer base, provide good customer service, as well as ensure that satisfied customers help refer others to your repair store. Before starting this kind of business, you would require a business license from the authorities under the area which you would be operating from.

Another important factor is in ensuring that your business is located in a location that is spacious enough to contain all the vehicles whose windshields you might have to work on, and also the location should be one that can be easily accessed by customers.

5. Tow Truck Business

The two truck business is a volatile one depending on what service you render a customer. In running a tow truck business, you can be called upon to remove an illegally parked vehicle, or to help a broken down vehicle. This does not make the business a bad one as it is deemed recession proof, since vehicles would always need to be towed regardless of the economy.

However, to start this kind of business, you would require significant capital as your initial start-up equipment and gear will gulp so much money; however, you are likely to gain your capital back on a long term. It is important though that you get a truck that can help your business grow better.

6. Locksmith Business

Locksmiths are trained professionals that help install new door locksets or help access systems. Most locksmiths also sell merchandises that are related to their business such as safes and security systems. Depending on the area you intend to operate from, you would require to get a business license before you can start your business. 14 states usually require a business license so carry out a thorough research to know if your state falls under those that would require this requirement.

7. Disaster Restoration Business

The disaster restoration business is one that will ensure that you are always on your toes to attend to clients at any time of the day. You would need to speak with as many veterans in this field as possible so as to learn from their experience and also get tips and advice from them on how you can handle your own business. If you do not have much an experience for this business, you would need to take certification courses.

8. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Business

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning business referred to as HVAC is one that tends to mirror the fast growth in technology. This is due to that fact that when improvements are made on cooling and heating units, the demand for HVAC experts usually surges as well. However, before starting this business, you would need to determine what skills you possess as the business is not only limited to residences but autos as well.

9. Campground

Due to the fact that you are used to being outdoors as a veteran, starting a campground business isn’t a bad idea. You could choose the niche of campground business you intend starting and could focus on young juveniles who are delinquents or other such campground programs. Ensure that there is a plan in place for your campground business, and you might need to hire others who might help out in the day to day running of the business.

 10. Construction Business

If you are handy with tools, you can use your skill to start a construction company. Your construction company doesn’t have to be big, as it could be a small one. Whatever, the scale of your construction company, it is a way for you to gin a steady source of income, while being your own boss.

However, to start this business you would require careful planning so that your chances at attaining success might be increased. You would however need to follow industry regulations while also working hard to gain the confidence of your customers and get them to refer others to you.

 11. Family Off Road Tours Business

The family off-road tour business is a lucrative one for any determined entrepreneur. You would however need to know how to drive in rugged terrains and also be well organized. Apart from knowing and constantly being updated on the various trails that are safe for off-road tours, you would need to be prepared for any eventuality that might happen along the way. Ensure that you have a business plan in place as this would help you foresee any obstacles that you might likely encounter during the course of running your business.

 12. Firearms Training Instructor

Most veterans have shot a gun at one time or the other. The shots might have either been carried out during training or in time of combats. Either way, veterans are considered better shooters than those who aren’t. If you know your way round a gun and are very skilled, then you should consider turning your talent into a business. Due to the increase of activities that call from security concerns, more and more people are getting firearms for themselves and need someone who can teach them how to use it.

 13. Adventure Travel Business

There are clients who love to travel for adventure purposes and are usually in need of those who can provide such services to them. If you are one who loves adventure and love travelling as well, then this is a suitable business for you. Your adventure travel business should be one that ensures that it lives up to its promises of providing clients with adventure.

To start this business, you would need knowledge of the areas you are putting up for clients to visit. Once your business expands, you might need to employ other guides that would help in getting clients to adventurous spots.

 14. Special Event Security

The special events business is a lucrative one once you have become established and know your way round the business. Every year, there are usually many special events that occur and that usually warrant security staff that would help in controlling the crowd. These events which are usually musical concerts, award shows, film festivals, carnivals and so on are usually quite overwhelming for regular security, which is why special event security is usually used.

 15. Non-Medical Senior Care Business

Due to the rising costs of nursing homes, more and more people are keeping their old parents at home and instead looking for someone who can come in to care for them at home for a fee. If you are still fit and do not mind spending time with the elderly, then this could be a business for you to go into.

Before starting this business, you would need to determine what services you want to offer as services range from a visit and meal preparation, light cleaning, medication reminder, client escort, companionship and so many others.

 16. ATM Machine Business

The ATM business once placed in a strategic location is bound to create a lucrative source of income. However, before starting this business, there are certain steps that you would need to follow. There are several decisions that you would need to take in starting this kind of business such as whether to buy a franchise or start the business from the scratch on your own. Your decision would also lead you into determining the kind of equipment you would need to buy for your ATM business, and how many you intend to start with.

 17. Vehicle Wrap and Graphics Business

While starting this kind of business can be seen as challenging, however for those willing to invest in it, there are many lucrative benefits attached. A business plan is needed for this kind of business especially as the plan would address the specifics related to this kind of industry.

You can produce your own graphics and wraps for this business if you have the knowledge on how to or design them and just order the wraps from a dealer. Hire those who have an automotive detailing or repair experience to help in running your business.

 18. Wilderness Survival School

Due to the fact that more and more people are becoming more aware of their environment and also have the desire to be self sufficient, there has been an increase in wilderness survival schools.  If you have a land and building and intend starting this kind of business, you would need to get permits and license for your land and building and for the business as well. Then you would need to write a business plan that would show clearly what your budget is, and what your short and long term goals for the business are.

 19. Disaster Planning and Preparation Service

Disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, flood, tornadoes, blizzards and wildfire are recurring on a regular basis. These disasters often wreak havocs on houses as well as the communities at large. It is due to this that people are starting to look towards different preventive measures that might help in reducing the destruction of properties experienced from these disasters.

In starting this business, you would need to know what would likely work in the community to town you would be operating in. You might offer boarded up services for windows and doors to be used during these disasters.

 20. Residential Security Consultant

As a residential security consultant, clients see you as one who has expert advice and tips on various security issues and how they can be handled. To become a residential security consultant, you must have a deep knowledge in the area of security and must also remain constantly updated on new and evolving trends in this industry.

To get people to be aware of your services, you would need to ensure that you promote your business well. If you are successful, several security stores and companies might want to partner with you so that you help promote their business.

 21. Restaurant Business

Not all veterans were there for combat purposes, some were army cooks. If you have a passion for cooking and love to try out new recipes every now and then which people rave about, then you might need to start your own restaurant business.

You would need a business plan in starting out your restaurant business as this is a business that has a lot of competitors and would require you to be on your toes in terms of leverage. To gain customers, you might need to come up with one or two special recipes that would constantly bring customers to your restaurants.

 22. Commercial Cleaning Business

No business likes to operate in a dirty environment, hence the need for commercial cleaners why would not only keep the interiors and exteriors clean but also ensure that the business image is enhanced positively.  The cleaning business is such a lucrative one that if you are a focused and determined entrepreneur, you can easily make enough money within few months of starting the business. All you would need are the cleaning supplies as well as knowledge of the best cleaning chemicals.  

 23. Tax Services

Most individuals and business owners do not like to prepare their own tax due to varying reasons which could due to the fact that it might be bothersome or complicated or so as to avoid making an erroneous mistake that could cause a penalty from the law and so people usually prefer having a tax expert handle their taxes. You might need to promote your services rigorously so that people are aware of it. You might advertise your skills on forums and via social media platforms.

 24. Pizza Restaurant

Everyone loves pizza and pizza is taken every day in the united states, which makes it such a lucrative business to run. Even though there are several pizza restaurants, you can distinguish yourself by offering creative unique recipes that customers absolutely love.

The first thing you would need to do before starting this business is to ensure that you develop a business plan, which will act a guide for your business. Also, ensure that your location is not only convenient for your customers but also gets an approval from the local health and fire departments. In order words, you would need to ensure that your location meets with the food and safety requirements.

 25. Garage Door Repair Business

Garage doors are part of every home either in suburban or rural areas. Most people take their garage doors for granted till it spoils. A garage door can either get spoilt via the door opener or another part of the garage door.  If you are good in the repair of garage doors, then you are in for a very lucrative business.

All you would need to do is ensure that most people are aware of your services by pasting fliers in strategic places in your local community. You could also knock on doors and pass out your business cards and lastly, ask that your satisfied customers refer you to others.

 26. Tire Shop

Starting a tire shop might not be as challenging as an auto repair shop but if you do not plan your business properly, it could fail. Before starting a tire shop, ensure that you evaluate the existing competition and draft out strategies that you would need to stay above or have an edge over your competition.

You would also need to pick a location that can be easily accessible for your clients. Decide if you intend selling used tires, new ones or even selling both. This business would require you get permits and licenses from the county or state you intend operating in.

 27. Temporary Staffing Agency

This might not be an easy business to start up and run especially as the business is dependent on the economy. A downturn in the economy will see clients demanding for less temporary staff as opposed to a boom in the economy.

This however is not to discourage you from starting the business, as with any business, you would need to ensure that you carry out a thorough research on what it would take to start the business and also draft out strategies that can be applied during economic downturns.

28. Professional Tutor

If you have passion towards one or several subjects, and want to impart your knowledge to others, then you can become a professional tutor. As a professional tutor, you would need to be constantly updated and have relevant knowledge of the subjects you are tutoring on.

You can decide what age grade you would like to tutor and then allow your client choose a location that would be convenient for them. You could decide on doing a group tutoring or stick to teaching clients individually.

 29. Lawn Care or Landscaping Business

Everyone loves to have their lawns looking good but not everyone wants to put in the work intended to make the lawns look good, and so often seek the services of those into the lawn car or landscaping business.

To start this business, you would need to get the different tools and equipment necessary and also know about the various chemicals that you would need to start your business. You would also need to know more than the average person about gardening basics and techniques. Another requirement needed for this job is being physically fit.

 30. Bar and Grill

Even though the bar and grill business is one that is competitive and has seen various new bar and grills startups failing, this fact shouldn’t deter you from starting out the business, especially if you feel you have an advantage that would propel your business.

Before starting this business, you would need to acquire all the necessary permits and paperwork. Since you would be running a bar, you would need a liquor license. You would also need to hire a bartender that is highly skilled in serving drinks as well as attending to customers.

 31. Commercial and Residential Painter

Every new apartment requires a new coat of paint, so also does every new business facility. Even though most people feel they can probably paint a wall themselves, they are often clumsy at it and so usually require an expert painter to carry out the task, especially as stuffs like ladders, scaffolding are necessary to carry out some parts of the painting task. You can start this business with low funds and operate from home. This is a business that can ensure you earn a steady stream of income.

 32. Property Maintenance Business

To start this kind of business you would need to deliberately plan at creating a sustainable Business model. This kind of business are either one-offs or on a contract basis. Whatever basis you intend on starting the business can be sustained on a long term if you carry out your business satisfactorily.  You would need a business plan as well as scouting out your competitors to ensure you understand the business terrain you would be venturing into.

 33. Private Investigation Firm

As a veteran, starting this business which requires a lot of details and focus would be something up your park as previous military experience can be brought to bear. This business might require that you brush up on existing laws guiding the operation of this kind of business, especially those in your state of operation.  To get clients which might be private individuals or business organizations, you would need to ensure that you publicize your business both offline and online.

  1. Licensed Arms Dealer

To get a gun dealer’s license, would require that you fill out a Federal Firearms License (FFL) application and also a certificate of compliance to the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and submit with the necessary fees.  Starting this business is usually a tedious affair as background checks and fingerprint scans are usually required. You might also be required depending on the state you would be operating from to take firearm courses.

 35. Courier Service

If you have a dependable vehicle to deliver goods, and a cell phone with which your customers can use to get in touch with you, then you can start a courier business. You can start this business without needing a huge capital. You can start small and slowly expand as you get more clients and customers.

In starting this business, you would need to decide on which set of customers – residential or business – to focus on. Also, it is necessary you look at the available rates and decide on what you would charge your customers.

 36. Pest Control Services

Pests are often a nuisance whether in residential homes or in business premises. To ensure that pests are reduced to the barest minimum, homeowners and business people usually employ pest control to help in carrying out this task.

As a pest control, you are required to identify all the points where pests can use in entering premises and then seal it off, before fumigating the house to rid it of pests that might be in the house. You would need to find out what requirements would be needed by the authorities that would enable you start this business.

 37. Trash Removal Business

This is a business that usually does not have many people wanting to venture into it probably because it is usually regarded as a non-dignifying business. However, if you are a determined entrepreneur who is out to make money, then going into this business won’t be much of a problem for you. You get to make money when people are moving, renovating or cleaning out their houses.

 38. Auto Repair Business

To start this kind of business, you must enjoy working on autos. However, due to ever changing technology and the ways cars are being manufactured now, it would require you to constantly update your knowledge on how these newly manufactured cars can be repaired so that you

 39. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business

This can be challenging but yet lucrative business. You would need to study this industry seriously before embarking into the business so that you are guided and not make mistakes that are unnecessary. You would need to write out a strong business plan and would also need to contact regulatory agencies so as to get the necessary permits and licenses that you would require to be able to operate.

 40. Security Gadgets Installation

More and more people are making use of security gadgets due to the rising concerns with security. This has led to more and more people going into the security gadgets business as manufacturers, retailers or installations.

To start this kind of business, you would need to be constantly informed about new and security gadgets and which will be best for your clients. The good thing about this business is that it is recession proof especially people would always want a gadget installed for them regardless of the whether the economy is good or not.

41. Gun Range Business

A gun range business can either be indoors or outdoors depending on your budget. A gun range is usually a business that not everyone can run but if you a veteran; this could be a business for you. The business requires strict federal, state as well as local regulations. You would need insurance and also proper safety standards and record keeping.

  1. Bathroom Remodeling Business

To start this kind of business, you would need to be versed in the use of remodeling design software so as to first understand your client requirements visually before starting work. Also, due to the facts that most clients are usually influenced by trends, you would need to be updated on relevant trends as well.

 43. Self-Defense Training

Self defense training is no longer seen as something for just a select group of people, as everyone now wants to learn one or two things so as to be able to defend themselves in times when it is needed. As a veteran, who intends to go into this kind of business, you would need to have one or two tricks up your sleeve as you would be facing competition from other trainers.

You can let your clients decide on which type of classes – groups or individuals – they would prefer. Ensure that you promote your business in target areas and that your business is located in a conspicuous place.

  1. Photography

There are so many factors that ensure that one succeeds in the photography business. Firstly, you would need a portfolio of your jobs as portfolios are very important especially for those just starting out. You would also need to get the right tools that would bring out the best in your photographs.

You would need to register and get a license for your business, and also draft out a business plan. Ensure that you build a client list by using word of mouth and referrals to promote your business. You can build your client list both online and offline.

 45. Security Bodyguards Business

More and more people are becoming famous either due to their talents or due to their wealth, this includes, celebrities (music and film), business men, politicians, and other high profile individuals. Due to the fame garnered by this people, they are usually a target for kidnappers and so usually require bodyguard services for themselves and families.

In starting this business, prior security experience is highly recommended as clients are more comfortable with experienced business owners. You would need to find out what licensing you might require in starting the business.

 46. Breeding and Sales of Security Dogs

Breeding and sale of security dogs is a challenging business as you would need to invest significant time, finances and resources for the dogs, as well as veterinarian care. However, the business is also lucrative as well. You might decide to concentrate on just one breed of dogs for security purposes or several; this is so your clients could have a choice.

 47. Gun Cleaning Business

As a veteran who has been around guns, starting a gun cleaning business might just be an easy business for you to start. Gun cleaning is not usually a tedious affair and you could add other services as well if you want to. M In starting this business, you would need to stay updated as regards correct cleaning tools, solutions and lubrication, as well as how they can be used.

 48. Identity Theft Protection Agency

If you are well versed in cyber security, then you could start this business.  The business requires that measures are provided so that criminals cannot get hold of your client’s identity either offline or online.

 49. Self Defense Driving School

A defensive driving school which is mostly associated with helping teenage drivers and other drivers such as bullion van, police car, and ambulance drivers know what to do under special conditions such as driving under pleasure either to save life or time. To start this kind of business, you will need to find out what licenses and certifications you would need.

 50. Security Gadget Retail

The high demand for security and its accessories makes starting this business a lucrative one. You would need to be updated on the various new gadgets and what their functions are. Find out what requirements would be needed from you before starting this business.

Even though most of the businesses listed above might look like something you can easily start off, you should never neglect carrying out a thorough research so that you are aware of any obstacles you might likely face and the strategies you would need to be able to overcome such obstacles and make a profit for yourself.