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20 Best Water Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you live in a small town or city where there is scarcity of usable water? If Yes, here are 50 best profitable water related small business ideas. Water is something nobody can do without.

Regardless of your race, financial status, tribe or pedigree, you will always need water in one way or the other. This makes water-related business ideas the perfect idea for anyone looking for a business that would guarantee high turnover and profit. Below are 50 water-related business ideas that you can consider:

Best Water Business ideas

1. Borehole Drilling

You can start a business that involves helping new home owners, factories, and commercial establishments who may not be able to rely on public water supply to drill boreholes. Borehole drilling is a very lucrative business but you may have to undergo some training before you can start a business of your own.

2. Irrigation Expert

If there is a large farming community in your area, you can make money from becoming an irrigation expert. Farmers always need constant access to water supply in order to ensure the growth of their crops. One of the methods that they use to guarantee efficient water supply is irrigation and you can make a lot of money from offering your services as an irrigation expert to farmers around you.

3. Water Purification Services

This is the most lucrative water-related business idea that any business man can explore in the 21st century. Our public water systems have become distrusted by most people because they sometimes contain harmful chemicals and properties.

What most homeowners do to protect themselves from harmful diseases that they may be exposed to from drinking public water is to install a water purification system in their homes so that the public water that flows into their home is totally purified, and can be used for cooking, drinking and any other needs without causing illnesses or diseases. This is another good business idea to offer to homeowners in your city.

4. Plumbing

Almost every home would require the services of a plumber at one time or the other whether for installing new waters supply systems in their homes, or to provide repair services.

5. Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is gaining more popularity among health and fitness enthusiasts. Alkaline water is believed to help neutralize acidity levels in the body and prevent a lot of diseases including cancer. You can consider starting your own alkaline water production business, or become a retailer in your city.

6. Water Treatment Tablets

You can start producing or retailing water treatment tablets in your city, or online. People who cannot afford to install full water filtration systems in their home just settle for buying water treatment tablets to purify water in their homes.

7. Water Softeners

Hard water can be very tough to use around the home. A lot of people buy water softeners to make hard water easy to use. You can consider retailing water softeners, or produce your own brand of water softeners.

8. Water Resort or Park

Another lucrative water related business idea is to set up a water park or resort where people can visit to enjoy water sporting activities such as boating, parasailing, paddle boarding, and surfing to mention a few.

9. Mineral Water

Mineral water just like alkaline water, is very popular these days as most people believe that it can supply the body with essential minerals for better performance.

There are a lot of mineral water brands in the market today but there is still enough room for you to set up your own mineral water production factory and start making your own brand of mineral water. If you can’t afford to set up a factory, you can still make a lot of money from retailing or supplying mineral water to supermarkets and grocery stores around you.

10. Water Aquarium

A lot of people decorate their homes with aquariums. You can make money from designing and creating mini water aquariums for sale or if you have a lot of funds to invest, you can set up a giant aquarium where people can visit for recreational purposes.

11. Waterfront Restaurant

A restaurant that overlooks a sea, ocean, beach or any water facility is always a choice place for classy people. If you can find a suitable spot for it within your city, setting up a waterfront restaurant is a very lucrative business idea.

12. Water Heater Installation/Repair

Nobody likes to live in a home without hot water for showers and other basic needs but water heaters can sometimes breakdown which leaves the homeowners no other choice than to engage the services of a water heater repair expert as quickly as possible.

If you can learn how to provide this service, you will never fall short of customers who need to install new water heaters in their homes, or repair faulty ones.

13. Water Delivery Services

Another lucrative business idea is to start a water delivery business to deliver bottled water to homes, hotels, commercial enterprises, grocery stores, supermarkets, and other commercial establishments. You pick up the water from the manufacturers at discounted rates, and then supply them to buyers after adding a markup to guarantee your profits.

14. Water Pumping and Restoration Services

When floods or other natural disasters ravage a home, the services of water pumping and restoration experts are always required to eliminate the water, and then take preventive measures to prevent mold and deterioration of the home. This is another lucrative water-related business idea you can offer to homeowners in your city.

15. Ice Block Production and Supply

Another business to try is making and supplying of Ice block in large quantities to bars, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, drink stores, and event planners in your city.

16. Amphibious Vehicles

If you have a lot of money to invest, you can consider investing in the amphibious vehicle production industry. Amphibious vehicles are vehicles that are able to run on water.

17. Commercial Fishing

If you can get a fishing license in your state, you can become a fish farmer. A lot of people consume fish so you can easily sell to restaurants, supermarkets, and private individuals in your city.

18. Public Swimming Pool

Swimming is a choice sport for many people. If you can afford it, you can start a public swimming pool where people can come and hang out, and relax with their friends and family.

19. Life Guard

You can become a lifeguard and work at beaches, water resorts, and public swimming pools to save people and tourists from water hazards.

20. Water Bottles

There are many innovative water bottles in the markets aimed at helping people drink more water for the various health benefits they can derive from it.

A typical example is the fruit-infused water bottle. You can come up with your own innovative water bottle idea, have a manufacturer or company with private labeling services produce it for you, and start selling to the market. As long as your idea is a truly innovative one, you can make a lot of money from this.