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30 Best Business ideas Aimed at Men You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a business offering product or service to male customers? If YES, here are 30 best small business ideas & opportunities targeted at men. While shopping has long been associated with women because women are the ones who are naturally attuned to spend on everyday things, but today men have their own fair share of needs that need to be met.

According to the population index, the number of men and women in the world is roughly equal, though men hold a slight lead with 102 men for 100 women (in 2015). More precisely, out of 1,000 people, 504 are men (50.4%) and 496 are women (49.6%).

This shows that the male population are a very strong demographic to target for business. With the male population being at an all-time high, any business targeted at them is sure to become a success. If you love working with men, here are a few business ideas targeted at men that would net you a lot of money.

Best Businesses Targeted at Men

  1. Gun selling and cleaning business

Gun selling and cleaning business is one business that has mostly male targets. In spite of the fact that gun ownership is becoming increasingly restrictive due to government legislation in both the United States and Canada, opening and operating a retail business that buys, sells, and trades guns still has the potential to be profitable.

In addition to gun sales you can also sell ammunition and hunting-related products as well as offer a gun repair service. Promote the business by establishing alliances with gun clubs and shooting ranges as well as with firearm instructors, as these clubs and individuals can refer your business to others.

  1. Open a Bar

Opening a bar is one of the most profitable small business ideas targeted at men. It is about fun, laughter, celebrations, and friends. Owning a bar will mean long hours of work and attention all the time. Before you dive into opening a bar, ask yourself if you’re a type of person who wants to start or own a bar.

There is no rule that says you must run it yourself, but probably it will need your time especially in the beginning when you’re hiring a good team and trustworthy managers. A bar can be made successful within the first six months, and then you’ll be able to recover the initial investment within the next three years.

The two main reasons why the bar businesses fail is lack of enough capital and not knowing about the business very well. However, if you have a clear vision, you can learn about this business, and hence can reward yourself in the form of a successful bar.

  1. Male Skin Care products Business

Previously, women were the only ones given to taking care of their skins, but today men are getting increasingly interested on how their sins look. If you want to start an upcoming business that has men as the target demography, you can start selling male skin care products.

Starting your own skin care product business can be a fantastic venture. Before you think of diving into it, you should research the skin care product industry. The better option would be visiting a few local cosmetics center near you. Nowadays the more emphasis is on natural products, therefore keeping natural products too would definitely be a wise decision.

In order to minimize the startup capital, you can start from with the basic skin care products, and gradually expand with the time. Basic skin care products startup would cost you up to $10,000, it can be operated as other part-time small businesses.

  1. T-shirt Designing business

Men and women both wear t-shirts, but the major niche that uses t-shirts as everyday clothing is the male population. Therefore, designing and selling t-shirts online has become a profitable small business idea that is targeted at men.

The best thing about the t-shirt designing is that it can be started online without spending much. However, the competition is stiff. In addition, there are other hurdles and obstacles that you may face especially at the beginning of your business. In order to break through, you’ll have to design standard t-shirts that are loved by the male population.

  1. Barbers Shop

Barbers provide grooming services like haircuts and shaves. If you know the work and understand how to deal with the customer asking for different services, it can be a profitable business opportunity that is targeted exclusively at men. This profession is highly social. Not only will you need conversing skills but you will also need listening skills.

Barbershop is considered one of the oldest small business ideas for men. The business flourishes when your business name sticks out in the target area. Younger boys and males always appreciate quality haircut. If you make them happy once, they will become long-lasting clients.

  1. Male clothes Tailoring business

Tailoring business is among the best small business ideas that can be targeted at men. This business has low investment and high profit yield. Tailors make clothes and alter them. They also use embroidery and other decorative arts to make customized fashionable clothes.

This business requires sewing skills. This means that if you have already been in the business, it can be good for you, otherwise, it is not. However, if you like the idea, you can learn the skill of sewing clothes.

This can be done by joining a tailoring business, and it would cost you about six months to learn, or sometimes even more. This business has excellent growth potential, and of course, it will continue to grow in the future. You only need to be an expert at marketing to men.

  1. Video Club Business

It has been proved that men rent more videos than women, so if you open a video club, your main customers would be men.

If you are a movie buff, and really love to collect movies, then you may want to start a video club. Though the market is a very competitive one, but truth remains that there are still an avalanche of clients that you will attract. The idea is that you must have the latest collection of movies, so that you do not come across as not being serious.

  1. Online Gaming Business

A whole of business transactions happen on the internet. And one of such businesses is the online gaming business. If you are a frequent visitor to online game stores, you will see more men and quite a few women, if any. To start this business, you need to determine the types of games you want to play.

This would need that you hire a graphic artiste who will help you in the overall design of the website. Currently, video games are a billion-dollar business. Additionally, the market is growing rapidly.

Not only the children, but the seniors are also the major consumers of different video games. Actually, the fun and mental agility are among the main reasons to the older gamers who choose this pastime. Sometimes it also a great after-school activity for the kids.

  1. Casino business

When you go to the card tables, you get to meet mostly male customers as they are the bigger risk takers, that is why a casino business is yet another business that has mostly male customers. Even if you see women, there, they are mostly there to keep the men company.

A casino is simply a public place where a variety of games of chance can be played, and where gambling is the primary activity engaged in by patrons. The typical casino adds a host of luxuries to help attract players, including restaurants, free drinks, stage shows and dramatic scenery, but there have certainly been less lavish places that house gambling activities.

  1. Bungee Jumping

Nowadays, this type of entertainment is becoming hugely popular among the male population. And demand is also increasing. This is because bungee jumping is one activity that requires a lot of gut and grit. However, the bungee jumping business is cash intensive.

The business demands an upfront startup capital investment for equipment buying, licensing etc. But if you are able to set up this business in a good location where you can get loads of tourists, you can make good profits out of it.

  1. Drone Business

Men love playing with equipment, drones inclusive. There is a saying that men never abandoned their toys, they just bought bigger ones.

If you are drone enthusiastic, you can consider initiating a drone-related business. There are several lucrative opportunities that you can explore in this field. Drones are getting huge popularity these days in segments like photography, survey, factory operation etc. You will never lack customers in this business if you know how to promote the business.

  1. Drop-shipping men’s fashion

With drop-shipping, you don’t need to worry about designing, manufacturing or shipping your products. Drop-shipping companies will do all of this work for you. When a customer purchases an item from your online store – the drop-shipper receives the order and ships out the item.

By drop-shipping your products – you’ll be able to pass on the task of designing, manufacturing or shipping your products to a third-party wholesaler. Drop-shipping companies are manufacturers that will send products directly to your customers when the products are purchased.

Once a customer places the order – shipping and product info are sent to the company who then ships the product out to your customer. This negates the need for storing stock and shipping items out of your home and frees you up to spend more time focused on marketing and building your brand on social media.

While you can lower the cost of goods for drop-shipping men’s fashion by purchasing in bulk from Alibaba – if you’re looking to have products shipped on-demand after purchase, you can also have them drop-shipped through AliExpress.

Drop-shipping products might be more expensive than purchasing them wholesale, but because the item is shipped only after it’s been purchased – there will be less loss of funds and overstock. With drop-shipping, you only purchase a product after it’s been sold.

  1. Forex Business

Forex trading, because of its intricacies are not for the soft in heart. It is a fact that men are born risk takers and that is why you will see more men speculating in the forex market. So, if you want to target the male population, you can start a forex trading business.

The working mechanism on forex is very simple. The earning from forex depends on speculation. You buy the currency at a lower level and sell it when the currency is on a higher level.

  1. Jet Ski Rental

Jet Ski is a powerful water machine, and men love their machines, whether they are designed to run on land or water. Jet Ski rental business is a great opportunity for one who wants to target the male population. If you live nearby a large water body, then you can consider this opportunity. Generally, sea beaches are the most preferred location for this type of water sports business.

  1. T-shirt Printing Business

T-shirts with exciting graphics and funky logos are in high demand. T-shirt retailing business is worth millions of dollars and relies on efficient t-shirt printers to meet the supply. Several suppliers are already in the business, but there is enough room for new players.

You can take the orders from multinational brands or local businesses or even launch your own line. Moreover, this industry allows you to work on your terms, i.e., you can either choose to work from a small room or start off with a big factory-based production.

  1. Sell Golf Equipment 

Golf is sometimes known as the gentleman’s sports because of the way and manner it is played, so the industry sees mostly male clients. The golf equipment market is projected to grow at the rate of 3.0% during the forecast period 2018-2023.

This prediction has the chance of climbing even higher. So, if you want to a start a business targeted mostly at men, you can start selling golf equipment.

  1. Ready Mix Concrete Supply

The construction industry is mostly male dominated. This is because of the nature of the nature of work that has to do with construction. Men are the ones that fix roofs, mend broken fences, fix minor plumbing and paint faults, etc. Supplying ready mix concrete is a profitable business for men in the construction industry.

Ready-mix concrete is the most vital material in modern construction. Actually, latest technology developments have made it possible to use it in intricate and architecturally complex structures, requiring a high degree of performance and aesthetic appearance.

  1. Shoe Shine Business

First of all, let us discuss what is a shoe shine shop business. Actually, a shoe shine shop provides cleaning and shining services of the shoes. Sometimes, this kind of shop provides more services like repairing etc. Shoes that require shining are mostly worn by men, and so this kind of business would mostly attract the male population.

19. Male Sports Coaching

The sports coaching field is expected to continue performing well in the years to come. And there are several reasons behind it.

It is due to increased participation in sports for health benefits as well as to offset the high cost of college tuition through sports scholarships. If you are a sports coach who wants to work with males only, you can start a male sports coaching business.

  1. Sell fishing tackle

Most men love to fish as a sport, and they will always take their kids on fishing expedition. That is why this business has mostly male customers. Almost any equipment or gear used for fishing can be called fishing tackle.

Some examples are hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes. Gear that is attached to the end of a fishing line is called terminal tackle. If you live close to a water body, you can start this business.

21. Human Billboards for male products

If you have no qualms about parading around promoting stuff and grabbing eyeballs from strangers, then you can make some good bucks by becoming a human billboard. Brands can either rent out your beard or hair to carve their logo.

All you need to do is to walk around in the markets and crowded public places to get noticed. You can earn from $5 per day to $7,000 for a contract of five years. However, the business idea is quite radical and might appeal only to a bunch of people – but it pays. The average human billboard salary can be as high as $50,242 per annum.

22. Sell hunting and trapping gear

Men are a sex that are naturally drawn towards hunting and trapping, and previously, this has been a cherished sports. So if you start a business where you sell hunting and trapping gear, you will attract mostly males who are longing for a taste of the great outdoors.

Animal trappers use specialized products to attract, capture and process wildlife. Many require catch-and-release equipment and use these in lawn-care or forestry jobs. Others trap animals for meat, fur and other animal products. A trapping-supply business sells trappers the products they need for their work.

23. Sell cannabis and cannabis smoking accessories

Though women also smoke cannabis or pot, but the segment that is mostly given to cannabis smoking are males. Since cannabis became legal in most parts, the cannabis accessories market has been heating up and giving companies branding opportunities.

There is more to marijuana consumption today than ever before. No longer is the only method available a hand rolled joint and in fact there is much technology that comes into play today.

For example, instead of choosing from a simple pipe, users have all manner of devices available to them. From accessories that look like they belong in a lab environment to simpler fare or even more complicated fare with heat sensors and heat setting to get that ideal puff. You can start this business if it is legal in your area.

24. Open an online sex shop for males

Statistics has it that around 42% of men own or have bought a sex toy at some time in their lives. An online sex shop for males is one good business for someone who does not mind the stereotype. Lovehoney, the largest online sex toy retailer in the uk, reports that they sell one sex toy every 16 seconds.

Right now, the sex toy industry makes over $15 billion annually. The profit rolls in from over 80 million different sex toys worldwide. By 2022, the sex toy industry will be making over $50 billion a year. That means that the sex toy market will soon become as profitable as the tech market.

25. Boutique Barber Shop Business

With the rise of boutique barber shops and grooming kits, men have become less shy about styling their hair, taking care of their skin, and dressing up. This is a good business that is targeted at men. Find out what others are doing, how they’ve branded themselves, and how you can set your brand apart.

If you’re aiming to use natural ingredients or sustainable materials, you should start looking for the best suppliers early on. A small business specializing in men’s grooming would be more sensible to people when they see that the owner is male.

  1. Male Box subscription business

The box subscription business has exploded. While it’s nothing new, and it’s been around for ages now, the overwhelming rise of the internet has breathed newfound life into this Online business idea. What is a box subscription exactly?

If you think back for a moment to one of the most viral box subscriptions businesses, you’ll clearly recall the Dollar Shave Club. Founded by Michael Dubin in 2011, the concept was ingenious in its use of a video that quickly went viral.

Like other box subscription businesses, there’s a basic level of items that you can order that would resonate with the male population. If you are able to put these items together and to get a good followership, you will be successful with your male subscription box business.

27. Male spa

While women have been long comfortable with the spa concept, entrepreneurs are still analyzing concepts that would suit the male population well so as to bring them into the spa parlor in droves. The fact is that men also need relaxation, so if you have a good concept of what men would love in a spa, you can open a spa targeted at men. With good promotion, you will have no problems with this business.

28. Beard trimming business

Men have beards and they need to constantly take care of it. Most men would not mind a place where they can go exclusively to give their beards a professional touch. There are loads of beard trimming business around, but there are still opportunities in the industry for more.

29. Sell men’s fashion online

Men’s fashion is an increasingly growing niche market. In the last few years – the growth of the menswear market outpaced that of the women’s market and is forecasted to grow 22.5% by 2022 – totalling around $22.9 billion. This is likely credited to a cultural shift that’s taken place in the western world that seems to have more men focused on their appearance.

This shift has left a robust market for men’s fashion entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to start an online store right now – this is a great niche to get into.

Menswear offers a wide variety of products, so there’s a lot of options for growth. You might consider starting off selling a handful of basic clothing products and then expand into accessories, tees, formal wear, designer apparel, outerwear and more.

Although it might seem daunting trying to break into an industry with so many established players – the size of the market leaves a lot of possibilities for cornering specific niches. Men’s fashion is something that half of the population needs in one form or another – so success is dependent on how well an entrepreneur knows their audience and can deliver products that will appeal to them.

30. Have a men underwear brand

Male underwear is yet another booming male targeted business. This niche is indeed growing with brands entering the market almost weekly. The best way to get started in this business is to find a targeted audience via social media. When it comes to fashion brands – visual mediums like Instagram are great for this.

You may want to start by exploring profiles and hashtags that you believe are relevant to the expected audience for your brand. Think about the celebrities they’d be following and what common interests they’d have with each other.

When you understand what kind of audience you’re hoping to attract, you’ll be able to produce regular content that appeals to them and will start to pick up followers over time. Remember to like and comment on audience posts as well, to increase the exposure of your profile.