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6 Commercial Soap Making Equipment Suppliers in USA

Do you want to start a soap making business but don’t know where to buy the equipment? If YES, here are 6 commercial soap making equipment suppliers in USA.

Soap making is serious business especially when done commercially. Studies published by Expert Market Research show that the value of the worldwide soap industry is currently $18 billion, with a surge to $24 billion expected by the year 2022. Making soap has become a way to earn extra income for many households in the united states.

Commercial soap making requires a lot of heavy duty equipment such as professional pot tippers, oil/wax tanks, industrial soap cutters, professional soap mixers, Lye storage tanks, heavy duty mixers, professional all-purpose melters, stainless steel moulds, lip balm trays, dual voltage timer, drying tray dolly, digital thermometer, pour pitchers and kettles, etc.

It should be noted that the soap making industry comprises of both businesses that make soap and those that don’t have anything to do with the finished product. These businesses that have nothing to do with soap per say, include commercial soap making equipment suppliers. There are quite a number of businesses in the United States that thrive just by supplying commercial soap making equipment to soap manufacturers. Here are a few of them;

6 Commercial Wholesale Soap Making Equipment Suppliers in USA

  1. Bulk Apothecary 

Bulk Apothecary was founded in mid 2010 as a small brick and mortar specialty retailer in Streetsboro, Ohio. It has since grown to become one of the nation’s largest online suppliers of natural ingredients and essential oils. They are currently the largest supplier of wholesale soap making products in all of North America.

With 16,000 product sku’s and 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space, they have the ability to beat almost any competitors price on nearly anything they sell. Their main focus from the beginning was soap and candle making supplies, but word of their fantastic prices, amazing quality and excellent customer service spread out.

Within 3 years, they expanded their offering to a wide range of specialty ingredients and vitamin supplements and had a dominant online presence that was growing by the day.  Today, they still operate a small store in Streetsboro, Ohio but also have an online presence.

Bulk Apothecary has a complete line of wholesale soap making supplies including molds, clamshells, cutters, trays, melt and pour bases, raw ingredients, essential oils, colors and so much more. They currently carry a complete line of soap making supplies ranging from loaf’s, to silicone trays and even traditional plastic molds. Pretty much anything you need to make your own soap.

  1. Botanie Soap

Botanie Soap is yet another company that supplies commercial soap making equipment. They have all of the natural soap making supplies required to make your soap. Essential oils, soap making lye, soap making tools and equipment including soap molds. They also supply pre-measured soap making kit that comes with all the ingredients you need.

  1. Elements Bath & Body

Elements Bath & Body has all the wholesale soap making supplies you may need for your next project. If you need supplies for making cosmetics and toiletries, or some old fashioned soap making, they have everything ready to order.

They offer a wide variety of wholesale soap making supplies, bath and body supplies, recipes, packaging, and accessories to suit any soap making or cosmetic requirements. They also have various soap boxes for your soap making venture, lip balm tubes, beeswax, fragrance oils, liquid soap base, melt and pour soap base, and recipes for soap making.

Elements Bath & Body soap making & toiletry supplies company was created in 2001. They pride themselves with offering the best selection of soap making and toiletry supplies to make it fun for you. They are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to bringing you high quality, wholesale soap making supplies and toiletry making supplies, excellent customer service, fast shipping and reasonable prices.

  1. Soap Making Machines

Soap Making Machinery Company are reputed manufacturers of soap making machines with two decades of unimpeachable standing and valuable experience. Soap Making Machines have come a long way since the invention of soaps and allied products.

Commercial production of high quality soaps needs high quality soap machines capable of meeting the varied needs of the process. There is a substantial need for these machines in the local and overseas markets as well. Keeping the market opportunities and requirements in mind, they have been manufacturing high quality soap making machines capable of producing detergent cakes, detergent powder, toilet soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos etc.

Keeping the nature of the materials used in the manufacturing of soaps etc, soap machines need to be highly durable and of impeccable quality. The company takes good care to ensure that the machines manufactured by them can handle the various processes in a soap making industry. The soap machines they produce are robust in construction, practical, economical, and ergonomic in design, and unsurpassed in quality.

  1. The Chemistry Store

The Chemistry Store is the leading supplier of soap making supplies and cosmetic ingredients. They carry a full line of products and ingredients for making soap and cosmetics that are of the highest quality and the lowest cost. Since 1998, The Chemistry Store has prided itself on providing excellent customer service, fast shipping, and the lowest prices on the soap making supplies and cosmetic ingredients you need for your next project.

  1. SoapMelters

SoapMelters are another soap making equipment suppliers in the United States. They supply melting tanks, soap oil pots and heaters, soap pot tippers, lye tanks, mixers and soap making equipment, wax melting tanks and wax pouring equipment to many of America’s leading manufacturers and to companies on 6 continents, as well as to Federal and State government agencies and some of the world’s largest corporations.