Does undergoing a leadership development increase your chances of success? Well, I will advice you read on. Leadership focused education is now being offered outside the classroom through online degree programs; this is the reason why most people are striving to earn an MBA. But instead of pursuing an all-purpose executive program like an MBA program, I will advice you undergo a Leadership development program because it delivers an accelerated learning experience and transforms high-potential and well-driven individuals into powerful leaders. A rigid course like MBA necessitates a year or two to finish and might take some time if your own pacing is followed. But at a Leadership development program, a prospective individual or group of individuals can undergo the training tailored to one’s unique needs and challenges.

For individual aspirants, the program’s segment that involves a one-on-one coaching eliminates insecurities and inhibition, and can likewise let the person garner the knowledge desired at own pace. However, if a potential business manager or entrepreneur wants to undertake the program, then he or she is preparing to handle the cross-functional activities of their business that involves motivating, supervising and taking responsibilities of the upper middle zone and the lower middle zone of his company’s hierarchy. Traditionally, the Leadership development program has concentrated its goal in focusing an individual or group to develop their attitudes and leadership abilities. Somehow, this goal has changed over years, hence improved in various ways and means possible to flow with technological changes.

Ability is something not all people are born with. There are lucky few with inborn talents but to a greater number of not so fortunate people, there is still hope to improve. The good news is that you can learn it! We all differ in many ways, this is why your personal characteristic can be a pro or can also be a con in attaining leadership skills. Therefore, a Leadership development program will help you uncover your hidden ability and can somehow gain the following:

How undergoing a leadership development program can help you

1.            Competencies through rigid formalized training program

2.            Leadership Effectiveness through learning how to focus on your goal

3.            Persistence to practice till perfection

The classroom-style training program associated with reading is a very effective way in helping aspiring leaders to understand more about what is involved in proficient leading. But, this traditional system of learning through an enclosed venue only results to continuous behavioral change just within the workplace. There are three variables of a successful Leadership development program:

                Now what makes a good leadership development program

a.            The nature and quality of the program must be a high-achievement drive

b.            Characteristics and personality traits of individual learner (such as internal focus of control, openness to experience and ability to self-monitor)

c.             The Leader’s motivational tactics and genuine support for behavioral change that will inspire individuals to learn the ability and reach its goal

Two Essentials of an Effective Leadership developmental program

1.            It should involve efficient goal setting, following an evaluation of key developmental needs and then assess the attainment of goals after a specified period of time

2.            It should integrate variety of developmental experiences over a specified time period such as experiential classroom style programs, executive coaching, reflective journaling, mentoring, feedback etc.

3 Key Concepts in a Leadership developmental program

1.            Experiential learning:  to position the individual to focus into the processes of learning by considering the four (4) stages of experiential learning such as:

Forming abstract concept

Observation and Reflection

Concrete experience

Testing in new situations

2.            Self efficacy: through right training and coaching. A person should believe in his capabilities to produce effects

3.            Visioning: to develop the ability to devise a clear image of the desire future of an organization unit.

An effective personal Leadership development program enables one to develop a precise plan that will help one gain essentials of leadership skills necessitated for roles across a wide range from youth environment to corporate world. These characteristics may include the following: –

a.            Gaining focus

b.            Taking serious responsibility

c.             Initiating actions

d.            Developing achievable goals

e.            Developing life’s good purpose

In conclusion, succession planning needs the youth of today and is the way to develop high-potential individuals who can take over the current leadership by impacting in them good leadership skills.  Succession planning necessitates a sharp focus on the company’s vision in the future in order to attain leadership development with what the Company or organization wishes to create. To prepare these aspiring individuals, they must undergo a sound Leadership developmental program and put actions to what they have learned. Eventually, they can hand this dream over to the next generation. In short, your business will continue to keep its cycle over and over. Remember, achieving success is not just the acquisition of knowledge and gains; it is all about a goal, a dream.  Success is not about what we know but more on what we aim to become.

Ajaero Tony Martins