Do you want to start a profitable business in Portugal as a foreigner? If Yes, here are 50 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Portugal.

Portugal which is officially known as the Portuguese Republic is a country located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe and has a population of 10,291,027 as of 2017.

Portugal is a developed and a high – income country, with a GDP per capita of 77 percent of the EU28 average in 2017 (increasing from 75 percent in 2012) and an HDI of 0.843 (the 41st highest) in 2016. By the end of 2018, Portugal’s GDP (PPP) was $32,554 per capita, according to OECD’s report.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s quality of life index placed Portugal as the country with the 19th-best quality of life in the world for 2005, ahead of other economically and technologically advanced countries like France, Germany, the united kingdom and South Korea, but 9 places behind its sole neighbor, Spain. This is despite the fact that Portugal remains one of the countries with the lowest per capita GDP in Western Europe.

When it comes to the ease of doing business, Portugal is ranked 34 among 190 economies of the world according to World Bank rating. It is important to note that the International Monetary Fund issued an update report on the economy of Portugal in late-June 2017 with a strong near-term outlook and an increase in investments and exports over previous years.

If you are looking towards starting a business in Portugal and you have not made up your mind on the choice of business to start, here are 50 business opportunities that you can choose from.

50 Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in Portugal

  1. Open a Battery Production Plant

Portugal is rich in its lithium subsoil, which is especially concentrated in the districts of Guarda, Viseu, Vila Real and Viana do Castelo, while most of the country’s lithium comes from the Gonçalo aplite-pegmatite field. The largest lithium mine in Europe is operated by Grupo Mota, Felmica, in the Guarda region, which is estimated to have reserves for 30 years of production.

Lithium prices have risen in expectation of growing demand for the mineral, which is used in batteries for electric vehicles and for storing electricity from the power grid.

This goes to show that there are business opportunities in the lithium industry and an aspiring entrepreneur can take advantage of that and setup a battery factor. As a matter of fact, Europe consumes more than 20 per cent of the global supply of battery-grade lithium but currently has to import all its supplies of the mineral.

  1. Start Copper Wire Production Business

One viable and of course profitable business that can be started in Portugal is copper wire production business. Portugal is a significant European minerals producer and is ranked among Europe’s leading copper producers. Any entrepreneur that decides to go into the production of copper wire will have easy access to raw copper.

In order to maximize profits from this line of business, it will pay you to locate your plant close to a copper mine and also ensure that you target international marketers who will help you export your products to other countries of the world.

  1. Start a Fishing Business

If you are considering starting a thriving business in Portugal, then one of your options is to start a fishing business. By fishing business, I mean fishing on the high sea. Traditionally a sea-power, Portugal has had a strong tradition in the Portuguese fishing sector and is one of the countries with the highest fish consumption per capita.

The main landing sites in Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), according to total landings in weight by year, are the harbours of Matosinhos, Peniche, Olhão, Sesimbra, Figueira da Foz, Sines, Portimão and Madeira. There is indeed a global market for fishes and you can leverage on that to generate foreign exchange for your business.

  1. Open a Fish Processing Plant

Another ideal business that can be started in Portugal especially if you want to leverage on the fishing industry is to open a fish processing plant. Fish processing is all about canning, drying or using preservatives on fish so as to make them stay longer.

Interestingly, Portuguese-processed fish products are exported through several companies, under a number of different brands and registered trademarks, such as Ramirez, the world’s oldest active canned fish producer.

  1. Start Commercial Farming Business

There are several business opportunities available in the agricultural industry in Portugal and one good thing about the industry is that there is market for all the produce from the industry. Commercial farming is all about mass – cultivation of crops and rearing animals, fish, and birds et al for the sole aim of making profits. In most cases, it is referred to as mechanized farming.

Good enough Portugal is known to produce a wide variety of crops and livestock products, including: tomatoes, citrus, green vegetables, rice, corn, wheat, barley, olives, oilseeds, nuts, cherries, bilberry, table grapes, edible mushrooms, dairy products, poultry and beef. You can engage in the cultivation of some or all of the above and you can be rest assured that there will be market for your produce.

  1. Start Furniture Making Business

Forestry has also played an important economic role among the rural communities and industry. To leverage on this, you can start a furniture making factory and your job will be mainly to manufacture or make household (living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, upholstered, coffee tables, sofa tables, end tables, sofas, love seats, chairs, bookshelves, ottomans, display cabinets, consoles and TV stands and otherwise), outdoor and office furniture (Desks and home office goods, lamps, recliners, rugs and outdoor furniture make up the rest of sales).

  1. Start Paper Bag Manufacturing Business

Another profitable business in the thriving forestry industry in Portugal that an investor can start is a paper bag manufacturing business. It is a known fact that paper bag is one commodity that is used mostly in the retailing industry.

Although nylon bags cum polythene bags are also used, but most people prefer paper bags for obvious reasons. This goes to show that there is indeed a very large market for paper bags in our world; hence loads of investors are pitching their tent in the paper bag manufacturing industry.

  1. Start the Production of Exercise Book

Starting exercise book production is yet another thriving business in the thriving forestry industry in Portugal that an aspiring entrepreneur can start. All across the world, school children make use of exercise books for writing in school.

As a matter of fact, exercise book production business is not a complicated business to start and it is open to all and sundry. What most standard exercise book production companies leverage on to increase sales cum revenue generation is robust distribution network within their coverage areas.

  1. Start Papercraft Business

Paper craft is the collection of art forms employing paper or card as the primary artistic medium for the creation of three-dimensional objects. It is the most widely used material in arts and crafts.

It lends itself to a wide range of techniques, as it can for instance be folded, cut, glued, molded, stitched, or layered. Papermaking by hand is also an important paper craft. Paper crafts are known in most societies that use paper, with certain kinds of crafts being particularly associated with specific countries or cultures.

  1. Start Paper Prototyping Business

Paper prototyping business is a profitable business that is bound to succeed in Portugal. In human–computer interaction, paper prototyping is a widely used method in the user-centered design process, a process that helps developers to create software that meets the user’s expectations and needs.

It is off-the-cuff prototyping and involves creating rough, even hand-sketched, drawings of an interface to use as prototypes, or models, of a design. While paper prototyping seems simple, this method of usability testing can provide a great deal of useful feedback which will result in the design of better products.

  1. Open Tomato Processing Plant

If you live in Portugal and in a town where tomatoes are produced in large quantities, then establishing your own tomato processing plant might just be the best business venture you might invest in. No doubt, you would require huge startup capital to build your own tomato processing plant, but the good news is that the market for processed tomato products is enormous and profitable.

The good thing about starting a tomato processing plant is that you could establish your plant in any part of the world where you can easily access tomato farms and cheaper labor and then export your products all of the globe. The end products from an ideal tomato processing plant are the popular ketchup, tomato juice, diced tomatoes, tomato powder, tomato paste, tomato pulp, strained tomatoes, partially dehydrated tomatoes et al.

  1. Start Essential Oil Extraction Business

Portugal is a ideal place to start essential oil extraction business because of the abundance of the raw materials used in the production of essential oils. The fact that this line of business is not very popular means that you must be willing to undertake thorough feasibility studies and market research.

It is indeed a money – spinning business if it is well located and if you are able to create a robust distribution network. An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing explosive compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted.

  1. Start Cooking Oil Production Business

Portugal is known for the cultivation of a wide variety of olives, oilseeds, nuts and other produce that are used in the production of cooking oil. So, if you are looking for a viable business to start in Portugal, then one of your options is to start cooking oil production business.

Starting a cooking oil production company is capital intensive, but it is indeed money – spinning business. This is one business that you can be rest assured will sell irrespective of the season. It is fact that all homes or restaurant cum hotel related businesses make use of cooking oil on a daily basis.

  1. Start Fruit Processing Business

As an aspiring entrepreneur, if you have the required capital and perhaps the required experience, then you should consider starting your own fruit processing plant business in Portugal. It is important to point out that fruit processing plant business is one the businesses that can’t go out of fashion because people eat or drink processed fruits in different forms on a daily basis.

Depending on the scale you want to start, the startup capital for this type of business can be considered to range from moderate to high. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to run a fruit farm / plantation alongside your fruit processing plant if indeed you want to maximize profits in this business.

  1. Open a Feed Mill

There are loads of business opportunities in the poultry farming industry in Portugal and poultry feed mill is one of them. Poultry mill is a production facility where different poultry mashes are produced like layers mash, pre-layers mash, growers mash, broilers starter and finisher et al.

This a business that is open to an aspiring entrepreneur especially those that live around poultry farm communities. All you need to get started is a well – positioned and government approved facility, steady supply of grains and of course, the in and out of running the business.

  1. Start a Dairy Farm Business

In Portugal you can successfully start your own dairy farm and grow the business to an international business exporting your milk and cheese throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Dairy farms basically engage in the sale of raw milk and excludes the production of drinkable fluid milk and processed dairy products like butter, cheese and powdered milk.

Dairy farm is of course a thriving and profitable business because of the usefulness of beef and milk. People eat beef, drink their milk, and use their fur and skin. With cattle milk, cheese can be made, along with other dairy products.

  1. Start a Biotechnology Company

Following the turn of the 21st century, many major biotechnology and information technology industries have been founded, and are concentrated in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra and Aveiro. This goes to show that Portugal is an ideal country to start a biotechnology company.

Biotech companies make use of living organisms or molecular and cellular techniques to provide chemicals, food and services that meet human needs. Fields like medicine and pharmacy, agriculture (hybrid food production, hybrid bird and animal production ) and non-food industries (used in the production of biodegradable plastics and bio – fuels et al) make use of products from biotech companies

  1. Start a Tourism Company

Another profitable business venture that can be started in Portugal is a tourism company. Portugal is among the top 20 most-visited countries in the world, receiving an average of 20,000,000 foreign tourists each year. In 2014, Portugal was elected The Best European Country by the USA Today.

Travel and tourism continues to be extremely important for Portugal. It has been necessary for the country to focus upon its niche attractions, such as health, nature and rural tourism, to stay ahead of its competitors. In 2017, Portugal was elected both Europe’s Leading Destination and World’s Leading Destination.

Tourist hotspots in Portugal are: Lisbon, Cascais, Fatima, Algarve, Madeira, Porto and the city of Coimbra. Lisbon attracts the sixteenth-most tourists among European cities (with seven million tourists occupying the city’s hotels in 2006).

  1. Open a Hotel

Opening a hotel is yet another thriving business that can be started in Portugal. In Portugal and of course all over the world, the hospitality business is being seen as a very serious trade and the reason for this cannot be farfetched. The reason the hospitality business – especially hotel business is being taken seriously is because of its relationship with the tourism industry.

Either locally or internationally, one of the ways to make people who arrive at unknown places at ease is by having a very relaxed hotel for them to lodge in. This is one of the reasons why the hotel business continues to witness a boom.

  1. Start Airport Shuttle Services

All you need to do to get started in this line of business in Portugal is to make enquiries from the airport authority to know if private companies are allowed to run a shuttle service in the airport, and the rules and regulation governing shuttle operators. Airport shuttle service is all about transporting passengers and their luggage within the airport, or from their hotels to the airport and vice versa.

Depending on the kind of permit you obtained to operate your airport shuttle, you would need to acquire standard and comfortable automobiles for this kind of service. Of course, you need to put people with disabilities into consideration when making plans on the kind of shuttle bus or cars to purchase.

  1. Open a Science Park

Science parks is one business that is gaining support in Portugal and you should consider starting yours. With the emergence and growth of several science parks throughout the world that helped create many thousands of scientific, technological and knowledge-based businesses, Portugal started to develop several science parks across the country.

These include the Taguspark (in Oeiras), the Coimbra iParque (in Coimbra), the biocant (in Cantanhede), the Madeira Tecnopolo (in Funchal), Sines Tecnopolo (in Sines), Tecmaia (in Maia) and Parkurbis (in Covilhã). Companies locate in the Portuguese science parks to take advantage of a variety of services ranging from financial and legal advice through to marketing and technological support.

  1. Start Equipment Leasing Business

One of the businesses that you can successfully start in Portugal is an equipment leasing business. There are several equipment that people can rent to accomplish the task they have at hand. Equipment such as, mower, hand drillers, heavy duty drillers, welding machines, forklifts, light construction equipment, medical equipment, audiovisual equipment, industrial energy equipment and pumps and theatrical and motion picture equipment, power saw, filling machine, scaffoldings, etc. So, your responsibility is to look for such equipment and ensure that you have them in your store.

  1. Start a Sales Consulting cum Lead Generation Business

If you are a sales expert and you are looking for a sales related business to start in Portugal, then one of your options is to start a lead generation business. The fact that everyone in business has a product or services to sell makes this line of business a viable and profitable business one.

Lead generation is a marketing term that talks about deploying strategies that will help you identify potential customers that may likely be interested in your goods or services. To better put it, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads.

  1. Start a Logging Company

The fact that Portugal can boast of a thriving forestry industry means that a logging company is bound to succeed in Portugal. Logging companies are involved in cutting, skidding, on-site processing, and loading of trees or logs onto trucks or skeleton cars.

The trees are then transported as saw logs to cottage companies such as sawmills and pulp mills et al. Please note that starting a logging company requires reasonable amount of startup capital but it’s indeed highly profitable. It is capital intensive because of the money required for the purchase of logging equipment and the money required to obtain licenses and permits.

  1. Start an Advertising Agency 

Another highly thriving business that can be started in Portugal is an advertising agency. A standard Advertising agency creates advertising campaigns for periodicals, newspapers, radio, TV and other media platforms such as social media.

Through internal capabilities or delegating, ad agencies provide advice, creative services, account management, production of advertising campaign material and of course media planning and buying like ad placement et al. You will help your client place the advertisements in periodicals, newspapers, radio, TV and other media outlets.

  1. Start Fishing Boat Charter Business

Fishing boat charter business is of course one of the thriving businesses that can be started in Portugal because Portugal is a global fishing hub. Fishing Boat Charter business engages in services such as Inshore/coastal fishing, offshore fishing, tournament fishing and commercial fishing.

Operators in the industry provide charter boat fishing services for individuals, parties and companies. Operators may vary greatly in size, ranging from large operators with a fleet of vessels to single boat owner-operators and part-time charter companies.

  1. Start Green House Farming

In Portugal, you can successfully start your own greenhouse farm and grow the business to an international business exporting your farm produce throughout Portugal and other parts of the world. A greenhouse (also is also known as a glasshouse, or a hothouse as the case may be) is a structure with walls and roof made essentially of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown.

These structures vary in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings used for commercial farming. Greenhouses are often used for cultivating crops such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, and transplants et al.

  1. Open Hair Extension Production Business

It is a known fact that hair extensions and similar products are used in all parts of the world and of course those that are in the business of producing these products, are known to generate sales year in year out if the business is well – managed.

As a matter of fact, economic downturn hardly affects the usage of hair extensions and similar products because the commodity plays a major role in the beauty world. If you are however thinking of starting your own hair extension making business in Portugal, then you can be rest assured that there will be market for your products.

  1. Open Hospice and Palliative Care Center

If you are naturally drawn towards taking care of people with life-terminating illnesses, then you should consider starting a hospice and palliative care center in Portugal. However, this is a very sensitive business to start as a single mistake could have dire consequences for your patient and their families.

Hospice and palliative care center business is a delicate business, you would need to network with hospitals, and other businesses in the health sector so that they can refer patients to you; this does not however mean that you cannot source for your clients directly.

  1. Start Lipstick Production Business

Another viable and profitable business that can be started in Portugal is lipstick production business. Lipstick production business involves preparing, blending, compounding and packaging both cosmetic and therapeutic lip products. The products they produce are lipstick, lip gloss, lip stains, lip liner and lip balm.

Lipstick is applied to the lips as part of makeup to boost lip color, texture and often hydration. Sheer lipsticks usually contain a significant amount of oil, with less wax and pigment than matte lipsticks, making them more translucent. Lipsticks with oil components, though, must be reapplied many times so as to make the lips look shiny and glossy.

  1. Start a Mortgage Brokerage Firm

Mortgage Brokerage firms are established with the sole aim of providing a convenient platform in form of long-term loan to those who want to buy their own property. With the loan you get from the bank via a mortgage brokerage firm, you can finance any property of your choice as long as you pass the screening and evaluation process.

The screening and evaluation are put in place so as to ensure that due process is followed before issuing a loan and the person receiving the loan must be credit worthy. In other words, Mortgage Brokerage firms stand as the middle men between a Bank and the individual or organization seeking to buy a property.

  1. Start Property Maintenance and Renovation (Property Management) Company

Another profitable business that can be started in Portugal is property maintenance and renovation business. As a property manager, your core business responsibility is to maintain and renovate building facilities and to liaise with landlords, tenants, and in some cases, various contractors.

For you to effectively conduct your business, you are expected to have a full grasp of the law when it comes to landlord and tenant relationships.  As a property manager, it is your responsibility to create efficient and effective protocols that will make you relate well with your clients (landlords, tenants and contractors).

  1. Start Sport Jersey Manufacturing Business

Portugal is a country that is notable for sports especially football and a sport jersey manufacturing business is bound to succeed in the country. Sports jerseys manufacturing business thrives on creativity, branding and good business skills.

Any aspiring entrepreneur can start a sports jerseys manufacturing business, as long as they are creative, they can get people to promote their brand and they have good business skills. The starting size of this type of business doesn’t really matter as long as the business is built on the right foundation and with the right combination of skills and talents.

  1. Open Tanning Salon

In Portugal, tanning is becoming the new normal because people with darker skin are considered healthy and perhaps beautiful hence the rise of spray tanning salons. Spray tanning is a temporary bronzing service offered at salons and spas to people who don’t want to go through the natural process of tanning.

Spray tanning are done in a booth in beauty spa and these specially-designed booths have multi – functional nozzles or jets that spray your entire body with the spray tanning solution. As an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking for a profitable business venture to start in Portugal, you can consider opening your own spray tanning salon.

  1. Trade Show Booth and Equipment Rental Business

If you are considering starting a business in Portugal, then one of your options is to start trade show booth and equipment rental business. Trade show booth and equipment rental business is all about renting out trade show booths and other relevant public-address equipment that are used by corporate organizations, government, groups and individuals who want to organize or participate in a trade show.

A trade show display is a graphic display device designed to be used at a trade fair or trade show. These may include table top displays, banner stands, pop up displays, flat panels display, and other paraphernalia used to fill a temporary stall or booth at a trade fair or convention.

  1. Start Wedding Gown Production Business

Wedding gown production business is yet another thriving business that can be started in Portugal. Please note that a business like this thrives on creativity, branding and good business skills.

Any aspiring entrepreneur can start a wedding gown production business as long as they are creative, they can get people to promote their brand and they have good business skills. The starting size of this type of business doesn’t really matter as long as the business is built on the right foundation and with the right combination of skills and talents.

  1. Start Demolition and Wrecking Company

Demolition and wrecking services is one of the businesses that is bound to do well in Portugal. Demolition and wrecking companies mainly demolish buildings and structures and sometimes sell salvaged materials.

Other services rendered by companies in this industry include the clearing and recycling of debris, interior strip outs, handling of asbestos and hazardous materials, site remediation (decontamination and waste disposal), concrete cutting and explosive demolition.

  1. Start Auto Insurance Firm

If you are considering starting an auto insurance company in Portugal, then you would be required to get an insurance license from the organization regulating the insurance industry in the country. Auto insurance firms underwrites, or assumes the risk and assign premiums for auto insurance policies.

Automobile insurance basically provides financial protection against physical damage to automobiles and bodily injuries resulting from traffic collisions. It is worthy to mention that automobile insurance can also protect against resulting liability.

  1. Open an Indoor Soccer Facility

Indoor soccer facility is one business that is bound to succeed in Portugal because of the love of soccer in the country. Building an indoor soccer facility can be expensive but you can be rest assured that you will make your money within few years of launching your indoor soccer facility.

The fact that you are going to secure a facility big enough to contain a normal soccer pitch, spectator’s seats, changing room and parking, means that you must truly be prepared for this business. If your indoor soccer facility is of high quality and it is located close to hotels and tourist sites, you will attract people including local and international soccer clubs that are in your city to play soccer matches.

  1. Start Investment Portfolio Management Firm

If indeed you are a core professional who has cut is teeth in the investment and financial services industry, then you should consider starting an investment portfolio management firm in Portugal. Investment portfolio management services firms are known to actively manage assets for clients.

Investment portfolio managers have the authority to make investment decisions and generate revenue through fees that are based on service and portfolio performance. Generally, players in the industry manage assets for investment vehicles such as mutual funds, hedge funds and variable insurance products et al.

  1. Start Organic Fertilizer Production Business

One of the agriculture related business opportunities that an entrepreneur can successfully start in Portugal is to go into the production of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer which is also known as compost or manure is produced from human excreta, animal matter or decomposed vegetable/plants.

It is what is used in the cultivation of organic food. There are various sources of organic fertilizer; they are a mineral source (peat et al) which is the main source of organic fertilizer, others are animal sources, plants, and sewage sludge (bio – solids). Organic fertilizer production company can be considered to be capital intensive, but it is indeed money – spinning business if it is well located.

  1. Start Honey Bee Farming Business

Another business that is thriving in Portugal that an aspiring entrepreneur can start is honey bee farming. It is easy to start, cheap to maintain and it takes a shorter time to get a good return on your investment if you know the ropes. Farmers cum businesses in the bee farming industry raise bees and also collect and gather honey, sell live bees, royal jelly, bees’ wax, propolis, pollen, venom and other related bee products.

  1. Open a Mobile Phone Assembling Plant

If you are looking towards leveraging on the increase trend in the usage of smartphones to make money, then you might want to start your own mobile phone assembling plant in Portugal. Please note that you don’t necessarily need to own your own mobile phone brand before venturing into this type of business.

You can partner with a mobile phone giant to start assembling their mobile phones. This is why it is easier to find Nokia being assembled in Finland, Thailand, China and other countries. It is important to state that starting a mobile phone assembling plant business also needs significant investment capital, solid planning, and concentration to detail in order to keep your business profitable.

  1. Start Medical Supplies Wholesaling Business

Another money-spinning business that can be started in Portugal is medical supplies wholesaling business. A medical supplies wholesaling company purchases medical and surgical equipment, instruments and supplies, store these items at distribution centers, and deliver these products and related services to medical and dental practitioners, clinics and hospitals.

The truth is that if your business is located in an area with loads of hospitals and medical facilities, then you may not have to struggle to make headway with the business.

  1. Open a Dental Clinic

If you are a dentist and you are interested in starting a business in Portugal, one of the most preferred options is to open a dental clinic. With minimal startup capital, you can successfully launch your own dental clinic in Portugal.

Before choosing a location for your dental clinic, ensure that you carry out thorough market survey and feasibility studies. It will pay you to locate your dental clinic in a location where you will attract people that can pay for your services. The truth is that this type of business is profitable especially if you choose an ideal location for it.

  1. Open a Fast Food Restaurant

A fast food restaurant is yet another profitable business opportunity that can be started in Portugal. A Fast Food Restaurant is a niche restaurant where clients pay for quick-service food products before eating. The food purchased may be consumed in the restaurant, taken out or delivered as requested.

Gross revenue generated in the industry is derived from both franchised and company – owned fast food outlets. Although this type is profitable, but at the same time you can run at a loss if your fast food restaurant is not well positioned and managed.

  1. Start a Distillery 

A distillery is one of the business opportunities that an aspiring entrepreneur can choose to start in Portugal. A distillery basically produces a variety of distilled drinks (spirits and whiskeys). Spirits in this classification are made from cereal grains such as barley, rye or corn mash. In recent time, flavored distilled alcoholic drinks (Spirit and Whiskey et al) have become increasingly popular, especially among upwardly mobile and trendy young people in Portugal.

  1. Start an Electrical Contractor Business

Another worthwhile and profitable business that can be started in Portugal is electrical contractor business. Electric contractors are an integral part of the construction cum real estate industry, and they play a very important role in ensuring that households, offices and public facilities enjoy electric power supply and electric appliances are repaired when they become faulty. Players in this industry execute electrical works like installing wiring, servicing electrical equipment and installing electrical equipment, etc.

  1. Start a Dump Truck Business

A dump truck or dumper/tipper truck as it is called in some countries is a truck that is used for transporting loose material such as sand, gravel, or dirt for construction. In recent time, nearly all dump trucks operate by hydraulics and they come in a variety of configurations, each designed to accomplish a specific task in the construction material supply chain.

Dump truck companies provide essential services that revolve around transporting large quantities of construction materials, machines, equipment, dirt, rocks, building materials, and sands et al over land—typically from manufacturing plants to construction sites and from construction sites to dump sites. As matter of fact, dump trucks are indispensable in the construction industry.

  1. Start Power Washing Business

Another sensible and moneymaking business that can be started in Portugal is power washing business. Power washing or pressure washing businesses make use of high pressure washing machines to carry out their washing services and a pressure washer or power washer as it is also called is a high – pressure mechanical sprayer that is used to remove stuffs such as clogged oil, greasy stains, unwanted graffiti, loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces like building facilities, bridges, ships, vehicles and concrete surfaces.