Do you want to start a profitable business in Norway as a foreigner? If Yes, here are 50 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Norway.

Norway or the Kingdom of Norway as it is called is a Scandinavia nation and part of the European Union. Norway shares border with Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Denmark. The capital and largest city of Norway is Oslo. The official language is Norwegian and Sami.

The economy of Norway revolves around petroleum, natural gas, minerals, seafood, and hydropower. As a matter fact, the petroleum industry contributes over 25 percent of Norway’s gross domestic product.

Global statistics has it that Norway is ranked 4th in the Better Life Index, 4th highest per capital income in the world, and the largest producer of oil and natural gas. Norway is also ranked as the country with the highest Human Development index in the world. It is important to state that Norway is ranked as the 2nd wealthiest country in the world with regards to monetary value and the standard of living in Norway is also one of the highest in the world.

By all standards, Norway is highly suitable for the establishment of businesses and if you are thinking of any country to migrate to for the purpose of running a business, then you should look en route for Norway. These are the top 50 business opportunities that are available in Norway:

50 Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in Norway

1. Language teacher: in Norway, Norwegian is the most widely spoken language. However, a lot of people are eager to learn more international languages such as English, French, German et al. Learning these languages is also beneficial for people who would want to travel to other countries. So if you are skilled in another language, you can make a business out of teaching it to people for a fee.

A good place to start may be to network with some language schools in the country, as they may be able to offer you some freelance work to get started. Teaching English in a formal environment will often require a recognized qualification such as TEFL, TESOL, or IETLS. You can also teach people how to speak other languages over the internet using video chat.

2. Translator: just like the business above, it is best suited for people who can speak Norwegian in addition to another language. You can offer this service online (through freelancing websites) as well as offline.

3. Import/export: there are a lot of products that you can import into or out of Norway. The key here is to know which products are most needed. As such, you should carry out a thorough market analysis before you take the leap.

In addition, you should familiarize yourself with any regulation that may apply to the goods you want to import or export (this is very crucial especially for edible substances), the tax implications of the business and the level of demand for the product.

4. Restaurant: cafes and restaurant have always been a popular business to set up in Norway. You can specialize in local food, foreign food or a combination of both. When setting up your cafe or restaurant business, you should bear in mind that location is very important and can make a lot of difference in the success or failure of your business.

5. Tour guide: Norway is filled with a lot of tourist attractions and as a tour guide, you can help to improve the tour experience for tourists. Being able to speak more than one language can be really helpful in this business if you want to also cater for tourists from other countries.

6. Photography: if you are skilled in the art of photography, then there are a lot of ways by which you can monetize it. However, you should bear in mind that the leap from keen armature to professional is not a walk in the park. It’s advisable to focus on an area of photography such as serving corporate clients, weddings, wildlife or travel instead of trying to take them all on at the same time.

If you take pictures all the time, you could consider the growing microstock agency model. Or if you’re more of a people person, why not start photography workshops and/or running photography tours?

7. E-commerce: since the advent of the internet, a lot of restrictions that existed before have ceased to exist especially when it comes to doing business. A lot of businesses have moved online from digital service providers to web shops. These days, you can buy products from China and sell it to your customer in the united states all from the comfort of your home in Norway. Ecommerce can be done in a lot of ways.

You can start you own store, where you buy and hold stock, wait for a customer to make an order and then send to them or you can take the drop shipping route. You can get your feet in the door of ecommerce by buying and selling on websites such as eBay.

8. Virtual Assistant: if you have office administration or secretarial experience, are organized and like to help others, then this is a business that you can do. A lot of companies now prefer to make use of virtual assistants in order to reduce the cost that would have been incurred if they had employed normal staff.

A virtual assistant can help to do bookkeeping, data entry, event planning, social media management, email management, web design among a host of other activates.

9. Real Estate: The real estate sector is booming in Norway and there is a lot of money to be made here. Anyone who is willing to increase in wealth should consider establishing a real estate business in Norway.

10. Technology Products: the world today is very dependent on technology. Almost everything around us is as a result of technological advancement which makes this area very lucrative for business. Selling technological products is a fast growing business in Norway.

You can set up a store where you can sell items such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, printers, scanners, photocopying machine, cameras, et al. you can also install technological appliances as an extra way to make more money.

11. Sandwich and Café Bar: sandwich and café bars are quite popular in Oslo the capital city. This business has the ability to be quite profitable especially if it is creative and well-positioned. One truth is that if it is not a good venture, investors won’t waste money investing on them year by year.

12. Automobile Repair and Servicing: if you are a mechanic, then this can be a very profitable business to start in Norway. As long as a car is being used, there will also be a need to periodically service or repair it. All you need to do is to get the required capital and situate your business in a good location.

13. Sale of Auto Spare Parts: this is a business that can also go hand in hand with an auto repair shop. As long as people repair automobiles, the need for their spare parts will always be there. Auto spare parts business is indeed a profitable business because the replacement of damaged or worn-out auto parts is compulsory if you want your vehicle to continue to be on the road and serve the purpose you bought it for.

Although you don’t need a university degree to establish your own auto spare parts store, but you need some form of informal training, you might have to work as an apprentice with someone who owns an auto spare parts store. It makes it easier for you to learn the ropes. It is important to point out that auto spare parts business is can’t go out of fashion because of the role it plays in the auto industry.

14. Gym Centre: keeping fit is something that a lot of people in Norway like to do. This is a business that has the capacity to be very profitable especially if it is situated in a commercial and wealthy place.

15. Nail and Beauty Salon: beauty salon business is a thriving venture in Norway especially if it is in the right location. With this type of business, you don’t necessarily need to do a lot of advertisements to get people to patronize you. As long as you offer top notch services, you will consistently get repeat customers.

16. Cigar Lounge: in Norway, you cannot smoke in public places, however, smoking is permissible in cigar lounges. If you are thinking of starting a business in Norway, then you should consider establishing your own cigar lounge.

It is a profitable venture especially when the ambiance of your cigar lounge is welcoming and you have the finest brands of cigar per time. It wouldn’t be nice for customers to come to your cigar lounge and not get what they are looking for, so you should have a wide variety of cigars to choose from.

17. Yoga instructor: If you’re a passionate yogi, who wants to teach others how to do yoga safely and regularly, you could consider training as a yoga teacher. In Norway, a lot of people are faced with the challenge of a very tight schedule, which leaves them with little or no time to relax and unwind. You can start a yoga class to take care of this issue.

Here, you will instruct people on deep breathing relaxation techniques and other various techniques that are aimed at exercising the body and reducing stress. You can accommodate people with different work schedules, so you will need to be flexible with the hours of your session.

18. Seafood Mall: seafood is very popular in Norway and if you start a seafood mall in the right area, you will be sure to get steady patronage. No doubt this is indeed a profitable business and it requires only your capital and business skills to make it big in this venture.

19. Private Investigation: private detective or Private investigators are independent investigators that typically work for the public and private sector clients to help conduct investigation and solve cases.

A private investigator can help to conduct surveillance and background checks on individuals, pre-employment verification, guard high profile people, interview people related to cases, find missing people and valuables among other functions. You can also work as a private investigator for individuals seeking information or an attorney watching out for evidence for a case.

You need to be smart, intelligent and analytical to venture into this type of business. This is a business you can start with very little capital as long as you have the needed know-how. A background in law enforcement will go a long way to arm you with the necessary skills and also give you credibility.

20. Business Plan Consulting: If you have a good knowledge of business process and project management you can use that knowledge to become an efficient and effective business plan consultant. There are a lot of businesses that are springing up in Norway that are in need of this service, so you have a viable market to showcase your skills and earn income at the same time. This business can be done on a part-time or full-time basis.

21. Become a Nutritionist: Demand for nutritionists has skyrocketed in recent years. It’s a fantastic profession with a whole lot of scope for development and expansion. It takes quite a bit of training in order to become a nutritionist.

First, you’ll be expected to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in clinical nutrition, dietetics or a similar field. You’ll then need to pass a competency exam, complete a Dietetic Internship Program and earn a relevant credential. After that, you’ll be required to apply for a state license. You can affiliate yourself with a gym and offer nutritional advice to people who want to lose weight or stay in shape.

22. Relocation Service: Relocating from one place to the other is a common activity that most people will do at a point in their lives. Moving one’s belongings to a new home or office is a tedious task, thus, they engage the services of entrepreneurs that specializes in packing and unpacking items.

This business can be done by college students or other able-bodied men and women. You do not need any capital to start this business. You can do this business as a full time job or as a part time venture.

23. Book-keeping: even though there are several software that make the bookkeeping task easier, they however do not make the task less time-consuming and it still needs to be manned by an experienced personnel. Due to this fact, it is not rare that some organizations still engage the services of book-keepers to carry out tasks.

You need to be knowledgeable about different accounting softwares and packages. This business can be done on part-time basis with no required startup capital.

24. Computer Repair: With the increase in technology and the frequent use of computer systems to carry out various tasks, users mostly take their computer systems for repair rather than replacement when it develops faults. You need to have good knowledge of computer hardware to function effectively in this business line. Medium startup capital is required if you are setting up a repair workshop and investing in some work tools.

25. Selling gym equipment: exercise equipment is in huge demand these days. Since more and more people are now going to gyms to work out, gym owners are constantly purchasing fitness equipment to cater for the needs of their growing customers.

Even hotels, corporate buildings, and companies are utilizing various exercise equipment to offer fitness benefits to their staff and clients. But not only that, people who are struggling to find the time to go to gym are setting up their own gym at home and purchasing the best home exercise equipment to stay healthy.

The constantly increasing demand has made the manufacturing and selling of exercise equipment a lucrative business option. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion in health and have lots of workout experience, then you can sell exercise equipment such as treadmill, elliptical machine, leg press, stationary bikes, cable pulley machines, abdominal crunchers, rowing machines, weights et al and make money from it.

26. Senior Care: in Norway, just like in most places, the number of elderly people is on the increase. As such, the need for senior citizen care will always be in high demand. Health-related or non-health services like cooking, running errands, driving, body massage, can be rendered to these senior citizens.

There are also business opportunities in retirement real estate. This involves selling real estates to retired people in choice areas mostly suitable for senior citizens. Also, you need to have good knowledge of the real estate business. You need to be patient and friendly if you are rendering health or non-health related services to these type of people.

27. Makeup artist: irrespective of the state you are in Norway, there is always money to be made as a makeup artist. You can learn all about becoming a makeup artist in a short period of time and you don’t need a lot of money to get the business off the ground. To start, you can either set up your own shop or simply advertise your services in local newspapers and the internet.

28. Editorial Services: Here are some of the editorial services you can provide right from the comfort of your own home:

  • Copyediting. This involves checking facts making sure that a copy is free from any grammatical, stylistic and typographical errors.
  • Proofreading. This is the last stop for a “finished” piece. The proofreader makes sure the copyediting changes have been properly made and no new errors are created in the process.
  • Indexing. There are indexing courses available and you can get indexing software in order to help you carry out this job.
  • Developmental editing. A developmental editor works with a manuscript on big-picture things like organization and content issues.
  • Book doctoring. This is an editorial service provided for manuscripts written by experts. They create a manuscript as best they can and then a book doctor puts it into publishable shape.
  • Ghost Writing. As a ghost writer, you actually do the research and write the book and someone else’s name is attached as the author.
  • Copywriting. Also known as business writing, this is writing that promotes a product or a service.
  • Book writing. Do you have an expertise in something professional, such as accounting or interior decorating? Then you can write a book about it and make a lot of money from it.
  • Magazine article writing. Magazines and newspapers are a great way to get your writing published before tackling the daunting task of writing a whole book.
  • Web page content provider. Providing content for a web site is a good way to make some money writing.

29. Pest Control Service: This is a great business that residential and commercial businesses are in need of. The rates vary hugely from one locale to the next, so carefully survey nearby markets to determine which market may be the best opportunity for you.

30. Food Truck: a food truck is one of the various types of mobile vending business.  This type is food business is quite advantageous because you can easily move your truck to another location that has more potential customers than your present location. Starting a food truck business requires little investment, yet with proper management, it can really yield a lot of turn over.

31. Event or Party Planner: If you enjoy organizing and planning for parties, then this business is suitable for you. As an event or party planner, you need to be familiar with different trends and have good bargaining skills. It is also advisable you specialize in specific sectors like corporate events or weddings. This business can be done on large, medium or small scale.

32. Music coach: if you are knowledgeable and passionate about music, then you can make a career out of teaching music. If you can sing or play a musical instrument, then you can market this skill by teaching others what you know and thus make money from it.

33. Pet sitting service: if you are a lover of pets, you can delve into pet sitting service and make money from it as well. Pet sitting generally involves taking care of pets in the comfort of their own surroundings. It should not be confused with pet boarding which involves taking the animal to your own home.

Apart from pet sitting, pet sitters usually offer services like dog walking, pooper scooper, pet taxi and even house sitting. As a pet sitter, you do not need a trade business license, however, it is advisable to register your business with the state.

34. Lawn Care/Snow Removal: Do you have a green thumb, enjoy being outside, and using equipment like a lawn mower, weed wacker, chainsaw? Then you can start your own lawn care business yet? If you already have the tools to get started, the main cost is advertising and marketing your business. It snows for a couple of months each year in Norway so you can offer snow removal services as well.

35. YouTube Channel: Every day, over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube and your video can be one of them. When well-managed, a YouTube channel can be just as or even more profitable than a traditional blog. For starters, you don’t require a domain nor do you need to spend money on hosting your channel.

You also have a large audience and a readymade platform for you to work with. Furthermore, AdSense approval through YouTube is easy and what’s more, you can start earning from the very first day you create your account and make a post. You can just go to YouTube, upload a video and you can get started from there.

There are tons and tons of niches to choose from like online reviews, comedy, how-to, real estate, business, gaming, and motivation channels etc. You can get paid by enabling Google AdSense on your channel, through sponsored videos and through sale of your services or the services of others on YouTube.

36. Meat store: a meat store provides a viable business opportunity for people who have an interest in providing with a wide variety of quality meat and better customer care that may not be available in a tradition grocery shop. To start a meat store you do not need any special certificate or skill, however, you will need to know how to open, manage and operate the store in addition to getting a license.

37. Day Care Service: The market for daycare is really huge! You can start in either your home or in the workplace. Corporations may consider providing you with free space if you provide day care for their employees’ kids. Safety and licensing are essential for this business. You can quickly build a steady income and a valuable business.

38. Dog walking: Dog walkers take dogs on walks for their owners either individually or in small groups. But it’s actually more common for dog walkers to offer additional services, including playing with and feeding the pets. If you love being outside and hanging out with animals, you can put up some flyers around your community offering your services as a dog walker.

39. Car Wash: car washing can be a great money making opportunity that requires little to no tech knowledge. The market for car wash is driven by the purchase of cars and the increase in consumers’ spending – in essence, as the general economy of a country grows, more people will buy cars and more people will patronize the services of car wash on a regular basis especially if their driving habits encourages them to do so.

40. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketers promote the products of other people. In return, they get commissions on their sales. Amazon is one of the most popular platforms for affiliate marketing, but there are tons of alternatives that you can consider. Since affiliate marketing is typically combined with blogging in order to create a seamless mix of content and promotion, you’ll need to get your own blog up and running first.

41. Security services: when compared to other places, the crime rate in Norway is quite low. However, most businesses will still choose to have adequate security arrangement in case of unforeseen circumstances. Businesses hire security outfits to help them secure and protect their assets and staff.

Due to the fact that a lot of businesses have been sprouting up in Norway, it has created a need for security services. To start a security service, you will need to register your business and subsequently get a license to be able to operate.

42. Ice Cream Shop: an Ice cream shop is another great retailing business that any serious minded entrepreneur can successfully start. It is a business that requires little training and skills to set-up and manage. If you are looking towards starting this type of business, and you don’t have the skills, you can quickly learn the skills. It is likely not going to take you more than a week to learn how to make different flavors of ice cream.

There would be need to go learn how to make ice-cream. This is very vital and means that you will need to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to make different types of ice-cream flavors.

Even if you don’t have the required capital to rent and equip a shop, you can operate a mobile ice cream shop. Mobile ice cream shop will give you the opportunity to change location from time to time and to go to places where you know you are likely going to generate more sales.

43. Blogging: due to the tremendous amount of people who use and rely on the internet on a daily basis, blogging has become a very profitable business to start. For sustainability, it is best to specialize your blog on your area of interest. Blogging presents a plethora on niches which an entrepreneur can focus in such as fashion, lifestyle, gossip, health, relationship, food, politics, entertainment et al.

To monetize your blog, you can either sell an advert space, make use of affiliate marketing, sell eBooks or webinars or just simply use Google AdSense. Blogging can always be done as a side job in conjunction with your regular work. To startup and run this business, you will need to have an internet enabled computer or laptop.

44. Online retail consultant: with little or no stress, you can easily start this viable Online business. This business opportunity provides you with an opportunity to set up and ultimately improve online stores.

As an online retail consultant, you will be tasked with writing a good product description for goods, relate with your clients on the use of social media in promotion an online store and try and ensure that their major products are seen in different publications in order to boost their store.

45. Flower sale and delivery services: flowers are not only for valentine alone, there are also many other occasions where you can give someone a bouquet of flowers like birthdays, funerals and weddings. Providing people with home or door step delivery of flowers is also another way by which an entrepreneur can make money.

46. Baby-sitting service: if you can spare a few hours from your routine, then a baby-sitting service can be another way to make quick cash. If you know some working or busy parents in need of a babysitter, you can avail your services to them for a fee. This is a great opportunity for students who are in need of extra cash.

47. Vending machine business: a vending machine business is one business that not only requires no special skills, but can also be done on a part time basis and also as a home based business.

48. Graphic design: graphic designers are always needed by business owners to help them to craft logos, banner, flyers, book cover and similar products for payment. You can learn graphic design yourself with the aid of the internet or you can learn it from an institute or school. With the aid of your laptop, you can offer this service right from the comfort of your couch.

49. Hairstylist: if you are well versed in plaiting, cutting or general hair maintenance, you can open a store at home and offer these services.

50. Cartoonist: if you are gifted in the art of drawing, you can market this service to cartoons makers, comic books, magazines and newspaper. If you are creative and innovative you will be able to find a constant stream of work in this niche.

More Small Business Investment Opportunities in Norway

51. Oil and Gas Servicing Company

Even though Norway is not among the OPEC nations, but it is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the world. If you intend to invest in the oil and gas sector, then you should consider establishing your own oil and gas servicing company. There are loads of jobs available in the oil servicing firms and gas sector. You would be required to obtain a license from the government of Norway if you want to operate an oil and gas servicing company.

52. Shopping Mall Business

If you have huge capital for investment, you should look in the direction of building a Shopping mall in any of the busiest cities in Norway. If your Shopping Mall is well positioned and is of good standard, then you can be rest assured that the entire shopping outlets will be easily occupied when you open it up to the public.

53. Nail and Beauty Salon

Nail and Beauty Salon is a very thriving business venture in Norway. If your Nail and Beauty Salon is conveniently located and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, then you can be rest assured to continue to have repeat customers. This type of business doesn’t necessarily need serious advertisement to get people to patronize you when you deliver excellent services to your customers.

54. Sandwich and Café Bar with Accommodation

If you have ever visited Oslo or any of the key cities in Norway, you would observe that there are appreciable numbers of Sandwich and Café Bars with Accommodation in strategic locations all around town. The truth is that if it is not a profitable venture, investors wouldn’t border opening different outlets year after year.

So if you are thinking of a business to start in Norway, then you should consider starting your own Sandwich and Café Bar with Accommodation. It is a profitable venture especially if you are well positioned and creative with the way you run your business.

55. Real Estate Business

Apart from the Oil and Gas Industry, another sector where millionaires are made is the Real Estate Sector. The Real Estate business is indeed a very flourishing one in Norway and it is still very much open to investors. So if you are looking toward joining the ranks of millionaires in Norway as an entrepreneur, then you may consider establishing your own real estate company.

56. Convenience Store

Running a convenience store in a convenient location in any of the cities in Norway, especially in locations that enjoys robust night life is indeed a profitable business. All you need to do to stay afloat and continue to reap good returns from this type of business is to ensure that you regularly stock your store with range of household goods and groceries.

57. Technology Products Shop

Another thriving and easy to start business in Norway is opening a Technology Store. If your store is loaded with all brands of Smart phones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, Video Cameras, Bluetooth device, Printers, accessories etc. then you can be rest assured to attract customers on a regular basis. Much more than selling these products, you can as well add repairs of these devices as part of your offerings.

58. Cigar Lounge

Smoking is not permitted in public places in Norway that is why you would likely find cigar lounges opened in various locations in major cities in Norway. If you are thinking of starting a business in Norway, then you should consider establishing your own cigar lounge.

It is a profitable venture especially when the ambience of your cigar lounge is welcoming and you have the finest brands of cigar per time. It wouldn’t ’t be nice for customers to come to your cigar lounge and not get what they are looking for that is why you must always stock up your lounge with varieties.

59. Seafood Mall

Norwegians are known to like seafood and if you establish your own seafood mall in the heart of town, then you can be rest assured to record high daily sales. No doubt this is indeed a profitable business and it requires only your capital and business skills to make it big in this venture.

60. Auto Servicing and Repair Garage

If you are a trained auto mechanic and you are looking at becoming your own boss, then you should consider starting your own Auto Service and Repair Garage. All you need to do to attract loads of clients is to ensure that you situate your auto garage in a place that is easily accessible. This kind of business is known to fetch huge money for the owners especially if they are good at what they do.

If you have gone through these top 50 business opportunities available in Norway, then you just might agree that they are viable and profitable.