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20 Reputable Recruitment Agencies in Dubai for Foreigners

Do you want to move to Dubai, UAE work as an expat? If YES, here are 20 best reputable recruitment agencies in Dubai for foreigners looking for a job.

For every job seeker who wishes to get a job in Dubai, the number one question that will be running through his/her mind is: Which are the trusted recruitment agencies in Dubai? To find the answer to such a question, they turn to google to read about recruitment agencies in Dubai and possibly check their reviews.

However, it may interest you to note that not all reviews you see on the net is genuine. Some employment agencies pay individuals to get a good review, so you need to be very careful. To prevent you from getting lost or falling into the wrong hands, we have researched recruitment agencies in Dubai. Read on to find out.

There are thousands of recruiting agencies in Dubai that help companies and businesses find the perfect employees and help people in search of jobs get employed. It is very had to pick out the best that’s why we have created a list of the best 20 for you to choose from. Before applying for a job in Dubai, it is essential that you know the employment laws in the city. Knowing about the rules will prevent you from falling into any shabby deal.

Many recruitment firms in Dubai make use of the fraudulent schemes to steal money from job seekers especially from developing and underdeveloped countries where job seekers are mostly illiterate. According to the law, a recruitment agency is not meant to collect any sum of money from job seekers: It is illegal. Recruitment firms can get their share from the organization but not from the job seeker. Also, recruitment agencies in Dubai should not request for Visa from any Job seeker.

20 Best Reputable Recruitment Agencies in Dubai for Foreigners

The Dubai job market is be growing rapidly. This growth has made it difficult for foreigners to get a job in this beautiful modern city. The list below comprises of 20 of the most trusted recruitment agencies in Dubai

1. Mindfield Resources

Mindful Resources is always happy to help people get jobs. Job seekers can get useful advice and secure good job positions with them. This recruitment agency partners with international companies in identifying talents which are experts in their field. Their resources are specialized in the following industries: Retail, Telecom, Life science, Financial services, Retail, Engineering and a lot more.

2. Jivaro Partners

This is a big Middle Eastern network with a vast database of available job positions in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and few other countries. Jivaro partners have a goal, which is to help people find their dream job. Its main strength is Public relation, advertising, digital, events, and branding.

They are excellent in finding: Copywriters, Art directors, Graphic designers, Creative Directors, Account managers, Account executives and lot more. Jivaro partners are the only marketing firm in Dubai that help clients find the best talent.

3. Alliance Recruitment Agency

With thousands of positive reviews, the Alliance recruitment agency is among the best recruitment agencies in Dubai. The thing that makes Alliance recruitment agency one of the best in Dubai is that they have in-depth knowledge of the recruitment market, thus helping companies get the best talent. Alliance recruitment Agency provides services in Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Banking and finance, Information technology, etc.

4. Career Jet Dubai

Launched in 2001, Careerjet Dubai is one of the most popular online job search engines; one of the best in Dubai. This agency does not only have a huge presence in Dubai but it’s also a common name among job seekers in other countries in Africa and across Europe. At Carrejet, you can find vacancies that fit the level of your education, by interest, and by field.

5. Robert Murray and Associates

Companies encounter more complicated recruitment challenges as they develop. Being able to overcome such challenges will undoubtedly lead to more growth. Robert Murray and Associates is a fast-growing executive recruitment agency in Dubai. This company is an international one with branches in four continents. Robert Murray and Associates offer top-notch recruitment services capable of getting any organization the best talent.

6. MCG and Associates

MCG Associates is a trusted and global recruitment agency and HR consultancy. This company has offices in Dubai, London, and Hong Kong. With its pool of experts, MCG Associates is a reliable choice when it comes to finding intellectuals for your company. MCG Associates specializes in Marketing, communication, sales, and technology sectors.

7. BAC Middle East

Established in 1979, BAC Middle East is the oldest professional recruitment agency in the United Arab Emirates. Since its establishment, BAC Middle East has been the go-to choice for many companies. This agency provides a vast spectrum of recruitment services and works with organizations for a flawless and effortless search for the perfect candidates.

8. CharterHouse

Founded in 2004, Charterhouse is one of the biggest recruitment firms in the Middle East. This agency has offices in Dubai, Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong, and Australia. Charterhouse provides top-quality services to employers and job seekers. Charterhouse is extremely passionate about the recruitment industry and is keen to improve the industry standard globally. They offer a salary guide for job seekers on their website and alert them on jobs for their chosen career field.

9. Micheal Page

Micheal page is a recruitment firm with consultants who are experts in placing employees in temporary or permanent positions in different sectors in Dubai and other nations in the Middle East. They have a user-friendly website that features a career center. This career center allows job seekers narrow their search based on location, expertise, and salary range.


NADIA has been in the market of finding qualified candidates for the past 35 years. Boasting more than three decades in the business, NADIA’s experienced and professional recruitment consultants pass through constant training to stay up-to-date with what is trendy in the international and local market to provide quality services for their clients. In addition, NADIA boasts of a huge online database with thousands of skilled job-seekers for their clients. If you are seeking a job, you only to fill a simple form and upload your resume or CV.

11. Hays

Founded in 2005, Hays has been able to build a reputable reputation in Dubai and all over the Middle East. This agency has over 28 international partners that help them provide talent to employees across the globe. They have an extensive database of job seekers which is backed by proficient consultants with sound knowledge of the recruitment market both local and global.

12. Najma Consultancy

Najma consultancy has been in operation since 1997 and has been providing excellent consultancy service to reputable companies in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Najama consultancy place candidates on temporary to permanent jobs in the fields of technology, accounting, finance, creative marketing and lot more.

13. Wadi jobs

Wadi jobs and Consultancy Dubai, is a privately owned recruitment agency that is passionate about giving qualified candidates the jobs of their dreams. For job seekers, it won’t cost a dime to register on this site. You can upload your CV to get maximum exposure to companies and potential employees.

14. Lobo

Having been in the business for over 25 years, Lobo is one of the foremost recruitment firms in the Middle East. The success of this company have been attributed to their huge network, market knowledge and their ability to identify the perfect candidate for companies. They have an enhanced candidate selection structure by integrating candidate assessment. Their candidate assessment platform helps identify the perfect fit for a position which has gotten them a 99% positive feedback.

15. Bayt

Bayt is a vast online database available to residents of Dubai and companies that are in need of new staff. The site is easy to navigate, and jobs are listed by location and expertise. In addition, you can also find listing when you scroll to the bottom of the page for vacancies for nationals from the six countries that make the GCC.

Registration is free on Bayt and once registered, you can search and apply to any vacancy of your choice. Thousands of recruiters visit Bayt daily with that in mind; it is best you upload your CV. This will increase your chances of getting a job.

16. Dulsco Jobs

Dulsco Jobs, a subdivision of Dulso is a leading search and selection company, focused on offering staffing and recruitment solution to companies in the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, many organizations have relied on Dulsco for their recruitment needs.

This agency has been continuously providing companies with cost-effective, top-quality, timely and efficient services. Dulsco jobs provide the best staff across Finance, Sales and marketing, and Administrative functions. The major industries they carter for include Healthcare, oil and gas, Manufacturing, Legal, Construction and Real Estate, Insurance, Banking and Finance, FMCG, Pharmaceutical and lot more

17. Edge Executives

If your company is looking for candidates for top management positions, Edge Executives is the ideal recruitment agency. With this agency, you are assured you are getting the best fit because they carry out a test to ensure the candidates truly fit. The test includes questions on several topics including leadership, customer service, engineering, etc.

18. ManpowerGroup

ManpowerGroup is at the forefront in innovative workforce solution globally. This agency connects candidates to companies who are in need of them. They serve both small and large organization in the United Arab Emirates and other parts of the Middle East.

ManpowerGroup operates a global network of offices in over 60 countries. With their pool of professional consultants, ManpowerGroup collaborates with a client to hasten their business, by providing them the brains that would raise the productivity and quality of their service. Aside from recruiting, ManpowerGroup,also offer extra services such as branding, consulting, training, career development, and others.

19. Kingston Stanley

Kingston Stanley is a leading specialist marketing, digital and tech recruitment firm that operates in the Middle East, united kingdom and Johannesburg. Since 2011, this recruitment agency has been working successfully with clients and job seekers across the full spectrum of technology, marketing, and digital sector.

As an Organization, when you contact Kingston Stanley, they will help you search, screen and choose the best candidate for your tech and marketing jobs.

If you are urgently in need of a professional for your organization, you will find tons of them at Kingston Stanley. At Kingston Stanley, a massive chunk of their business comes from Branding agencies, Creative agencies, Public relation agencies, Event agencies, Advertising Agencies operating throughout the Middle East.

20. Meethaq

Meethaq is one of a kind recruitment agency that understands the need of having a motivated and professional workforce. At Meethaq, there is aim not just about finding the ideal candidates for top businesses- it is about generating value and helping companies achieve success as well as assisting job seeker to build a lasting career.

As one of the most leading recruiting agency in Dubai and the whole of United Arab Emirates, they place more than a thousand candidates in jobs every year. Their seasoned consultants have been able to find qualified candidates to top organization across the middle east. Meethaq specializes in sourcing candidates from Healthcare, Construction, Hotels and Hospitality, FMCG, Oil and Gas and so on.

  • Conclusion

These recruitment agencies guarantee speedy employment to job seekers in Dubai. So, if you are a job seeker, begin to upload your CV in any of these recruitment firms. You might be some few clicks away from getting that dream job in Dubai.