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7 Best Recruitment Agencies in Dubai for Jobs in Canada

Do you want to move from Dubai to Canada to work? If YES, here are 7 best reputable recruitment agencies in Dubai specialized in recruiting for jobs in Canada.

A lot of people in this modern age love the idea of relocating to a new country and starting life anew. With such a decision in the mind of the person, Canada is usually the most preferred location to look up to. Most individuals migrating from Dubai find it easier to relocate to Canada as it offers good standard of living, low crime rate, improved infrastructure, growth prospects and employment opportunities in almost every profession.

According to reports, there is something for almost every profession in Canada and an individual can grow profitably by living in Canada both in terms of personal and professional life. But, when someone is planning to relocate to a new destination, then the major concern is always in terms of employment opportunities at the new place.

Employment opportunities in Canada are vast but as a candidate who is migrating to the other country, make sure that you do some research before you leave your homeland. Have it in mind that landing a job in Canada is not that difficult if the candidate is skilled and educated.

Canada as a country wants skilled candidates and professionals who can positively contribute to the economy. Meanwhile, there are a few steps you can take to make your employment hassles minimized. Before that however, you need to make sure that the province you choose to settle in has plenty to offer as per employment. In short, your job should be in demand in that province.

The Government of Canada has made the process of migrating to Canada easier than before, but it is still very necessary that you seek the help of a consultant or an agency rather than go it on your own. Note that through this way, you will be able to avoid any rejection of your application. Also, if you have good representation for yourself, then you can be guided in the proper direction.

Properly listed and highlighted below are 7 Best Recruitment Agencies that are Specialized in Recruiting employees from Dubai to Canada.

7 Best Reputable Recruitment Agencies Specialized in Recruiting from Dubai to Canada

  1. Airswift

Airswift is a renowned international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries and is one of the most trusted and well-established international job recruitment agencies in Canada. The company has more than 30 years experience in helping their clients recruit staff with the right skills, no matter their country of origin. They boast of helping their clients every step of the process, from locating the talent to relocating them to the Canadian work site.

For many international recruitment agencies, Canada isn’t a priority or within their scope of work, but Airswift maintains four offices in Canada and over 50 offices around the world with actively working contractors across Canada.

Airswift has the global reach needed to locate the highly skilled and specialized workers to complete projects and contracts in Canada. The company also boasts of a database of more than 500,000 potential candidates and more than 6,000 contractors currently working in the energy, infrastructure and process industries in more than 50 countries around the world.

  1. Global Hire

This company is committed to meeting the needs of today’s changing labor force. Global Hire Placement Services provide experienced labor from Abroad that meets the skills set requirements and fit into the culture of their clients. Global Hire is a licensed staffing agency that specializes in local, national and international recruitment for employers in western Canada and was established in 2006.

The company has various affiliations around the world including Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Belgrade and Islamabad. Global Hire Placement Services Inc. is affiliated with The Advocate, a Canadian immigration and citizenship firm.

It is also a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada regulatory Council. The mission of the company is to run a profitable business by providing excellent immigration services in a caring, upscale and professional manner. Being the leading immigration office does not mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms of professional value, customer service and consistent growth.

  1. Hays Specialist Recruitment (Canada) Inc.

Hays is a leading global expert in qualified, professional and skilled recruitment. Last year Hays experts placed around 53,000 people into permanent jobs and around 182,000 people into temporary assignments. The company employs 7,840 staff in 239 offices across 33 countries and 20 specialisms.

Every day, Hays help clients simultaneously dealing with talent shortages in certain markets, while having to reshape workforces in others. The nature of employment is also changing fast, with technological advances driving evolution in the way people work.

Hays specialists strive to understand these complexities and are uniquely positioned across it’s markets to solve them. Hays Specialist Recruitment (Canada) Inc. has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto and Mississauga.

  1. Drake International

Drake International believes in partnering with its clients in providing customized solutions to solve specific business issues. The company’s operating philosophy is based on the principle that organizations achieve the highest level of performance when they are staffed with the right people, working with the right skills, knowledge, and behaviors, using the best processes and technology-driven solutions, over an extended period of time.

Members of the Drake International Group of Companies are innovators in the field of Talent Management, Profit Improvement, Permanent and Flexible Staffing and Technology Solutions designed to improve the productivity and performance of your human capital. Established in Winnipeg in 1951, Drake operates in 14 countries around the world. In Canada, Drake operates from 17 branch locations including a national head office in Toronto.

  1. Petro Staff International

Petro staff provides a unique experience in recruitment, placement, and oil and gas consulting services. With a global reputation for service excellence, Petro connects companies with specific personnel requirements to high-qualified professionals, as well as provide specialized consulting services to industries. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Jobs on Earth Inc. is a Canadian company operating under the trade name Petro Staff International.

The company’s adventure in the international market began in 1989 and today Petro Staff supply people on permanent placement and contract hires when needed. Petro also provide confidential recruitment services using a variety of methods that are specifically designed to meet clients expectations and recruitment requirements.

  1. Renard International

This firm was founded and established by Stephen J. Renard in 1970. He is today known as a true pioneer in the Hospitality Executive Search Industry. It is well known that this company is the longest established hospitality executive search company in the world.

For almost five decades, Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants have received the highest ratings from clients – International and independent hotel companies, restaurants, food service companies, cruise lines, casinos and applicants alike.

As a true benchmark and global leader in the hospitality executive search industry, Renard International have built it’s business on a foundation of integrity, exceptional customer service, and a highly knowledgeable team of international hospitality industry leaders/search consultants and staff with a combined professional experience of over 300 years.

Although it started as a small business, the company’s business scope grew from championing the hospitality search industry with offices across Canada to expanding internationally in 1978.

The company’s expansion grew with additional offices in Europe, united states, the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Renard International has recently developed a long term strategic vision and a corporate benchmark and culture based on results. The success of the company has been due to it’s flexibility and reactivity, backed by unrivaled international search knowledge, integrity, global networking and technical expertise.

  1. Cowan International

Cowan International credits itself as a different kind of recruitment company. The kind of company employees grow and develop with over a career. Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, Cowan’s team will get to know you and understand exactly what you need to be successful.

Job seekers count on Cowan International to connect them to a company that will provide opportunity for advancement, professional development and challenge. Employers count on Cowan International to put winning teams together to drive results. The Cowan Method engineers the right fit for each role.

In conclusion, have it in mind that having the right agency to undertake your case is a key defining line between selection and rejection of your application. A good recruitment firm can make all the difference by the way they represent your case and how they make you choose from the different options available.

The agency fee can never as high as the price of your career and going through them can help you sort one of the most important processes of your lifetime.