Do you need a good market research firm that understands the complexity of doing business in Dubai? If YES, here are 7 best market research companies in Dubai.

Market Research for a business is the thorough effort to gather the basic information and details about the business environment as well as the target markets. It is advisable for every business to involve market research as a main component. It is also a key factor that is very necessary for maintaining keenness among customers and competitors.

Market research collects data about goods and services. Market research is the function which links the consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance and improve understanding of marketing as a process. Have it in mind that hiring the services of market research companies can be very beneficial.

Market research professionals are likely to get better results. They have experience in designing survey questionnaires, running focus groups and asking the right questions. Customers may find it easier to be honest with an outsider, particularly if they have a complaint. Customers may worry you’re trying to sell them something if you conduct the research yourself. Also, you may find it difficult to be impartial, particularly if people criticize your business.

Have it in mind that to make important, good and sensible decisions, a new business is expected to perform crucial market research. Meanwhile, note that there are market research companies in Dubai that can help you by providing the valuable data you need, especially if the person cannot do it by him or herself. 

So if you are interested in starting a new business or want to research a new market in Dubai, below are top business market research companies you can use.

7 Best Business Market Research Companies in Dubai

  1. C&O Marketing

C&O Marketing is an independent market research agency. With 25 years’ experience, C&O Marketing is a leading provider of market research, information and analysis to economic stakeholders: retailers, fast moving consumer goods, industry and services.

This agency is an independent full market research agency with two physical offices in UAE (Dubai and Sharjah). From its Moroccan branch, C&O Marketing is covering the whole North African countries. While from it’s branches in Dubai (UAE) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), the company covers the Middle East, Gulf (GCC) and Levant countries.

The company also boasts of having a good coverage of Sub-Saharan African countries through a close partnership with the company network in all African regions. The aim of C&O marketing is to provide reliable, useful, actionable and business decision-making output.

The company strives to share knowledge and skills, providing reliability and visibility for business performance. C&O marketing has developed a full set of tools and customized research techniques with specialist divisions in key markets: – retail: price monitoring, mystery shopping, implantation and development of shops networks) – Restauration (catering sector / fast food), automotive.

Company information

  • Business Point Building
  • Office 108
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +97143232808
  1. Eksen Research Dubai

Eksen an independent market research agency with several offices around Middle East and Africa. Since 2004, Eksen has been offering qualitative and quantitative fieldwork across emerging markets and it’s primary focus is the hard-to-reach targets. The company’s strength derives from it’s own healthcare panels. Eksen has a coverage of every stakeholder in the industry from nurses to national level payers.

Eksen also covers every stage of ”farm-to-fork” process: from seeding to harvesting, from packaging to storage. The company is able to talk to all stakeholders in the industry including farmers, veterinarians, site managers and quality controllers.

Eksen’s dedicated B2B team specializes in managing and talking to business people from entry-level managers to C-suite people. The company is renowned as an expert in consumer research. They are able to conduct central location tests, door to door, telephone and online surveys.

Company information

  • Office # 213, 6 EA Building
  • 371473 DUBAI
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +90-212-291-60-06
  • Fax: +90-212-291-61-06
  1. Research & Consulting House (Reach Mass) EST.

This is a full service company with over 35 years of experience; strongly present in UAE with a fully equipped office located in Sharjah, offering clients the best coverage of the Gulf market through a highly dedicated and reliable team at competitive prices and timing. REACH, a full service research agency bases its work on 5 pillars: first on reliability, speed of responsiveness and ability to adapt to worldwide communications at different timings.

Secondly, it’s team is highly dedicated to excellence in achievement in the most challenging of timelines for seniors of over 100 years. The company also boasts of a network of field operations covering the whole MENA region, and it is reputed for its quality delivery and familiarity with CAPI, CATI, CAWI operations.

Lastly, the company has remained competitive through it’s use of internationally validated research approaches and techniques, and they are able to provide clients with parity breaking market solutions, such as emotional response measurement, semiotics and cultural analyses, and new opportunities detection systems.

Company information

  • PO Box 6742, Corniche Al-Buhaira Road
  • Corniche Plaza 1
  • 6742 SHARJAH
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +971-6-572.2636
  • Fax: +971-6-572.4009
  1. LEYHAUSEN Middle East FZ-LLC

Leyhausen Middle East, a part of Leyhausen Group has been providing excellence in market research since 2008. The company offers qualitative (IDIs, Focus Groups; Ethnographic interviews) and quantitative (CATI, CAPI, PAPI, Online) data collection in the Middle East – carried out by own field forces.

The company’s top quality field operations are complemented by additional research and consulting services, enabling the company to meet clients’ extensive needs and demands:

Providing competent methodological advice, analysing the collected data to support it’s clients with relevant insights, delivering clear and actionable recommendations. As part of the Leyhausen Group, the market research company has access to its numerous resources, including the global Leyhausen network.

The headquarters of LEYHAUSEN MIDDLE EAST is located in Dubai/UAE. Additional offices in the region are in the following countries: Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, and Dammam), Qatar (Doha), Kuwait (Kuwait City), and Egypt (Cairo).

Company information

  • Dubai Media City, Aurora Tower
  • PO Box 502879, Office 1302
  • 502879 DUBAI
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +971-4-4464054
  • Fax: +971-6-5754.605
  1. Synergy Marketing Consultancy LLC

Founded in 2011, Synergy Marketing Consultancy is a fast growing provider in data collection & analytics in the Middle East – core markets being UAE, KSA, Oman, Bahrain & Qatar. The company boasts that it’s “team” is the differentiator having 80+ years of cumulative experience in executing Market Research services.

Synergy Marketing has 35 full time employees and 175+ freelancers assisting the company in data collection across the GCC countries. Synergy are based in Ajman, UAE and has a field branch office in Abu Dhabi.

Company information

  • 404/406, Holiday Towers
  • Sh Khalifa bin Zayed Street, Nuemiya
  • 12946 Ajman AJMAN
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +97167148729
  1. Insights Scouts Research And Consultancy

Insight Scouts is a boutique market research agency specialising in the Middle East, Levant, North Africa and Turkey. The company also covers markets across central and eastern Europe. Insights Scouts offer a full range of quantitative, qualitative research and Mystery shopping services, backed by strict quality control procedures.

The company’s experience extends across most industry sectors, with particularly strong expertise in serving consumer research and international research for automotive clients, healthcare, communications, durables and FMCG. Insights Scouts also offer dependable research management, strict commitment to deadlines, proactive customer service and realistic pricing.

Company information

  • P.O.Box 28236
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +(357) 22 679393
  • Fax: +357-22314451
  1. FeedBack Market Research

Established in 2001, Feedback has always been driven by the singular vision of its Founder Sherif Omar, which was based on a culture of integrity. The drive to meet client requirements which includes taking up even the most challenging assignments has contributed to the organization’s position as one of the leading market research providers in the region.

Note that the uniqueness of FeedBack rests on its ability to change for clients. FeedBack is constantly exploring newer frontiers, including ways of doing research, as they believe that evolving business realities need innovative solutions.

The company’s biggest strength however is the team of research professionals. Most of it’s team members have either grown up in the region or have spent substantial amount of time in the region. They can therefore help you in better understanding consumers in their cultural context.

Further, their expertise in the areas of consumer behaviour, statistics, branding and psychology will help you translate research into actionable possibilities for business.

FeedBack provides it’s clients with a full suite of research solutions, including standalone data collection services to analysis, reporting and market research based advisory services. On the data collection front in particular, the company boasts of a state of the art survey solution (viz. CATI, CAWI, CAPI) that can meet any of your information requirements.

Company information

  • 2nd Floor, Corniche Plaza 1
  • Buhairah Corniche
  • 29663 SHARJAH
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Phone: +971-6-574.7979
  • Fax: +971-6-574.7749

Having read through and thoroughly understood the need for a market research company for your business, it’s very much advisable that you invest adequate time into choosing a market research company that specializes in your business field and has the experience you need.