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Buying a Cleaning Business Franchise – 20 Questions to Ask

Course Extra-: This is an additional chapter of “The Complete Guide to Starting a Cleaning Business.” – Entrepreneurs who don’t want to go through the rigors and rancor of starting their own businesses from the scratch find solace in the fact that they can own a business of their own by  buying a franchise of an already established business brand. Buying the franchise of an already established business brand gives you leverage if you want to own a business of your own.

If you intend owning a cleaning business in the US, Canada or even in Australia and you don’t want to start it from the scratch yourself, you can successfully buy a cleaning business franchise from an already established and time tested brand in your country. There are several cleaning companies in these countries whose franchise is up for sale and it is your responsibility to do your research to be sure you are buying a franchise that will serve your business purpose.

The fact that companies put their franchise up for sale doesn’t mean that once you buy it, it translates to an automatic business success for you; you would still be required to put in some expertise to make it work. The level of expertise you are required to put into the cleaning business franchise that you bought is to a larger extent is dependent on your homework before purchasing the franchise.

Now let us consider 20 crucial questions that you should ask before buying a cleaning business franchise;

Cleaning Business Franchise Opportunities

20 Crucial Questions to Ask When Buying a Cleaning Business Franchise

1. The Track Record of the Cleaning Company Selling the Franchise

The first thing that should compel you to make enquiries on any cleaning company that is selling franchise is to ask about their track record. If you can’t really place a finger on anything that the company has achieved or anything significant that they have achieved over the years, then you should reconsider your decision of buying their franchise.

2. The Numbers of Franchise They Have Sold

If you are amongst the first set of people to buy the franchise of a cleaning company that is selling its franchise, then do know that you have a 50/50 chance for it to either succeed or fail. If over time the cleaning company has been able to sell loads of franchise, it goes to show that if you buy their franchise, the possibility of the business becoming profitable under your care is high and vice versa.

3. The Success Story of Those Who Bought Their Franchise

Another key question that you should ask before buying the franchise of a cleaning company is to ask of the success story of those who have bought their franchise in the past. If those who have bought the franchise of the cleaning company are doing pretty well in their location, then you can rest assured that yours can as well become successful without much struggles

4. The Terms and Conditions Attached To Their Franchise

It is also very important to ask for the terms and conditions attached to the franchise of the cleaning company. Some of the terms and conditions might not be favorable to you; hence, ensure that you critically look into them before making your decision to buy.

5. The Cost of Their Franchise

The cost of the franchise you want to buy should also be of a concern to you. If you have options, ensure that you compare prices and acquire the franchise that suits your budget. This is so that you do not end up unable to put financial structures in place when you eventually start out.

6. Any Additional Support Available to You If You Buy Their Franchise-: Before you buy the franchise of any cleaning company, ensure that you ask of any additional support available. There are some companies that will provide free consultancy service and support for a period of time.

7. The Options Available to You

You have to explore the options available to you before buying the franchise of any cleaning company. With that, you will be able to get a better deal. One great way to do this might be to ask experts or research on the internet so as to arrive at the best and most ideal option.

8. The Numbers of Cleaning Companies (Competitors) in the Location You Want To Establish the Business

Another key question that you should ask before buying the franchise of any cleaning company is to know the numbers of cleaning companies i.e. the likely competitors that you will face in the location you intend establishing your own cleaning business.

9. The Company’s Profile

It will be out place for you to buy the franchise of any company without going through the company’s profile. If it is not available online, demand it for it. Why is this important you might ask? This is especially important so that you do not leave any stone unturned.

10. The Popularity of the Cleaning Company’s Brand-: The popularity of the brand of the cleaning company that you intend buying will go a long way to determine the success that you stand to achieve when you buy their franchise

11. The Process Involve In Acquiring Their Brand-: If the process involved in acquiring the franchise of a company is stressful, then you might have to explore other options. You do not want to get stressed really out simply because you are looking to buy a franchise.

12. When Did They Start to Sell a Franchise?-: Of course you would not want to be the first to buy the franchise of a cleaning company -that is the reason why it is important to know when they first started to sell their franchise.

13. The Proximity of the Brand Presence in the Location You Intend Establishing Your Cleaning Company-: If someone already bought the franchise of the cleaning company you intend buying in your location, then you need to reconsider if you should go ahead or rescind your decision. This is so as to avoid undue competition.

14. The Payment Options Available-: It is important to ask of the payment options available before buying the franchise of a cleaning company. Do all the payment background check because it is of importance.

15. How Profitable is the Cleaning Company-: The fact that you are going into business to make profits makes it compulsory to know the profit record of the company you intend buying their franchise.

16. The Quality of Their Staff-: You would need back end support from the company that you intend buying their franchise, so ensure that you ask of the quality of their back office / technical staff. You can investigate it yourself.

17. The Profile of Their Board Members and Directors-: The profile of their board members and directors is also information that you should know before buying their franchise. Do your checks by asking questions and other things.

18. The Business Philosophy of the Cleaning Company-: The business philosophy of the cleaning company is also a part of what you know before making your buying decision.

19. The Position the Cleaning Company Occupies Amongst Top Cleaning Businesses in Your Country-: It will pay you a great deal to purchase the franchise of a cleaning company that is among the top 5 or 10 cleaning companies in your country.

20. The Benefits You Stand To Gain When You Buy a Cleaning Company’s Franchise-: Of course should ask yourself the benefit you stand to gain when you buy a cleaning company’s profile.

There you have it; the 20 crucial questions to ask when buying a cleaning business franchise.