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15 Best Places to Buy Manufacturer Coupons in Bulk

Do you want to buy manufacturer coupons in bulk but you don’t know where to find them? If YES, here are 15 best places to buy manufacturing coupons wholesale.

Manufacturer coupons are coupons that come from the brands and companies of the things you buy. Unlike store coupons that come from the store, manufacturer coupons are directly from the manufacturer. This means that when you use a manufacturer’s coupon, the manufacturer pays for the value of the coupon.

Since they are released directly by the manufacturer, you can typically use them at any store that accepts coupons. This is in contrast to store coupons, which you can often only use at the store that released them.

Aside from it being more convenient, flexibility also lets you save more. You don’t have to stick to the items, prices, and deals of one store. With a manufacturer’s coupon, you have more to choose from, and more opportunities to save. Also, note that Manufacturer’s coupons are more common. For this reason, they tend to be easier to find than store coupons.

Also, note that one of the biggest reasons to use manufacturer coupons is that they stack. Stores commonly allow customers to use one store coupon along with one manufacturer’s coupon per item. Indeed, there are many places to buy manufacturer coupons; most of the time, you can find them for free online.

Where to Buy Manufacturer Coupons in Bulk

You’ll find a wide variety of resources online where you can find printable manufacturer coupons in bulk, but the following list will help give you a jump start, since each of these sites has a plethora of options.

  1. Manufacturer Coupon Websites

Even though you can find coupons in magazines, newspapers, and ads, it may be quite easier to navigate a website that compiles coupons or go directly to the website of the manufacturer. Most times, you’ll also find coupons or special deals regarding the products that the manufacturer offers, typically in a digital format. The website will also have contact information for that manufacturer.

  1. is a database of printable and digital coupons from a wide range of manufacturers. You’ll also find coupon codes that can be redeemed for online purchases. The site lets you search for specific brands or retailers and compile them into an easily printable list. You can also upload a shopping list directly to the site.

  1. RetailMeNot Everyday

Currently known as RetailMeNot Everyday, this site makes it easy to find sales and coupons from your favorite manufacturers. You can also find coupon codes to use online. Users can sign up for the newsletter to get manufacturer coupons directly in their inbox.

  1. allows you to clip manufacturer coupons digitally, and then print them for use in-store. Note that users can often find exclusive manufacturer coupons on Search by category or brand to make finding the items on your shopping list simple. For additional coupon offers, search by zip code.

  1. P&G

Procter & Gamble is another company that has a variety of health and wellness brands under its umbrella, including Gain, Downy, and Always, amongst others. Their website has bulk of manufacturer coupons for their brands. Search by brand, new coupons, or those with the highest value.

  1. Safeway

Safeway, the banner brand of the Albertson Company, boasts of a site that offers a variety of manufacturer coupons and deals. Users can also sign up for their rewards program, which allows you to earn points to redeem for discounts or gas.

  1. Walgreens

Walgreens is known to make it easy to browse through hundreds of coupons online or through their mobile app. Users can clip coupons to be added to their Balance Rewards account or save them to be used in-store at checkout, or online.

  1. Target

Target offers 5% off on every purchase to shoppers with a store credit or debit card. Target Circle is the store’s loyalty program app where users can find a variety of discounts and coupons, as well as earn cashback. Also, note that their weekly circular often features deals that offer a store gift card with a minimum purchase on a particular brand or item.

While manufacturer coupons are accepted at Target, it should be noted that only one can be combined with a Target coupon or Circle offer per item.

  1. Kroger

Kroger is a full-service grocer that offers manufacturer coupons directly on its website. Users can upload digital coupons directly to their rewards account and redeem them in-store or online.

  1. tends to make it easy to find manufacturer coupons for a variety of industries. From jewelry to home appliances and groceries, you’ll find deals and coupons within this database. You can also search through local circulars to find even more discounts and coupons.

  1. General Mills

There are so many brands that fall under the General Mills family, including Betty Crocker. Users can visit the specific brand website for coupon information. General Mills is also known for its Box Tops for Education initiative.

In times past, families could clip the cardboard box tops off of General Mills products and donate them to their local school to later be redeemed for cash rewards. Presently, General Mills uses an app that allows users to scan their shopping receipts. The products with box tops will automatically be accounted for and added to a school’s account.


When you visit, you’ll find many groups of coupons that you can either browse one by one or save to your computer for printing. This site more or less has coupons for major manufacturers and big grocery brands that will help you save on foods, personal care products, and many other items you’ll find in grocery stores.


Although couponers tend to complain that they have trouble finding coupons for healthy foods, aims to remedy that issue. The company allows you to virtually “clip” the coupons for natural food and healthcare products that appeal to you, and then you can print them out to use in stores.


Note that this company sends coupons through the mail that allow you to save on local products and services. The company has translated those deals into printable coupons on its website,, where you can find a wide variety of offers for major brands. You can click on the deals and print the coupons to use in stores.

  1. eBay

Auction sites such as eBay have become a popular source for finding coupons. It is illegal to sell coupons, but charging for the time spent to collect and organize the coupons is legal. Owing to this loophole in the legislation, there are many coupons available on auction sites. Usually, the coupons up for auction come in a bundle, such as 20 coupons for a specific brand of baby food.


Manufacturer coupons come from the brands and companies of the things you buy.  However, whether you’re hunting for a particular manufacturer coupon to buy a big-ticket item or you’re hoping to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons and other deals during your weekly grocery trip, you need a good source to find the best offers.

Many couponers like to buy coupons from coupon-clipping services or through eBay. But whether you choose to buy and sell coupons as a side gig or want to make use of the coupons, these places mentioned above can be of immense help.