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How to Buy and Sell Designer Clothes Online

Are you looking for a source of extra income from home? Do you have an eye for sleek fashion designs? Then below is a guide on how to buy and sell designer clothes from home.

Selling designer clothing is a very lucrative business as a lot of people identify brands with quality and class. People generally believe that if it has a designer label on it, then it has to be of high quality. One other thing that makes designer clothing items popular is that a lot of people associate using designer items with class.

If you wear designer items, you will be seen as someone who is fashion forward and classy. You don’t necessarily need millions of dollars to start a designer clothes selling business. You could easily start from home and gradually grow your business to become a strong brand.

This guide reveals a lot of highly coveted secrets that would help you find your feet as a home-based designer clothing seller.

Selling Designer Clothes Online – Skills and General Requirements

To start your home based designer selling business, you would need some set of skills and tools that would propel you forward and help you to succeed in the business. Some of them include-:

a. Fashion savvy

You must be fashion savvy to succeed in this business. Meaning, you have to possess a good knowledge of the fashion industry and trends. This can be achieved by reading industry magazines and blogs and also reading fashion magazines and websites.

There are websites that specialize in predicting fashion and trends. You can subscribe to such websites so that you can have access to necessary information.

b. Customer service skills

You must know how to be courteous and helpful to your customers and offering them necessary assistance .That would encourage them to keep buying from you.

c. Marketing skills

You would also need to understand the concept of marketing and how you can promote your goods.

d. Knowledge of internet selling

You would also need a good understanding of internet marketing and how to promote your business online.

e. Excellent photography skills

Online selling requires that people see what they cannot feel. Your customers cannot feel or touch what they want to buy, so they have to rely on the pictures provided by you. You see why the pictures must be excellent and superb.

f. Source of merchandise

This is very important. You have to figure out where and how you will get your goods from. Before you start, you must ensure that you have a guaranteed source of getting goods consistently.

g. Online store

Lastly, you will need an online store which would serve as a means of selling your goods.

Step by Step Procedure to Starting a home-based designer selling business

1. Create a business plan

First, you should get a hang on the costs of starting your business by writing your business plan.

2. Search for reliable suppliers

Search for people you can trust to keep selling you designer clothing at a cheap price.

3. Determine your selling prices

What will be your mark-up? How much would you sell your products for? It is important for you to consider and factor in all your expenses before you decide on a price for any product.

4. Consider drop shipping

Drop shipping makes the whole process of selling items online easy. You won’t have to incur double shipping costs and as such, your items could be sold at reasonable prices to your clients.

5. Showcase samples

You should try to show some samples to your friends and family members, so that they can patronize you and even encourage other people to do so too.

6. Discuss with experienced sellers

Knowledge is power. An experienced retailer might be able to give you some tips and reveal some secrets about the practical aspects of the business to you.

7. Create a bank account for your business

The payments would have to go somewhere right? And it is wiser to separate your personal account from your business account.

8. Marketing

Learn about the various ways through which you can market your products such as social media marketing, search engine optimization etc.

Where to Source for Cheap Designer Clothes Online

Speaking of where and how to get clothing product for your business, i have decided to outline 20 online stores where you can get designer clothing at cheap prices; so that you can maximize your profit:

20 Online Clothing Stores to Get Cheap Designer Clothes

  • Theoutnet

This website was launched by net-a-porter and you can have access to designer clothing for up to 80% less regular prices. Popular brands include Valentino, Chloe and Marc Jacobs.

  • Dress-for-less

Dress-for-less offers you a variety of designs on a ‘no limited’ time basis. You can get up to 70% off designer items on this website as well as discounts for newsletter sign ups.


Want to sell designer shoes? Then this member(s)-only excusive website would give you access to designer shoes at 80% off regular prices as long as you the $80 subscription charges.


How would you like a website that gives you access to designer clothing from top designers at 80% discounts and a 20% discount off every $100 worth of purchase?

  • Vente-privee

Vente-privee was a French exclusive designer shopping website that recently came into the united kingdom and you can get good designer stuffs for a fraction of the price on this website.


This website offers free shipping, coupon codes and opportunity for returns on a 30-80% discount basis. Deals are offered on time basis which usually starts at 12pm Est. This website has Amazon as its official partner.


This website sells beyond designer clothing. They also sell vacation packages. Expect a discount of 75% or more on this website and if you are able to refer some of your friends, you will get $25 on each person you refer.


Ever the bargain website. On, you can get up to 50% off designer items offered up for clearance.


This is another option for people who want to sell designer shoes. They host private events where you can get up to 90% off selected designer items.

  • has excellent reward programs such as free shipping, 15% newsletter sign-up discounts and up to 80% off your favorite designer clothing.

  • Brand alley

Brand alley sends you e-mail newsletters to alert you of upcoming sales on designer items. Here, you can get up to 80% off brands.


This one is for the Neiman Marcus brand lovers. You could get items on clearance on this website.


This is your one-stop website for liquidator and close-out deals.

  • Belle & Clive

When you sign-up, you get $10 credit on this website. You could also get up to $40 discount on your next purchase worth $200 when you give them a thumbs-up on Facebook.


You could also get free shipping on this website with up to 60% discounts as well as regular coupons.


Here, you can find designer clothing items for men, women or children with up to 90% off.


Offers of up to 85% off.


This website also sells on a timely basis with deals thrown open at 11 pm EST daily. You also get referral credits on this website.


Here, you can also get great discounts on new designer items.


You also get deals on a timely basis on

Now that you know where to get cheap designer items from, how do you sell them? There are thousands of e-commerce websites out there where you can sell your products easily from the comfort of your home. Such websites include eBay, amazon, etc. You could also sell your goods at trade shows, consignment shops or on your own personal business website.