Yes, HVAC technicians can have tattoos since it is not a government job per say, and you are only bound by what your individual employer desires. Most HVAC employers are more interested in your skills and how well you can present yourself to customers. But if the tattoo is offensive to customers, it might become a problem or a hindrance.

In the United States, a country where one in five adults now rock a tattoo and nearly two in five adults in their 30s have an ink somewhere on their bodies, the stigma attached to tattoos is starting to abate. However, even with the society’s growing acceptance of tattoos — and, to a lesser degree, piercings — several HVAC contractors still consider them to be deal breakers when interviewing potential employees.

Like it or not, technicians in this industry just get one chance to make a first impression on a customer or potential employer. If that impression isn’t a good one, they may never get another chance — and the company may have lost a customer. And have it in mind that a huge part of that first impression is appearance.

Although technicians’ appearances are important to many contractors, it is seen as low priority for others — especially when a technician has proven to be extremely capable. But these are, more often than not, the exceptions to the rule. And while some contractors have a hard and fast rule prohibiting visible tattoos and piercings, some do not find them distracting. However, most contractors agree there is a line.

Anytime it comes to body modifications like tattoos and piercings, it’s all about moderation. Some people go to the extreme where the tats are all over the body with skull and crossbones or designs depicting a sort of ritual. No one is ever going to hire such a person to work with a client. It is always about moderation.

HVAC Technicians are often called on to perform crucial work within the homes of clients. To this extent, it’s important that you look professional and well groomed while at work. You need to provide your customers a friendly and respectful service. That being said, unless you have a tattoo that is gang related, racist, vulgar, or violent, having a tattoo should be fine.

What to Do If Your Tattoo is Negatively Affecting your Work

But if you are worried that your tattoo will make it difficult to find work, there are several options that you can pursue. The first is tattoo removal which is a typically painful and expensive procedure in which lasers are used for removal. Another option that is more popular is to have the tattoo redone. This is where a tattoo artist will take your current tattoo and either cover it up or transform it into something new.

However, if you have a tattoo and would like to become an HVAC Technician, you should be fine as long as the tattoo is in-line with socially accepted attitudes in your area. Ask yourself if you are living in a conservative and liberal minded community.


Although piercings and tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, their attraction is limited almost exclusively to people under the age of 40. Most business leaders and company managers are older and decidedly more conservative.

Visible body arts, to an older person, are more likely to bring up images of jails and drunkenness than youthful indiscretion, and tattoos are apt to be associated with skinheads, outlaws, and outcasts, none of which are likely to be sought after by an employer. However, it is unlikely a moderate tattoo would stop a well skilled HVAC technician from seeking or getting employment in the United States.