Making a lasting impression on your customers is perhaps the toughest challenge a business owner faces. Many small business owners first try costly advertising and learn that this is not always worth the expense. Making a positive impression on your customers is not as hard as it might seem, and it’s certainly not always as expensive. These five ideas will help you grow your business by impressing your customers:

Top 5 Ways to Make A Lasting Impression on Your Customers

  • Customer Service

All business owners must remember that the customer comes first and is almost always right. Quality customer service is what makes or breaks most small companies in today’s tough economy. Customers like to be treated as if they are special and that they are listened to and taken care of. Without a steady flow of customers, no business can survive. Your goal should be to build a base of loyal, regular customers, and to encourage those customers to refer others to your business.

  • Business Ethics

Your business reputation is everything when it comes to your competition. You and your employees need to make sure you do nothing that will jeopardize the reputation of your business. A happy customer may tell one or two of his friends and neighbors about your company. An unhappy customer will tell all of his friends and neighbors about the poor treatment he or she received from your company. You should make sure you start off right and keep a good reputation to make a long-lasting impression on your customers.

  • Promotional Items

Perhaps one of the most underutilized and yet most effective means of building customer loyalty is by giving away promotional items that are imprinted with your company’s logo and contact details such as your phone number and URL. An excellent promotional product to give away is promotional key tags.

Most of us have keys in our pocket or purse every day of our life, and a key chain is something that is used regularly, thus increasing your chances for exposure considerably. By using promotional items such as promotional keychains, stationary, t-shirts, hats and other practical promotional items, you will be sure to get your customers’ attention.

  • Pricing

No business can survive very long if their products or services are priced too high. Every business needs to establish pricing that will make their customers feel like they are getting good value for their money. Customers will be impressed with your company if they can find a great deal on something that is not offered at the same price elsewhere. Sometimes, you won’t be able to sell your product for the least expensive price available. In this case, throwing in extras such as coupons for future items or services will bring the customer back to you. They need to feel like they are getting a good deal, and there are many ways to go about that.

  • Appearance

Your business should look clean and inviting. This applies to brick and mortar stores as well as vehicles if you have a mobile type business. Employees should be clean and neat, and they should be dressed properly for the type of work they perform. Most customers will form an impression about your business before interacting with employees. Making customers feel comfortable at your business is essential to making a lasting impression on them that will generate more business for you.

In conclusion, how your customers perceive your business is ultimately what will make your business grow or struggle. Take the time to really impress your customers, and you will succeed in growing your client base.

Ajaero Tony Martins