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How to Change Price on Speed Queen Dryer

Speed Queen Dryers are known to do more than just dry your laundry. These machines dry it to perfection. Using special drying cycles, a flawless Axial Airflow pattern, and advanced moisture sensing, you can eliminate excessive drying and save money on your utility bill.

The Speed Queen Specialty brand for years has been manufacturing long-lasting dryers reminiscent of the machines of decades past. Owing to their exemplary features, you can find Speed Queen commercial machines in Laundromats, hotels, and other commercial applications that need a durable appliance that can withstand lots of loads and heavy use.

According to reports, Speed Queen has only improved the quality components of their machines, and a typical consumer can expect to get over 20 years out of a Speed Queen before it needs replacement. The components of these dryers are almost identical across the three models offered by the company, with the main differences being in the control panel options and cycles.

Note that Speed Queen puts three coats of an enamel-like finish on the exterior that is designed to stand up to years of wear and tear in Laundromats, and this simply means that it should hold up even better in your home.

Also note that the 7.0 cubic foot capacity galvanized steel cylinder is resistant to rust and corrosion and is more durable than the plastic cylinders that many other manufacturers include in their machines. The lint filter is upfront, making it easy to reach and clean.

Speed Queen also offers an efficient axial airflow design on their dryers which leverages a heavy-duty fan system and an advanced airflow pattern to offer the ideal balance between mechanical action, drying temperature, and airflow pattern.

The electronic controls included in the dryers are commercial-grade and tested to withstand 10,400 cycles. All Speed Queen dryers are designed to operate quietly and to dry fabrics thoroughly without over-drying (thanks in part to moisture sensors in the drum).

Also note that these machines have 3 –  or 4 – way venting options and reversible doors, making installation easier in certain spaces. All models fit a 27” wide platform and are 28” deep.

If you are looking to go for just a Speed Queen dryer, don’t forget that the dryer should be about twice the capacity of the washer so that the dryer won’t be over –  or under-loaded (over-loaded dryers are over-worked and won’t perform well).

Howbeit, if your current washer is about 3.5 cubic feet or less, or you are planning on upgrading to a washer of that size in the future, these dryers should be ideal.

Steps by Step Guide on How to Change Price on Speed Queen Dryer

In this competitive age and with the domineering effect of the Covid – 19 pandemic, rising costs of electricity and maintenance repairs can dramatically increase the overhead cost of operating Laundromats. However, instead of absorbing the cost and accepting lower profits, you can easily change the price on your Speed Queen Dryers to shift some of the cost to customers and ensure that your business keeps running successfully.

  1. First, ensure all switches are turned off and then press the reset button to clear the computer memory. This will clear all settings on the dryer.
  2. At this point, turn on the second switch. Press the high-temperature button to increase the setting until it reads 1.0 for a dryer that accepts a single type of coin. Push the low temp button to lower the setting if you go above 1.0. Turn the switch off.
  3. Then turn on the third switch to set how many coins you want to require for the price. For instance, set the number of coins at six if your machine accepts only quarters and you want the price to be set at $1.50 because six quarters equals $1.50. After that, flip the switch to the “off” position.
  4. Carefully adjust the other dryer settings, including temperature and cool down time, until all settings are where you want them for operation. Turn all switches off before using the dryer. Ensure to leave switch number four on if you want the beeper to sound at the end of the dry time.

Note there are two sets of switches under the display. The switches on the left are the group that controls pricing. Remember that the above instructions are for Speed Queen coin-operated dryers that do not use Quantum Gold controls.

Other models may have different operating instructions. Also note that resetting the computer will clear all settings on the dryer, not just the price settings. You will need to manually enter all of the dryer settings again after clearing the memory.


Speed Queen Dryers are known to deliver a superior dry every time by achieving the ideal balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern, and mechanical action.

Note that with commercial-grade components like a heavy-duty fan system and an advanced airflow pattern that ensures every bit of warm air enters the cylinder and dries the clothes, Speed Queen dryers deliver the perfect dry, every time.

Although there are many options available for clothes dryers, Speed Queen is always a quality choice, especially if you are looking for a machine that is going to last. These dryers possess commercial quality, unmatched performance, and industry-leading warranties.