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50 Best Christmas Business Gift ideas for Clients & Customers

Do you want to appreciate your loyal clients this Christmas for their patronage? If YES, here are 50 best Christmas gift ideas for clients and customers. Business owners know that customers have many options of where to get their goods and services from. In this vein they have come to realize that customer retention is very important in order to ensure constant growth of a business.

In addition to a very good product and top notch customer service, giving your customer gifts is also a very excellent strategy to get them to stay with your business. And a very good time to give gifts is during the Christmas season. If your company has a small number of clients that patronize them, you can customize their gifts. Pay attention to each client’s habits or get some information from the sales people who have dealt with them.

For instance, if a client orders wine during dinner meetings, wine is a safe choice. If you’ve met with the client over golf, then a small token from their favorite course could be more appropriate. These personalized gifts can make your clients feel like they’re special and really important to your business. On the other hand, if our business has a large client list, you can opt for smaller more general items.

Even though buying gifts for your clients is always a good thing, but some businesses often make the mistake of buying gifts that are boring, bland or thoughtless. Here are 50 best Christmas gifts that you can buy for your clients and customers.

50 Best Christmas Business Gift ideas for Clients & Customers

1. Books or audio books

Books may not appear to be an obvious choice for a Christmas gift, however, with the right customer, it can be much appreciated. A relevant book not only shows that you understand the customer, but it will also stick with them for a long time, reminding them of your brand.

Furthermore, books have a brand of their own. Sending a non-fiction book that pioneers new ideas can get customers to think of your brand as “innovative” as well. For best results, send non-fiction and non-controversial books. Book gifts can also be a great way to underline the values which are important to you as a business, and help your customer associate those great values with you every time they pick that book up.

For those of us who suffer from long commutes, an audio book can be a great gift instead of a physical book. Even if your customer is struggling through a packed train or tube journey, they can plug in, enjoy your gift, and learn something new at the same time.

2. Offer surprise upgrades

During the Christmas season, you can offer your existing customer the gift of a free surprise upgrade. This works particularly well if the upgrade is similar to but better than their current purchase. You should however get the consent of the customer before you make the upgrade. This is because some customers may want to stick to the lower-tier model for reasons best known to them.

3. Low-maintenance potted plant

A small potted plant makes for a great Christmas gift. You can send your client an easy to maintain and hardy specie. This type of gift not only looks good but also emphasizes your “green” credentials. If your customers are eco-conscious, this can be an affordable and memorable gift to send.

Don’t just limit yourself to the traditional Christmas poinsettia. A desk (or house) plant can add a little bit of calm to a working day, provides a focal point and is good for the working environment by removing toxins. Pothos needs little attention; the Peace Lily likes low humidity and low light, while the Rubber Plant is a classic favorite.

But for something a little more exotic (and someone a bit more green-fingered), orchids, lemon trees and chili plants can be grown indoors, while a Bonsai tree brings a touch of elegance and charm to any workstation. Alternatively, send customers plant seeds or even small DIY growing kits (with seeds, soil, and pot).

4. A statement piece

If you want your clients to have you in their mind, you should give them a statement piece that they can use to complete their office décor. Feel free to go all-out here with wall paintings, rugs, and record players or, for a lightly safer though no less practical gift, a new coffee machine.

5. Socks

Everyone hates losing one of their beloved socks. You can get you clients socks for Christmas. There are socks that come in sets of seven and feature complementary designs that can easily be mixed and matched. If you lose one, then it’s not an issue.

6. The Amazon Echo Dot

This gadget from Amazon is voice controlled, and can do everything from streaming your music to telling you the weather. It’s compatible with Nest, Samsung, and a huge range of smart home products. Clients who are tech savvy will really appreciate a Christmas gift like this.

7. A personalized e-card

Some clients may not really want you to get them a Christmas gift or you may be someone who prefers to send your best holiday wishes, a custom e-card would be a great way to keep your business top of mind in the New Year.

8. A Charity Donation in Their Name

Christmas is the season of giving to friends, family members and also to the less privileged. A charity donation is a great way to underline your commitment to social responsibility, and can be personalized to your customer. You can reach a client in a meaningful way by purchasing something for a cause that your client is passionate about.

Do they love pets? If so, you can make the donation to an animal shelter. If they are passionate about helping the older generation, you can donate to an elderly charity.

A lot of charities often have great add-ons to make your donation extra special, if you’d like to back up your donation with something physical to send in the post – whether it’s a certificate in their name, a booklet showing exactly what their money will be spent on, or a cute plush toy. This type of gift is also very acceptable by those clients who have corporate policies that prevent them from accepting gifts.

9. An Adult Coloring Book

If you have a client who has a more relaxed view on work, then, they’re likely to see the benefit in an adult coloring book. It is believed that adult coloring books help to relive stress and they also utilize areas of the brain that increase focus and concentration.

Bring a little personalization to this gift by including pencils or pens with your recipient’s name on, or by adding a handwritten note wishing them a stress-free holiday season.

10. Wine or Whiskey

Wine and spirits are a traditional Christmas gift favorites. But you should not just gift very cheap wine or whiskey to a client.

11. Hamper

Gone are the days when all hampers contained diverse commodities. These days hampers are tailored to suit a particular taste. For instance, if you know a client who is a chocoholic, you can create a hamper that is entirely made up of different types of chocolates.

12. Subscriptions

The gift that keeps on giving. What better way to keep in the forefront of a client’s mind with a gift that arrives regularly throughout the year? And while you could go for a magazine subscription, the choice is wider than ever before. Wine and beer clubs abound, or for the teetotaller – new tea and coffees can provide a new taste experience throughout the year.

13. Keepsake Box with Initial

This gift item can help ladies to keep their jewelry or other such items organized in a personalized way. Brighten their day with this beautiful keepsake box which doubles up as an ornament at their desk or home.

14. Assorted Coffee and Tasty Snacks Gift Basket

This type of gift is just right for someone who is a coffee lover. Satisfy their caffeine fix by presenting them with this coffee themed Christmas gift basket. They can enjoy great, premium cuppas over a choice of divine selection of gourmet coffees.

15. Christmas Oreo Cookies

A box of tasty cookies has a way to conveying the Christmas spirit. You can make this a giant festive fortune cookie wrapped in a cello bag with a lovely ribbon. This cookies which is almost the size of a football, and contains your one feet long customized message, makes a unique and memorable holiday gift for your customers.

The delicious vanilla cookie is dipped in a flavor of your choice which could be chocolate or rich caramel. This will definitely leave a great taste in your recipient’s mouth! In addition, the hand-crafted royal icing decorations, which include Santa Claus, Ornaments, Christmas Trees and so on are a great way to send best wishes for this holiday season

16. Gold Tone Golf Ball and Tee

This type of gift will appeal to lovers of golf. This gift is made up of a 24K gold display golf ball and gold tee (it is not made from real gold). This type of gift is perfect for displaying in the office or at home to affectionately show love for this hobby. The gift comes with certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee and a personalized gift message.

17. A Chef’s Coat

You can gift a customer a custom made chef coat that has your company’s logo alongside the client’s name. Every time they cook up that famous meal, your client’s friends won’t just talk about the food, they will be talking about your amazing chef coat.

18. Gumball bank

This gift is best suited for those with a sweet tooth. In addition to the gum ban, you should attach an extra bag of gumballs and add your logo and a custom tag. Personalize your message to your service. This is one gift you’ll still find on the desk when you visit a client or prospect’s office months after the holiday season.

19. Luggage

A lot of people travel during the Christmas season and Luggage can also be very handy for clients who travel a lot. No matter who your client is, they travel and that means they need to pack. There is nothing handier than a great suitcase that is well suited for short trips.

20. Decanter Set

For people who love the taste of their wine, a decanter can be a very good gift to give them. Also they are a classy addition to the recipient’s wine collection, hence making it a premium Christmas gift.

21. Vases

Flowers have a way of making an office or a house inviting because if brings the outdoors inside. In that vein, a lot of people will appreciate getting a classic vase as a Christmas gift. A polished and refined vase makes a stunning corporate luxury gift and they can be used all year round and for many years to come. The recipient will appreciate this practical and elegant glassware which adds brilliance to her home or office.

 22. Paperweights

Paperweights help to keep the workspace tidy and luxurious paperweights, for instance the crystal collectibles, can also add a touch of elegance in the office. The paperweights vary in designs, textures and even colors. For some paperweights, you can incorporate a customized image or message to make them personal, interesting and inviting to the recipient. This exquisite gift will definitely add class to the clients’ desk.

23. Clocks

This can be a good Christmas gift to give to your customers. Clocks can be versatile, luxurious and can be tailored and customized to suite an individual’s taste. There are the golf shaped clocks for golf enthusiasts, car shaped clocks for the racing fanatics and even calendar shaped clocks.

24. Money clips

Money clips can be used in place of a normal wallet. They are light, smaller in size and come in a wide variety of designs make a great alternative to traditional wallets. They also come in leather and metal variants so you can choose the one you feel like the customer will prefer. Choosing the appropriate design makes this gift a luxury gift, as some design display style and class.

25. Pens

A pen is a tool that is used every day, so it is an ideal gift to give to your clients. For some, pens are also an accessory to one’s outfit, which is why a branded pen is a nice and practical addition to the recipient’s wardrobe, making it among the best luxury branded gifts. In addition, some pens can be cheap and as such, if you have a large client base, you can afford to easily gift all of them a pen.

26. Decorative Bowls

When you don’t know what to get for a particular client, it is a safe and reliable choice to get a decorative bowl. Ideally, you want to choose a bowl that is handmade. There are plenty of choices for materials such as hand-thrown, hand-glazed pottery, blown glass, or a one-of-a-kind whittled wooden bowl. You can even get them a bowl that is Christmas themed.

27. Drink ware Sets

Exquisite drink ware sets make an ideal luxury Christmas gift for any recipient. This is because they make a functional gift for anyone, even for daily occasions. Be certain to add a personal touch to make your stylish gift standout from the recipients’ regular drink ware. You can, for instance, add a fun quote or a message of appreciation on the items

28. Grill Related Items

If you have a customer that you know loves outdoor cooking, you can buy a top-end grill-related item such as a portable gas grill, an accessory gift basket, or a three piece grilling set. This unique and luxury gift is especially well received around summer time.

29. Personalized Bottle Stopper and Pourer

If your client is a wine enthusiast, you can get them Christmas gift of a bottle stopper. You can get a Christmas themed bottle stopper and pourer such as a reindeer bottle stopper.

30. Personalized Holiday Throw Pillow

If your client is a homely person, this is a gift which will definitely enhance the home decor this festive season. You can also personalize the throw pillow with their name, which makes it among the most unique corporate Christmas gift ideas.

31. Artificial Plants with Meaningful Words

If your client like plants but does not have much time on their hand or green fingers to take care of the plants, then an “almost real” artificial plant will be the ideal Christmas plant.

These plants do not just spruce up the recipient’s office or home. The meaningful wordings adorning the pots give the environment a positive feel, no water is required. This is one of the best maintenance-free holiday decorations to consider.

32. Personalized Tea Box

This is an ideal Christmas Gift for a Tea Lover. This tea box is a functional gift for your clients for their use in office or at home. The box, which has adjustable compartments and glass lid, keeps the different flavors of tea organized and he or she can see the tea they want to drink at one easy glance. The box which can be personalized with up to 2 lines is a great way to convey your season’s greetings this year.

33. 9-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool

If you have a client who is an avid Adventurer, this practical and unique gift will be quite appreciated by them. They will find this multi-tool extremely useful, as he can settle quick fixes and also help him cut wires or seatbelts when outdoor and during emergencies. You can personalize this gift by adding the initials of the client to the tool.

34. Gourmet Sugar Free Gift Basket

This is the practical gift for a client who is health conscious, takes good care of the food they eat and monitor their sugar intake. With the luxurious packaging, you are sending thoughtful Christmas greetings to the recipient.

35. Reading Light for Bed

If you have a client who loves to read, then this will make a practical gift. This gift also helps to prevent strain for a book lover, what better way to spend the holiday season with a good book at hand, a warm drink and tasty snacks in place.

36. Pie

Have it in mind that it doesn’t matter what holiday it is, a family meal isn’t complete without some good sweet pie. Studies have shown that this is the perfect gift for clients, since it lightens the client’s load when preparing a holiday meal for the family. You can also add a personal touch by delivering it yourself.

37. Leather Journal

For people who like to jot things down on paper, a leather journal makes a thoughtful and expensive Christmas gift. You can customize the journal and include the initial of the client on it. Make sure the journal you choose is made with quality paper too. To go above and beyond, consider buying a matching pen.

38. Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are not totally out of fashion. These watches can be another ideal high end Christmas gift idea you should consider. It is a timeless gift for the male recipient. They are trendy, versatile and some can be personalized. For some pocket watches, you can personalize it with a personal message, his name or his monogram. This will definitely make your corporate gift stand out.

39. Candlesticks and Votives

Candlesticks and votive are incredibly decorative and inviting. These décor items give sophisticated feel to the space. The lights create a relaxing and comfortable feel, which is beneficial for the mind and body. As matter of fact, when you offer candlesticks and votive as a gift in your next corporate function, you will simply be spreading light and love by creating more personal business relations with your clients.

40. Photo Frames

A photo frame can be a worthy gift to give to a customer during the Christmas season. You can opt for crystal frame as their brilliance not just add sparkle to the photographs, but also to the workspace or home. Ideally, a photo frame will be remembered for a lifetime, hence it is a gift worth considering.

41. A Subscription to a Customizable Service

There are some services that you can customize to fit into the lifestyle of your client. You can consider gifting a subscription to beauty products, health and fitness products, snacks, food, crafting supplies, toys for kids, pet toys and treats, all of which will arrive in a box delivered by mail to their front door.

Ideally, you could buy the subscription, send it to the client via email and have them set up their accounts, so that they can tailor what they want to receive.

42. Kids toys

For those clients with children, you can pick boxes with toys, treats, recipes or fun crafting activities to entertain them.

43. Send flowers

Even though flowers are a perishable gift, they are loved and cherished by a lot of people. In addition, they are also mostly brand agnostic (in the sense that you don’t have to worry whether they align with your brand).

Furthermore, the visual spectacle of a bunch of free flowers makes for a good photo opportunity and the social shares that go with it. Gifting your customer with flowers is not cheap, so you may want to give them to your most loyal customer. The only time flowers won’t work is if you’re targeting young, single male customer groups who usually don’t have an affinity for them. Remember to pick non-allergic flowers for your gifts.

44. Toiletry bag

If you have a client that you know travels a lot, you can gift them a toiletry bag. Monogramming is always a nice choice, especially on travel items. And select canvas, leather, or waterproof options for a bag they’ll love forever.

45. A water bottle they won’t throw away

For clients who are environmental conscious, you can gift them reusable water bottles. Reusable Water bottles help to reduce the use of plastic bottled water and they can always come in handy.

46. Online classes

During the season of Christmas, you can also give a client the gift of new knowledge. Instead of quickly consumed snacks or trinkets, give your client an experience they’ll always remember. Consider a gift card to an online classroom where they can spend a few hours honing their cooking, photography, or software development skills.

47. Restaurant gift cards

Find out the trending restaurant in the area where your customer lives in and ask for hotspots they’d like to try, and get them a gift card. It allows them to unwind over a nice meal during the holiday season — and your name is sure to come up before dessert.

Are you still in doubt on what to get a client?

When you want to give a gift that will create a lasting impression, you should make a little research before you purchase anything. Here are some pointers for researching and buying that perfect customer gift.

  • Check their Facebook Profile

A client’s Facebook profile can provide a wealth of information on things they like. Are they fans of a TV show or sport team? Are they subscribed to every baking-related group out there? Buy them a cupcake baking set.

  • Take A Peek At Their Other Social Feeds

Twitter can be a social media goldmine for thoughtful gift-givers, giving you 140-character glimpses into what your customer likes. If your customer has a Pinterest account, bingo – they’ve likely pinned all sorts of things which excite and inspire them.

  • Think Business

Consider what’s important in your customer’s industry and business, and find gifts that will hold real meaning to them in their professional life. For instance, a customer working in the travel industry might appreciate some fancy luggage tags. Or a customer working to get their business of the ground might appreciate a book or two to help them out.