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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Colorado

Are you searching for small business opportunities in Colorado, United States? Are you considering starting a business in Colorado but you simply lack ideas on the best business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem. Colorado and other states in the west of U.S. top the list of “Best States for Business” for 2011.

This ranking, published by Forbes, is based on a number of factors—such as business startup costs, availability of labor, the regulatory environment, the economic climate, growth prospects, quality of life, and population. The above only drives home the point that businesses have a brighter chance of doing well in Colorado and other western states.

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So, if you are looking to start a small business in Colorado, you have indeed chosen a “fertile ground” for new businesses. While Colorado can potentially support a wide range of businesses, certain business opportunities promise to be more profitable than others. Here are 10 small business opportunities that will most likely thrive in Colorado:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Colorado

1. Restaurant

The restaurant business is an evergreen money-spinner because the demand for food itself is evergreen. We all need to eat everyday in order to survive. And our busy work schedules make it very difficult to prepare our food ourselves. So, we can only turn to restaurants to have our bellies filled.Even in harsh economic conditions, restaurant businesses thrive, let alone under the business-friendly conditions that obtain in Colorado.

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2. E-commerce

Like people in other U.S. states, most Coloradans now buy the products or services they need over the internet. This trend has increased the significance and overall value of the e-commerce industry in the U.S. as a whole. A smart way to take a plunge into e-commerce is to focus on the Colorado State before expanding to other states later. Another recommendation is to start with a few products and then expand later.

3. Pet care

Americans love pets, and Coloradans are no exception. The average pet owner in Colorado spends several thousands of dollars on their pets each year. From pet walking services and pet food sales to veterinary care, the demand for pet-related products and services has been on the high for a long time, and the trend will remain so for as long as Americans covet pets.

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4. Fitness products or services

With increasing awareness of the health risks of being overweight comes the equally increasing demand for products and services that help people keep fit. Fitness-related products such as pedometers, dumbbells, running kits, bicycles, and weighing scales are in huge demand in Colorado. The same runs true for fitness coaching and other related services.

5. Copywriting

As more and more businesses realize the effectiveness of written copy for lead generation, the demand for copywriters has gone even higher, especially since businesses now have to split their advertising into online and offline campaigns. This leaves huge profit opportunities for individuals who can write compelling and persuasive copy that will magically increase sales.

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6. Online marketing

Aside copywriters, other professionals who can help businesses attract more customers through the internet are also in huge demand. These include search engine optimization experts, pay-per-click advertising strategists, social media marketers, graphics designers, and so on.

7. Consulting/coaching services

Anyone with several years of experience in a certain field coupled with a good number of successes can start a coaching or consulting business. This simply entails teaching and mentoring those who want to learn more about that field and achieve the same successes. For example, a serial entrepreneur with over ten successful businesses under his belt can start a coaching or consulting business for small business owners.

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8. Smartphone repair services

Millions of smartphone units are sold in the United States each year. And this number keeps increasing as more and more people turn away from browsing the web with their PCs in favor of smartphones and other mobile devices that allow them to connect to the internet on the go. This development has equally increased the demand for smartphone repair services.

9. Laundry and dry cleaning services

As with other Americans, Coloradans love to look good. But due to tight work schedules and other reasons, they rarely have time to do their laundry. This leaves huge profit opportunities for laundry and dry cleaning services. Even if people are not able to do their laundry themselves, they are ready to pay good money to have it done for them.

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10. Day care

Due to the grimacing economy, wives—nursing mothers—now have to take up jobs in order to reduce the financial burden on their husbands. This explains why mothers have little or no time for their babies and toddlers. But they are willing to pay to have then taken good care of.