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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Tennessee

Are you searching for small business opportunities in Tennessee, United States? Are you considering starting a business in Tennessee but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem. Tennessee offers a wealth of advantages to businesses considering a startup or relocation within its borders.

The state’s business climate is often cited as one of the best in the united states due to its lack of an income tax. In 2012, the state was ranked eighth in Site Selection Magazine’s ranking of the most business-friendly states. Tennessee provides a beneficial labor environment, productive and educated work force, wonderful quality of life, and wealth of technology resources.

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These factors combine to create a business climate that gives businesses a winning edge to their long-term growth and profitability. Though the business environment in Tennessee has attracted many big companies and brands into the state, small businesses also have a great chances or growth and survival. If you are looking to start a small business in Tennessee, here are 10 small business opportunities that you should consider exploiting due to their huge demand in the state:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Tennessee

1. Real estate

The real estate business has become a “hot cake” since the beginning of urbanization and will continue to be lucrative for as long as the need for housing exists. As with other states in the U.S. Tennessee is a fertile ground for real estate businesses because there is huge demand for homes, facilities, office space, and other related infrastructure. And because the demand is ever-booming, there is enough room for new players in the industry.

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2. Pet care

From dog walking and obedience training services to pet food sales, and to veterinary services, products and services that cater to dogs and other pets sell well in Tennessee—because Tennesseans, like other Americans, love pets and readily spend top dollars to take care of them. Businesses catering to pets have huge growth potential in Tennessee because there is a large market to serve.

3. Restaurant

People need to eat everyday to survive. This simple fact explains why restaurants and other food-related businesses thrive in any economy. And the story is the same in Tennessee—starting a restaurant is one of the best business decisions to make. While there are already many restaurants all over the state, there is always enough room for new players. However, to push ahead of the competition, new restaurants will need to come up with a strong unique offering.

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4. Day care

Day care services are now enjoying massive patronage in Tennessee (and other states). And this is down to two reasons: First, the need for wives to take up jobs to reduce the financial burden on their husbands. And second, the increasing number of divorce cases, leaving more women with the responsibility to cater for their children.

So, women are now busier than ever. And they now have little or no time to take care of their children. This trend has created huge opportunities for day care services.

5. Green living consulting

Individuals and businesses are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of going green. But many are still completely at sea when it comes to figuring out exactly how to implement green measures. This is where green living consultants come in handy. They advice individuals and businesses and give them practical tips in how to implement green measures.

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6. Fitness services

Ever since being overweight has been linked with unfavorable health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and so on, people have become more health-conscious, adopting every possible measure in order to keep fit. This is why fitness products and services are in huge demand. At the moment, fitness coaches are among the most in-demand professionals in Tennessee.

7. Laundry services

To many people, the need to look good is as strong as the need for food. But while people are never too busy to eat, they are rarely have enough time for their own laundry. This is where laundry and dry cleaning services come in handy. They help people clean their clothing and get paid for that.

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8. Event planning

From birthdays and weddings to corporate events such as launches, anniversaries, symposiums, and seminars, thousands of events are held in Tennessee each week. While most event organizers intend to stage memorable and fascinating events, they lack either the skills required to set things up themselves. This explains why event planning services are relevant and are in huge demand.

9. Senior care

With the baby boomers and other seniors enjoying high quality healthcare that has significantly increased their life expectancy, seniors now make up a significant fraction of Tennessee’s population. This trend has triggered huge demand for products and services targeted at seniors, such as senior errand services, senior homes, and senior healthcare.

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10. Online marketing

Due to the effectiveness of the internet as tool for generating leads and attracting customers, businesses are now dedicating a huge fraction of their marketing budget to online marketing. And there is increasing demand for professionals rendering services that fall under online marketing, such as copywriters, search engine optimization experts, and social media marketers.