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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Connecticut

Are you searching for small business opportunities in Connecticut, United States? Are you considering starting a business in Connecticut but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

Do you live in Connecticut and are you trying to quit your current job for business? Are you dissatisfied with your current business and looking for something better? Then you are not alone; as there are millions of people out there that are or have once been in this stage that you are in. However, I must point out the fact that it is a very crucial stage; one in which you have to make decisions carefully to avoid making decisions that you may regret eventually.

Before we talk about business opportunities, let me ask you a question; how much have you budgeted for mobile marketing? This question is targeted at those who already have existing businesses and the information that would follow is for everyone.

In a recent study, it was estimated that a lot more people own mobile phones than they do tooth brushes. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and this is why it is important for business owners to consider mobile marketing in their businesses as it is one of the fastest and cheapest ways of reaching business prospects.

So, when you eventually pick any of these businesses, ensure that you make use of mobile marketing as a way to promote your business. Viable businesses in Connecticut include the following-:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Connecticut

1. E-mail Marketing Services

Advertising goods and services via emails is one of the most effective ways of generating high publicity and awareness. Millions of people use e-mails to communicate daily and with the advent of smart phones, emails as a means of business communication become even more popular and effective. People have been making money from provision of e-mail advertising services and you can join these people too. It’s a business that is very cheap and easy to set up.

2. Basement remodeler

People who have basements sometimes do not know how to make effective use of them. Some of them automatically turn it to a storage space for junks. Basements can be put into a whole lot of other effective and profitable uses. For instance, it can be converted into an office space making it easier for people to run their businesses without incurring extra costs on rents and overheads.

It could be converted into a home cinema or an entertainment room for people who have lots of guests regularly. It could even be used as a home-based store for people who own online stores. However, a lot of people do not know how to make effective use of their basements and often need a basement remodeling expert to handle it for them.

3. Cloth diaper service

Mothers all around the world are being discouraged from using regular diapers. Apart from some of the health concerns of using regular diapers, environmental experts believe that they take too long to decompose and contribute a lot to environmental damage and global warming.

Mothers are now being encouraged to go for reusable cloth diapers which are cheaper and believed to be safer for children. Learning to make cloth diapers is very easy and you can sell to stores in Connecticut and also sell online to people in other locations. You could even become a wholesaler if you choose.

4. Dog treat bakery

Dogs love treats or don’t they? A lot of people own pet dogs in Connecticut and it won’t be such a bad idea dog owners can have access to a place where they can get tasty and affordable treats for their pet. If you have enough capital and want to spice things up a little, you should consider offering home delivery service too.

5. Green consultant

You have probably heard that a lot of people are “going green”. People want to leave affordable and sustainable lives. However, most people need experts who can guide them through the procedure and that automatically generates a business opportunity for people who are quite knowledgeable in this field.

6. Real Estate Agency

Apartment finder, real estate agent, property managers; these are different names for this kind of business. Although you would need a license to become a real estate agent, you don’t necessarily need one to become an apartment finder. However, the scope of the business is the same and it all revolves around linking property owners with interested buyers.

7. Fruit Supply

Fruits are very healthy and in fact, doctors recommend that people should eat fruits regularly to stay healthy. People who are trying to lose or maintain their weights also need regular supply of fruits. You can start a business which involves home delivery of fruits to people’s homes daily.

People always want fresh fruits but not everyone has the time to shop for fruits every day. Offering such services would help to take stress of people, give them easy access to fresh and healthy fruits while you make money for yourself in the process.

8. Food delivery service

You can also consider starting a food delivery service. Food is very essential. In fact, so essential that days without it could lead to serious consequences but unfortunately, not everyone possess superb cooking skills and people who fall under this category would rather purchase ready-made meals than subject themselves to endless days of tasteless meals.

There are different ways to run this kind of business; you could run a mobile food truck, a mobile food cart, a home food delivery service or a dinner preparer. What a dinner preparer does is to help people make dinner in their homes. All of these are very good and viable businesses.

9. Mobile supermarket

A mobile supermarket is almost the same thing as a mobile food truck, just that this time, you would be selling other items like home supplies, provisions, packaged foods, condiments and several other items and not food.

10. Video gaming center

Also, you can set up a video gaming center where people can come in to relax and play video games. This type of business could also adopt the mobile strategy and be run as a mobile gaming center.

All of the above mentioned businesses are very viable businesses that would guarantee a high patronage and profitability if run and managed appropriately.