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13 Best Crochet Business ideas You Can Start Today

Crochet Business

Do you want to start a crochet business but you want to go niche? If YES, here are 13 best profitable crochet business ideas & opportunities.

Regarded as one of the most obsessive hobbies, it is quite hard for savvy crochet artisans to stay away from crocheting for long periods as it has become part of their daily routine. There are thousands of people around the United States who have made crochet their way of life.

These people generate reasonable income from crocheting and run some of the most successful crocheting businesses in different scales. Also note that it is the people who love your crochet that will help you to create and grow your business.

You will have to steadily devise ways to let them know how good your crocheting is by gifting them some crocheted items. This way, you show your true colours while saving money on gifts. Additionally, you could sell crochet items just to cover your crochet supplies cost and this is also a good approach for starting a crochet business.

Best Crochet Business ideas

  1. Craft Shows And Fairs

One of the most common ways to make money crocheting is by joining a craft fair. This way, you’re starting up where people will see you. Note that you will have to pay a small vendor fee to participate and get your booth set up, but it’s worth trying.

You can find local craft fairs around you and learn how to participate by doing a quick Google search. Since craft fairs are more public and there will be others selling their own stuff too, this can be a great way to market your art and make friends.

It is also a great place to meet with your customers face to face to find out what they love and what they’re willing to spend money on.

Typically, you’ll find that you’ll sell better at Fall/Winter fairs than spring and summer ones, but some crochet artisans have built their entire business around summer crochet fashions or home décor product lines. These still sell well during warmer weather so they’re worth considering.

  1. Online Crochet Shop

This almost goes without saying, but must be included because it is probably the biggest source of handmade sales right now in the united states. With an online shop, you can reach a lot more people who want to buy what you’re offering.

There are lots of different places you can sell online, although some of the best known are Etsy and Ravelry. Some sellers have also found success selling on Facebook and local sites like Craigslist. You can also start your own shop on platforms like Shopify, Weebly, and Wix. A self-hosted WordPress site is the way to go if you’re planning on a long-term online presence.

  1. Write and Sell Crochet Patterns

Another way to make money crocheting is by writing and selling your own patterns. If you’ve ever found yourself adjusting patterns or whipping up something on the fly, then you can design items. You just have to learn how to write out your instructions in a clear, methodical way so that others can follow. You only need to write a pattern out once and then you can sell it over and over again, creating a source of passive income.

  1. Create YouTube Videos

If you are tech-savvy, YouTube might be the ideal place for you to start a crocheting business. By creating a channel and offering consistent content, you may be able to become a YouTube partner and monetize your videos for a great passive income source.

If you decide to develop and create videos for YouTube, with patience and perseverance you can eventually create and enviable crochet business.

  1. Blogging

Starting, creating and developing your own website or blog can be highly effective because so many people have access to the internet.

This provides you with a platform to develop your desired niche into a powerful money making business. Note that it takes a lot of work, but with great content and consistent writing and reader engagement, you can build a blog that provides income through product sales, course sales, advertising income, and affiliate links.

With blogging you also have complete control over your content: Everything you share and post is what you want it to be. You can have a shop on your own site, you can use ads to monetize, you can partner with brands, promote the stuff you love, and so much more.

  1. Teach Crochet Classes

If you decide that you prefer to offer a service to make money with crochet, rather than a product, teaching may be one of the best business options for you. Some things to consider are the ages you’d like to teach, your curriculum, your prices and where you will teach.

You don’t usually need any certification, so it’s a great way to try out another avenue to make money crocheting. Find 5-10 people who want to learn, you can charge $50 for the class, and you’ve made $250-500 in one day. Think about how long the class will be, how thorough, materials for the class and organize your price accordingly.

You can hold the class as often as you like and if you do it at a community centre, craft store or library; you can even set up a regular schedule with them that works for you. Teaching a class is also a wonderful way to find people in your community who enjoy what you do and make some friends.

  1. Write and Sell Crochet EBooks

If you have a great idea for a crochet book, then you should consider turning it into an eBook (electronic book) instead. The book will only cost you the time you put into writing it. You can self-publish your patterns for both print and e-Readers. You also have more publishing options and avenues for exposure.

  1. Consignment Shops

Selling your crocheted items on consignment means you supply the shop with your crocheted goods and in return you get a percentage of what they can sell your item for. Selling on consignment is a convenient, cost-effective way of getting your product into the hands of buyers.

However, when selling on consignment, remember that the store owner will take a cut of the profits, so be sure to price your items accordingly.

Consider selling on consignment at local boutiques, second hand stores, ski shops, hospital and other gift shops, shops known to sell handcrafted items, artisan co-ops, and anywhere your target market may be frequenting (hair stylists, shoe stores, video game stores, etc.).

  1. Crochet Wholesaler and Product Supplier

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you receive your first wholesale order and the great big check that goes with it.

Although your profit per piece will be much lower, but by working in a production line fashion, you can minimize the time it takes to produce each piece and your overhead is minimized as well. Have it in mind that wholesale prices are about 50% off retail prices so it’s important to price your product accordingly.

Some of the highest ranking crochet shops on Craft Count are shops that sell embellishments to other shops – flowers, leaves, pom poms – if these are your thing, you can find a large market of crochet artisans ready to purchase your handiwork to add to their products.

  1. Subscription Box/Membership

Today, the subscription box has found its way to handmade. What a creative and exciting way to set you up for recurring monthly income that is (somewhat) predictable. It’s a win-win when you get to delight your subscribers with a new product each month. Companies like Cratejoy and Subbly make it easy to set up and get your subscription e-commerce business started.

  1. Crochet Pattern Tester

Even if you aren’t great at coming up with your own designs or running a shop seems like too much work, there are still other ways to make money online crocheting. Note that bloggers and designers are always looking for people to test their patterns.

They will pay you to make sure their patterns are error-free and easy to follow! Although many simply offer the pattern or pattern plus supplies as payment for testing, there is such a thing as a professional pattern tester.  Since there are so many patterns and techniques and everyone does things in their own way, you learn a lot when testing patterns. Whether it’s using a new way to finish or a different stitch, it’s a great learning experience.

  1. Custom Making Crochet Business

Note that taking custom orders is a wonderful way to make money. Unlike selling items made ahead of time, custom orders give buyers a chance to have something that is one of a kind. It also gives you the chance to sell something for a little more money because it is custom.

In this business idea, you can work with your customer to come up with a great design and choose colours you both love. It’s so much fun to get someone else involved and see the piece come together, and it may be a favourite of yours too.

In addition, a custom order is much more valuable than something readymade. The customer gets to choose everything and they pay extra for the luxury of having something unique.

  1. Art Crochet

Indeed, a lot of crochet artisans still start a crochet business that sells their completed, one of a kind, products to galleries and have their creations displayed in museums and businesses. If you are the type of artisan that goes above and beyond with the uniqueness of your products, then consider showing them at a gallery and selling to the high-end market.