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50 Best YouTube Video Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a business on Youtube but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 50 best Youtube related business ideas you can do to make money online. YouTube is a source of entertainment for a lot of people but for the business savvy individual, it is more than just that. YouTube is also one of the best places to earn passive income online.

If you are able to come up with a good YouTube business idea that would get you a lot of traffic and subscribers, you can earn a lot of money from advertisements on your YouTube channel. Here are 50 business ideas that you can start making money from on YouTube:

Best Youtube Video Business ideas

1. Fitness Channel

Fitness is a very lucrative business niche; people need workout ideas and inspiration and it is not unusual for them to turn to YouTube for help. You can start a YouTube channel that shows people how to do various workout routines, and how to target specific problem areas in their body like belly fat, arm fat, muscle building, and so on.

2. Music Channel

You can also start a channel for music lovers where they can come to listen to, and watch their favorite music videos.

3. Online TV

You can start your own TV station via YouTube. You can grant interviews, broadcast the latest news, and upload any other interesting content that would entertain your subscribers.

4. Sewing Channel

A lot of people love the idea of being self-sufficient. You can start a channel that teaches people how to make their own clothes rather than pay a dressmaker or visit the boutique each time they need to buy new outfits.

5. Jokes and Comedy

Comedy and jokes are very popular on YouTube. If you have ideas for short comedies that can make people laugh, you can start your own comedy series on YouTube like many others.

6. Gaming Channel

You can create a gaming channel where people can come and play games for free, or on a subscription basis.

7. Review Channel

You can teach people how to use trending gadgets, and also offer your opinion on how good or how crappy you think the product is. A lot of people rely on these reviews to make buying decisions about products.

8. Tutorial Channel

You can start a tutorial channel to help students with difficult courses and assignments.

9. News Channel

If you don’t want to go all out and start an online TV station on YouTube, you can start a news channel instead to bring breaking news and happenings around the world to the notice of your audience.

10. Travel Channel

You can start a blog to share your travel experiences and offer travel tips to would-be tourists.

11. YouTube Influencer

If you are able to build a large list of subscribers on YouTube, you can have corporate brands and business owners who can take you as their brand influencer. As a brand influencer, you will have to look for creative ways to compel your subscribers to patronize a particular business, and its products or services.

12. Real Estate Videos

Nothing shows how beautiful a home is than a beautiful video of the property. If you are into real estate, you can get buyers faster by uploading professional videos of your properties on YouTube.

13. Documentary Channel

Another idea is to start a documentary series channel. You can film some interesting documentaries or buy access to some, and upload them on your channel.

14. Sell Stock Videos

Bloggers and online marketers sometimes need video footage to promote their businesses. You can start a business that shoots and sells stock videos to people on YouTube.

15. Create Video Resumes and Portfolios

Graphic designers, web designers, architects and other professionals who do creative work sometimes require video resumes and a compilation of their portfolios; you can offer such services on YouTube.

16. Cooking Channel

Are you a great cook? Got some nice recipes you’re willing to share? You can start a cooking channel on YouTube where you can teach people how to make various delicious dishes.

17. Vegan Channel

You can also help people who are just transitioning into vegan living to find their foot by dishing out recipes, and guidelines on how to live a vegan life.

18. Affiliate Marketing

YouTube is a very great place to promote your affiliate products. You can start a product demonstration and review channel, and cleverly insert your affiliate links in the video description portion so that your subscribers can help you earn some affiliate commission by buying through your affiliate link.

19. Arts and Crafts Channel

Another YouTube business idea is to teach arts and crafts. You can teach people how to make their own jewelries, furniture, and other beautiful works of arts.

20. Video Marketing

You can start a YouTube channel that helps people promote their businesses through videos. All you need to do is to build a large list of subscribers on YouTube, and then look for business owners who would be willing to pay you to advertise their businesses on your YouTube channel.

21. Motivational Channel

You can also start a channel to motivate people to work on their dreams and achieve their goals.

22. Membership Channel

Membership channels on YouTube are similar to membership blogs. You have to look for a niche or topic that a lot of people are interested in, and wouldn’t mind paying for, and then create a course that would only be accessible to members who pay a certain amount for subscription.

23. Vehicle Repair Channel

A lot of vehicle owners wouldn’t mind learning how to fix some minor faults in their vehicles rather than pay someone to do it for them. If you are great with motor vehicle servicing and repairs, then you can make money from setting up a vehicle repair tutorial channel on YouTube.

24. Home Redecoration and Makeover Channel

You can teach homeowners some easy and cheap tips and tricks to give their homes the necessary face-lift.

25. Life Hacks Channel

You can start a channel that teaches people simple tips, tricks and easy ways to handle some complicated tasks.

26. Events Update Channel

Another lucrative business you can do on YouTube is to start a channel that notifies people of events and happenings around them. You can make money from selling tickets or from advert placements on your channel.

27. Beauty Tips

You can teach anything from how to makeup, how to care for your hair, how to dress for your body type, the best places to shop for beauty products, and any other hot beauty topics that people may be interested in.

28. Health Tips

Health is wealth and a lot of people take this phrase literally. You will get a lot of subscribers on YouTube if you start a channel that teaches people how to stay healthy, and how to get relief from various illnesses.

29. Magic Tricks

People are still very much entertained by magic. If you know how to do some magic tricks, you can record a video of you performing these tricks, and upload them on your YouTube channel.

30. Herbs and Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine and herbs is another niche that is garnering a lot of attention these days. What you simply have to do is to teach people how to heal various diseases and ailments without using synthetic medicine but via the use of herbs and alternative healing methods.

31. How-to Channel

On this type of channel, you can teach almost anything; how to tie a tie, how to repair your bicycle, how to unclog your drain, and any other topic that you feel that people might be interested in.

32. Imitation/Parody Videos

You can imitate celebrities and famous people in a funny way that can keep people entertained.

33. FAQ Channels

Another lucrative business idea is to start a YouTube channel to discuss frequently asked questions or controversial topics which people would be interested in.

34. Skills Channel

You can also start a channel for people who want to acquire skills such as dancing skills, singing skills, musical instrument playing and music production skills, and any other useful skills that people might be interested in acquiring.

35. Baby Care Channel

Many new and expectant moms are often confused on how to care for their new born babies the right way. You can start a vblog to teach new mothers how to feed their babies, change diapers, burp their babies, potty train, and so on.

36. YouTube Blog

You can convert your blog contents to videos and use it to start a video-based YouTube blog.

37. Pranks Channel

Another entertaining and popular business idea on YouTube is to set up a channel to share funny and entertaining pranks. You can get a lot of subscribers, and earn good money from advert placements.

38. Unboxing Channel

When new electronic gadgets like phones and computers hit the market, a lot of people are curious about product specifications and what the product looks like. You can start a channel that specializes in unboxing new products to help satisfy people’s curiosities, and also show them how to set up, and use the product.

39. Challenge Videos

You can start new challenges, offer gifts to the winners of the challenge and then upload the videos of the participants of the challenge to entertain your subscribers.

40. YouTube SEO Services

Many YouTube business owners need the services of SEO experts to help their channels and contents rank high on YouTube search engines. You can set up a business that provides this service to YouTube channel owners.

41. Rants Channe

Anything frustrating you or getting on your nerves? Do you love to discuss politics, economics or any other controversial topics? You can start a channel where people can rant about topics that affect them or make them dissatisfied or frustrated.

42. Tech Channel

Another idea is to start a channel that discusses topics that revolve around technology.

43. Diet Channels

There are different trending diet programs in the world today; you can start a channel that teaches people how to do any of these diets successfully.

44. Sports Channel

You can start a channel to air games, show game highlights, and discuss various topics revolving around sports.

45. Book Review Channels

You can also start a channel targeted at book lovers. You can review books on your channel, or even start a book club.

46. Business Ideas Channel

Another lucrative idea is to offer people business tips and ideas that they can use to boost their income.

47. Pet/Animal Care Channel

You can start a channel for pet lovers and share helpful tips to care for pets and animals.

48. Agriculture Channel

You can start a channel focused on teaching farming and agricultural tips and tricks.

49. YouTube Store

YouTube can be a great place to exhibit products and get buyers for them.

50. Reality Show

Lastly, if you have an interesting lifestyle, you can start a reality show where you can share your life with your subscribers.

In conclusion, these are very great business ideas that are guaranteed to make you money on YouTube provided you are able to come up with useful content. For all the business ideas listed, there are three major ways to earn money; Youtube Adsense, private business ad placements or Affiliate marketing.