Do you want to start a Youtube channel with your spouse but you lack content ideas? If YES, here are 50 best money making Youtube video ideas for couples in 2020.

Whether you are starting a YouTube channel or you have been running one for a while, constantly coming up with good ideas can be very difficult especially if you are looking to mix things up in order to attract a wider audience or to keep your subscribers interested.

One thing with making YouTube videos is that it doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, as long as you have a mobile phone or a camcorder with which you can use in recording these videos, you would be fine. Now, while you may think that these videos are for fun or to achieve a specific purpose, you just might end up getting famous or making a whole lot of money. Below are 50 YouTube video ideas for couples that can be considered.

50 Money Making YouTube Video ideas for Couples in 2020

  1. Explainer Video

Explainer videos are ones that seek to explain something to your audience, which could range from news topics, current events, historical events or even a philosophical dilemma and they can come in various formats.

Most explainer videos usually involve just talking to the camera but in order for you to engage your audience more, you can use explanatory footage or animations of the topic so that whatever points you make are easier to follow. This YouTube video idea is great for couples because while one can handle the explanation aspect, the other can concentrate on engaging footage based on the topic.

  1. Challenge Video

Challenge videos have become quite popular on YouTube as creators usually have to carry out tasks that have a certain level of difficulty and so when creating a challenge video, ensure that the task is something that your viewers will enjoy watching as well as participating in. You can create a together challenge for couples and then watch your channel grow. Ensure that you conduct a thorough research before throwing out any challenge.

  1. Product Review

There are people who depend on the review of a product from people like them before making up their minds on whether to buy the product or not and so reviewing a product, from phones and gadgets to kitchen devices can get you a lot of viewership. However, it is important that you create your own brand by making your review either crazy or funny so as to stand out from others.

  1. Unboxing Video

This is a weird YouTube trend where a newly purchased item – from electronic devices, gadgets to collector items – is unboxed. Viewers of these kinds of videos are fans of a brand or are those that are interested in purchasing a specific product and are wondering how it looks and what accessories might have accompanied the product. In order to be able to stand out from other unboxing videos, try choosing niche products and ensure that you properly handle your video SEO so that you can achieve good rankings.

  1. Show Off Your Home

If you have been consistent in vlogging, then it might not be a bad idea to show your audience how you both are living. Showing your viewers a look behind the scenes in order for them to get an idea about your home and setup is a good idea but ensure that you are careful not to show or reveal too much information so that you can protect yourself from obsessive stalkers or fans.

  1. Video Parody

Even though parody videos are comedy videos, they are more specific in nature as in a parody video; you are expected to make fun of someone or even something by portraying them in a funny way. There are several subjects that one can parody – politicians, celebrities, songs, internet persona or even other YouTubers.

If you both execute your parody videos well, you are bound to get a lot of viewership. There are several parody YouTube formats that you can choose from as well as several trends in the YouTube community. Before, you can be successful in your parody, it is essential that you conduct an in-depth study on the subject.

  1. Hometown Tour

One great opportunity to connect with your viewers has to do with giving a tour of the hometown where you live especially if you live in a historical city. Aside from giving your viewers something new, a hometown tour helps you to practice some video editing techniques. In order to stand out, ensure that you provide a funny commentary or something unique that might allow your viewers develop an interest in visiting your hometown.

  1. Movie Review

Movie reviews are a good way of getting viewers especially if you have watched a movie that has just been released and your review could sway a lot of people into watching or not watching the movie. Movie reviews are dicey because of how people view movies differently but giving an honest movie review will go a long way for your YouTube channel and if you want to be popular, you have to be creative about your reviews.

  1. Travel Vlog

If you both like traveling a lot, then you can take your camera with you in order to share your traveling experiences with your audience. A travel vlog can bring a lot of fun for your viewers especially as they will not only be getting to see a lot of interesting locations but may also get the inspiration to start their travel adventure as well.

However, in order to keep your viewers hooked on your channel, you have to make sure that your travel vlogs are visually interesting regardless of whether you are traveling to an exotic place or not. One person can handle the camera, while the other talks.

  1. Cooking Video

Cooking videos are also a great YouTube video idea for couples that love cooking or have new and innovative recipes. The good thing with cooking is that you can try a whole lot of varying recipes both indigenous and ethnic and can even go as far as fusing recipes in order to experiment with them and make your channel more interesting and stand out from other cooking channels.

  1. Documentary

Documentaries often get tons of views because people no longer read history or about historical events as much as they prefer watching it and so this is a great idea for couples that are thinking of a YouTube video idea that they can go into.

Although there are a lot of illegal documentaries that are being uploaded by some channel owners, creating your documentaries yourselves will ensure that you guys stand out from others. You both do not have to create a full-length documentary as you both can create short documentaries about a niche topic that you are sure will be of great interest to the viewers.

  1. Career Talk Video

Many people are often looking for someone to talk to them about careers – either the one they are in or the one they are looking to go for and so if you have a deep knowledge of several careers, you can create a video about this. Ensure that you also conduct a thorough research about whatever career you are going to talk about and if possible, ensure that you feature experts on some of your videos. This is a good way to stand out from other career talk videos.

  1. Remake an Old Video

As one makes more videos, so does one build on experiences and so remaking old videos is an opportunity of correcting whatever inexperience you had when first making the video or completely rebranding the video due to initial poor resources. Remaking an old video ensures that less materials are being used without allowing the old videos to go to waste.

  1. Celebrate Milestones

There are lots of milestone videos that you can create depending on what the occasion is. You can create a milestone video about when you and your partner first met or what you have achieved together. You can also create a milestone video on reaching certain number of subscribers or having certain number of views.

When celebrating your personal milestones, it gives the viewers an opportunity to celebrate with you and when celebrating your channel milestone, it lets your viewers know that you care about them. You might look to make your milestone videos more interesting by giving out prizes.

  1. Analytical Videos

If you are one who enjoys going in-depth into topics, then conducting an analysis on videos might be a fantastic YouTube video idea. One good thing about analyzing on video is that you can use visual contents to back up your arguments as well as prove certain points.

There are a lot of topics that can be analyzed and all you will need to do is ensure that a thorough research has been conducted on the topic beforehand regardless of the genre. Also, in order to stand out from others, you will need to be creative.

  1. Create Something

If you are gifted in creating crafts or have any other special skill, filming and uploading is a fantastic YouTube video idea for any couples. In creating whatever you are gifted at, you should ensure that you let the video explain for itself or run a commentary on what you are doing.

If whatever you are creating will take a long period of time, it is essential that you speed up certain aspects of the video in order to make the creation process appear more impressive. Also, ensure that you have conducted lots of research and that lots of practice with whatever you are creating has been carried out before bringing it to camera.

  1. Talk with Viewers

If your channel has started getting a lot of views and comments and you are looking to interact more with your viewers and make them feel that you care a lot about them, then replying to comments in video form is definitely a fantastic idea.

You can pick a topic that was being discussed by your viewers in the comment box and then talk in-depth on it. Talking with your viewers also allows you to be able to talk about the direction in which your channel is going or clarify on certain decisions that you might have made in the past.

  1. Make a Video on Time Management

The world has become a global village and as such everyone is living a fast paced life and therefore finding it difficult to manage their work and play. Teaching people how best to manage their time is something that is likely to earn you a lot of viewership as people are looking for ways to blend their activities without being stressed out.

  1. Make a Video on How to Care For a Pet

Even though statistics show that a lot of Americans now own a pet, the truth that is not many of them know how to care for these pets and so if you are an expert with animals, then creating YouTube videos that will teach people the proper way to care and treat pets can earn you a lot of viewership. You might need to work with a lot of animals and may collaborate with an animal shelter or a veterinary clinic if you do not have all the animals to use as samples.

  1. Explain Essential Tools

The truth is that there are a lot of people – both young and old – that do not know how to use essential tools and so creating a video that will teach people how to use certain essential tools is very important and is likely to increase your viewership.

  1. Myth busting Video

Even though myth busting has reduced greatly on television; this doesn’t mean that you cannot carry out your own myth busts on your channel. Myth busting will require a hands-on experience or experiment, so it is essential that you both are careful about whatever myths you are looking to bust so that you do not end up getting hurt in the process. Ensure that you conduct a thorough research on engaging contents in order to be able to get a lot of viewership.

  1. Make Video FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) videos are a niche that has not yet been saturated by others and so this is one where you both can easily stand out. You can make videos answering funny FAQs or even controversial ones especially if you are looking to stand out and get more views. Ensure that you conduct researches on what questions people frequently ask and then know how often to upload videos.

  1. Product Demonstration Video

A product demonstration video is much like conducting a review on a product but different because in a review you may or may not demonstrate the product for your viewers to see but in a product demonstration video, this is quite vital. Before carrying out a product demonstration, you should have an outline of what areas you are going to demonstrate.

If you are going to be demonstrating blenders for example, you might need fruits or veggies on hand to show your viewers which blender will better blend their fruits and veggies to a suitable standard and what the standard should be when looking at blenders.

  1. Create a Photo Slideshow

The fact that you both are looking for a YouTube idea doesn’t mean that the idea must be a video material as creating a photo slideshow can be a cool idea as well. If you both have tons of great photos or have just started out with video editing, then this is a great idea. The photo slideshow can be one that shows something breathtaking or extraordinary. To make it interesting for viewers, try and add music or a voice over.

  1. Create a Time Lapse Video

Time lapse videos refer to montages that show what you did in a day or week albeit in a fast pace. There are many time lapse videos on YouTube and so in order to stand out, it is important that your videos are not only of great standard but that the editing of the montages are of great quality. If you are looking for inspiration, you can watch other time lapse videos on YouTube however, ensure that you bring in new things every time you upload and that your video doesn’t exceed 6 minutes.

  1. Create a Video Contest

Contests are a great way of bringing out the skills of your viewers that they might not have been aware of. However in order for a lot of people to be aware of your contest, you have to ensure that you have a good premise for the contest, a fantastic prize and a great strategy to promote the contest.

  1. Create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video

Making public service announcement videos are a great way of tackling issues in whatever industry that you are in especially if you are using a humorous angle to tackle the said issues. Aside from industry issues, you can make a PSA video on other issues that you feel you need to make an opinion on. Ensure that you research on issues that are getting a lot of attention and resonate loudly with people so as to attract a lot of viewers.

  1. Create a Video AD

Before some YouTube videos play, there are certain ads that usually appear before this and you can invest in creating video ads in order to use it in promoting your own channel. Buying the space for such adverts aren’t expensive but ensure that you buy it on popular channels so that you get a lot of views as some of these views will convert to your fans especially if you have great content.

  1. Make a Short Film

The fact that filmmakers always want their films to be seen on the big screen is why most of them do not promote or even upload their videos on YouTube but this hasn’t stopped millions of others from uploading their short films especially knowing how hard it is to get their films seen if they have to go through the ‘normal’ routes.

If you both have an interest in making short films, choose a specific topic or genre but ensure that you have conducted a thorough research on the genre you have chosen. This video idea might however not work with simple equipment but this doesn’t mean that you might need to budget for fancy video equipment or pay for additional crews and actors as you can make use of family members and friends.

  1. Create a Screencast Video

A screencast refers to the digital recording of the output of a computer screen which usually includes audio. Creating a screencast video can be something very easy to do as you are not required to be in front of the camera or even have a camera before you are able to teach or share the idea which you have with others as all you will need is a screen casting software.

  1. Make Prank Videos

Prank videos have become one of the most watched videos on YouTube especially due to the fact that they can be shared on many social media sites. You can carry out pranks on your partner or even in public on strangers, but while that of family and friends might be easier as all you will need is a good camera and mic, you will require a more elaborate set-up for carrying out pranks in public. Also, carrying out pranks on strangers in public will need you to get their permission to post so that you do not land in legal trouble or risk having the video taken down.

  1. Make Behind the Scene Videos

If you do not want to bother about filming anything new and yet want an increase in your viewership, then consider making behind the scene videos. However, ensure that whatever you are doing is considered cool for those that will be viewing your channels and then show them how you did the cool thing. It is imperative that you conduct a lot of research on engaging acts.

  1. Create Log Videos

Log videos are very interesting as they document a change that the creator is going through – which could be your status change, or losing weight or going vegan or something challenging that you are taking on and feel would be quite interesting for your viewers. Log videos can be created daily or weekly depending on what change or habit you have chosen to show your viewers.

  1. Create a Haul Video

The haul video on YouTube is one that has come to stay. In a haul video, the audience gets to see what you just purchased on your shopping haul which could range from groceries to other forms of shopping which most people do not mind watching. In haul videos, you also get to comment on the purchases that you have made from why you prefer a certain product or brand to any special features that you feel the product might have.

  1. Make a Response Video

Response videos are becoming very popular because not only can you make a video to respond to people’s comments, you can also make a video that will allow you respond to channels or opinions that are considered as controversial on YouTube.

Also, response videos can be used to share a similar experience about an original topic of discussion. Response videos are a great way for you to be actively engaged in the YouTube community. If your responses aren’t positive, then you should be prepared for a whole lot of backlash that you might receive.

  1. Start a Classic Vlog

A vlog, short for video blog of log usually goes with the creator sharing stories about their personal lives, events, sharing a personal opinion or even documenting certain moments in their personal life – more like a diary but one that is visual and can be seen by the public – using a camera to do so. In looking to start a vlog, you should ensure that you and your partner are comfortable enough to share your personal lives or opinions and that you are both open-minded about trying new stuffs.

Even though YouTubers who have made it big in vlogging makes it look quite easy, you should know that it takes lots of efforts to be able to vlog consistently. You can vlog weekly, few times a week, 5 times or daily as long as your partner is carried along.

  1. Make an Advice Video for Couples

Advice couple for videos is a great hit for couples and even those that are single because they are a more personalized form of videos than most of the video ideas on YouTube. Making an advice video for couples is something that could work if you are into informational or vlogging channels.

An advice video is something that is considered more personal as this is often based on experience rather than data. One good thing about this kind of YouTube video idea is that you do not need to use any form of fancy animations or carry out any complicated editing most of the time as all you both will need to do is talk in front of the camera.

  1. Web Series

If you both have a lot of fictional content, then it makes a whole lot of sense to create a series out of it especially one that has a specific theme that will get your audience hooked. However, this YouTube video idea is one that might be a lot more difficult to accomplish due to the fact that there has to be several episodes that might not only require additional video equipment but also actors and crew members and will require you invest time – such as a couple of days with which to shoot the web series. This does not however mean that you can’t keep things simple enough as all you would have to do is be clever.

  1. Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Even though hair and make-up are more in a woman’s forte, there are many men that can also handle this aspect as well. Just ensure that whatever video you upload on hair and makeup is not only informative but also fun as well. Even though this might seem like a saturated content segment, building your own brand will help you to stand out from the rest.

  1. Interview Videos

Interview videos are one of the great YouTube video ideas for couples especially those whose channels are on a specific topic, which will make an interview video be very interesting to the audience. You have the choice of either a formal sort of interview or an informal one. Formal interviews will require a traditional setting, a nice looking room, one or two mics and cameras.

However, interviews nowadays are being conducted on Skype thereby enabling the creator to skip on the traditional setting. For informal interviews, conducting street interviews and asking humorous questions can become a thing that will get your viewers hooked.

  1. Blooper Videos

Viewers love videos where the creators are not so perfect when performing in front of the camera and so blooper videos have become the next best thing as it shows the viewers that you have the ability to laugh at yourself. Ensure that you put up blooper videos every once in a while perhaps at the end of the week or month or you  can even create a blooper reel by saving up funny moments of yourselves in front of the camera and then collating them in order to upload.

  1. Duet Videos

If you both are musically inclined, you might do a lot of singing videos together or if one of you is gifted with playing the instruments, they can play while the other sings. You can sing your own song or the song of a friend, you can make parody of a song, cover songs or you can sing a song that was recently released.

This does not require an elaborate set up as all you will both need is a good camera and a mic. You can concentrate on a particular genre like gospel or you can sing any genre as long as you both have had lots of practices and have agreed on which song to sing.

  1. Workout Videos

Health and fitness videos are a great hit on YouTube and so creating videos that don’t only give out health tips but shows new exercise moves will enable you become a great hit amongst your viewers. It is important however to be conscious of fitness trends so that you can give viewers what they want.

  1. Make a Sting Video

This might be considered a risky video to make especially if you are in the developing world as exposing corruption might have repercussions and so it is essential that you have a cogent plan as to how you intend to create these kinds of videos without opening up yourselves to any sort of danger.

  1. Make a Rant Video

A rant video can be one that talks about any topic – from your personal experience to a popular story or news report. You both can even create a rant video about the YouTube community itself. However, the dicey thing about creating a rant video is that not only will you both get plenty of views and even incite discussions depending on how emotional the topic being ranted about is, but you both might also get a lot of backlash especially if you are ranting about a controversial figure or event. While rants can be viewed negatively, you both can make it respectable by providing good arguments and also ensure that they are being delivered in an entertaining fashion.

  1. Make Cute Baby Videos

Everyone loves a cute baby video and so if you both have children, then making cute baby videos is surely a great video idea for any couple. If you do not have any children, compiling cute baby videos from other YouTube channels or making cute baby videos of family members or friends as long as you have gotten their permission is something that you both can consider as well. It is however imperative that the quality of the videos which you intend to upload be great.

  1. ‘How To’ Tutorial Videos

More people are making use of YouTube to improve on their skills and ‘how to’ tutorial videos is one way of showing others something they didn’t know how to do initially. A tutorial video is like being in a classroom and it is therefore essential that you have a special knowledge or skill you can impart to your audience.

If you feel that you have no special skills to tutor others on, then you need to think of everyday activities or hobbies that you have invested a lot of time in and whose knowledge can have an impact on your audience – this can range from house-keeping to quick car maintenance.

  1. Tag Videos

One of the most important formats that YouTubers rely on are tags. Tags usually have a set of instructions that has to be followed or a list of questions that has to be answered and is viewed as a chain letter. You both can start a tag video and look for who you can tag at the end of the video or you can follow interesting YouTubers and indicate in the comment box that you will love to be tagged.

Tag videos are a fun way the audience can get to know you guys better and also allow your personalities come through. As a couple, you should know that not all tags might align with your goals and so should only participate in ones that do so or you both agree to.

  1. Top List Video

Top list videos refer to ranking videos but in a specific niche with the lists covering a 10, 15 or even 100 items. Even though shorter lists are more popular, there is no limit to the size of the top list videos that you can create as long as you are creative about it. The reason why you both should consider this idea is because top list videos usually get plenty of views and there are a lot of channels that are dedicated to them that have become hugely successful.

  1. Sketch

A sketch is a short comedy video which is less than 5 minutes. Sketches often require serious editing because of how fast-paced they are. However, as easy as sketches might look, it truly isn’t easy to make people laugh or make them subscribe quickly.

Making sketch videos will require that you both conduct a thorough research on realistic ways to make your sketches as well as what equipment you might require. You both can also check out other sketches that have been uploaded by other YouTubers in order to get inspiration from them.


In conclusion, while there are lots of ideas that can be explored by couples looking to start a YouTube channel, it is important that you have an idea of what you intend doing. One thing to note is that there are plenty YouTube videos and in order to make yours stand out, creativity is required. Ensure that your partner is on-board as regards any video ideas that you might have and get their inputs on every video you both will carry out.