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List of Equipment You Need to Start a Youtube Channel

YouTube has grown to become a viable platform to showcase one’s talent, build a brand, and make good income. However, since it has become an intensely competitive space market, you will have to put more effort into producing great-quality videos to attain success, especially as a beginner.

To do this, you need the right equipment. To ensure you are making the right decisions, below are the top options to guide your purchase.

List of Equipment You Need to Start a YouTube Channel

  1. Camera

In everything you do on YouTube, it is necessary you have the right camera equipment. To be honest, people in this modern age love to watch high-quality videos rather than low-quality ones. Owing to that, ensure to pick the camera based on the type of content you’re making.

For instance, an action camera is the ideal option over a DSLR if you’re a travel Vlogger. It is also possible to get a mobile camera that has good quality compared to primary cameras.

  1. Gimbal or Tripod Stabilizer

Video stabilization is one very impressive factor to take into account while vlogging. To ensure you don’t waste time editing and stabilizing the footage in your editing software, it is recommended that you use a tripod which can only cost around $45.

  1. Video and Audio Editing Software

Upon recording your video and audio, you might need to edit some parts, inculcating some effects, color correction, color grading, stabilizing, etc. Owing to that, investing in software like Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and Sony Vegas can help you solve these issues.

Adobe Premiere Elements 18 has grown to become the most popular choice for most videographers owing to its ability to produce quality videos.

  1. TubeBuddy

If you are done and ready to light up your YouTube channel, it is recommended you get TubeBuddy, which is a vital SEO tool for your YouTube videos.

It is very possible to make use of the free version and gain more, but if you intend to enjoy the best experience, then you better go for a Pro version which will cost less than $10 a month.

  1. External Microphone

To ensure that your viewers can hear and understand what you are saying, it is important you get a good microphone. Sound is without doubt one of the most vital things when it comes to YouTube content, and clear and audible audio will keep your viewers attentive to what you are demonstrating, showing, and saying in every video. Some of the best microphones to consider include;

  • Heil PR-40
  • Samson CO1U
  • Audio Technica ATR2100
  • Audio-Technica ATR2100USB
  • Logitech Clearchat Headset
  1. Soft Boxes

If you want to always put out beautiful ambiance in your video, then you need to get soft boxes. Obtaining softboxes is a very affordable way to upgrade the look of your videos. You can opt for $60 soft boxes on Amazon today and boost the look of your videos.

  1. Camera Remote

You would not want to get up every few minutes just to set up or adjust your camera appropriately. Owing to that, it is recommended you invest in this super inexpensive tool to help you while filming. Camera remotes make it possible to seamlessly record yourself by providing an easier way to control the camera.

  1. Hard Disk

Note that storing all your channel backup and video footage in an existing PC or Laptop is unsafe. What if the data gets erased due to any malfunctions? It simply means that you have lost all your videos. As such, it’s always recommended you have a backup.

  1. Backdrops

While this isn’t really necessary, it is imperative especially if you want to put out consistently high-quality videos. To ensure you have a sweet and smooth background, the backdrop setup is useful. It comes in colors like white, green, black, etc.

  1. Headset

When you are done with shooting and maybe editing the videos, you might want to plug in the headset and observe the quality. For instance, the audio effect varies when the viewer hears with a headset and without the headset. As such, whenever you edit the video, it is recommended you do it with headset equipment.

  1. Ring Light

Another thing you will want to note is that lighting decides the output of either photo or video and ensures that it is attractive. With a ring light, it is possible to erase shadows by shining soft light directly on the person, making their skin seem lovely.

  1. Notebook

Notebook is renowned as the YouTube equipment to start a channel. Truth be told, you’re making scripts. As such, you need to write it down.

This particular tool makes it possible to put down all the YouTube scripts, keywords to use, titles, plans to do, and so on. You can consider the app called Trello, which is free to use. It’s also available on both Android and iOS.

  1. Mobile Equipment

Most often, beginner-level YouTubers tend to use mobile phones as their camera. Although this is a good start, there are additional equipment you need to guarantee good results. They include;

  • High Clarity Mobile Camera
  • Selfie Stick or Mobile Tripod
  • Apps to monitor the performance
  • Canva
  1. Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard Animation Software is another vital equipment to consider when starting a YouTube channel especially if you don’t want to show your face in front of a camera.

Note that you can leverage a lot of 3-rd party software available in the market to ease your job. You don’t even need any animation skills. You will only have to drag and drop the templates and make the video.